T-Girls and Queens

Last night was the monthly MN T-Girls outing and we were invited to a preview of an upcoming documentary ‘The Queens’.  The showing was held at Lush, a fabulous LGBTQ nightclub in Northeast Minneapolis.

According to the documentary’s website, The Queens takes viewers out of the politics and onto the stage with an exclusive look inside the first beauty pageant to ever allow transgender female impersonators to participate. Born out of discrimination, the Miss Continental Pageant is now one of the longest running and most prestigious contests of its kind in the United States, attracting competitors from around the globe.

The Queens humanizes and demystifies this group of often-misunderstood individuals; they’re fiercely determined, strikingly imaginative and possess jaw-dropping talent. The Queens will have you cheering for the creative spirit that lives within us all!

You can watch the first few minutes of the documentary here!

In attendance was director Mark Saxenmeyer and Tiffany T. Hunter, one of the featured girls in the movie.

After the showing Mark and Tiffany took questions from the audience and Tiffany performed for the crowd.


It was a very fun night and it’s always interesting to see a part of the transgender spectrum that I am not too familiar with.  Thank you to Mark, Tiffany, Lush and to the MN T-Girls for coming!  Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos of the group, but rest assured we all looked fabulous. Oh, and thank you to Corrie of Midwest Makeup Supply for the amazing makeover before the night started.


Love, Hannah



6 thoughts on “T-Girls and Queens

  1. just love your look, very pretty and passable. how do toy do it to make your face look feminine? be sides shave real clean. foundation and cover up. i was thinking of buying that make up kit spray unit that you see on T.V and give it a try. might work and make my face as pretty as yours. love the out fits you have. i need to get new ones that are my size 28 waist 5 foot 3. 110 lbs. kind of hard to find dresses and skirts my size. plus sexy dresses.


  2. other question how can i change the profile pic, i would like to add my own pic of my self on it instead of what is there


  3. Lucinda you might want to try Venus.com for pretty dresses in your size. It was a wonderful evening at Lush and the documentary was very interesting.


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