There is a hashtag that has been popping up around Twitter for the past few days of #transgenderprivilege.  Users are posting their experiences about being trans and discussing the myth of the “privileges” our community has.  There are many out there that think we are trans just so we can use a particular bathroom or locker room, many think we are trans for sexual reasons.

Of course, that is not the case. The responses posted range from relatable, to sobering, to heartbreaking.


As a t-girl who does not plan on transitioning, some of the responses are not ones I can relate to directly, but I have friends who have said what many of these users have written.  For those of us who have gone out in public and had to use the restroom, I think we can all relate to the tweet above.  I’ve had nothing but uneventful experiences in using the ladies room, but my guard is always up.

What are some of the “advantages” people think you have because you are transgender?

Love, Hannah


7 thoughts on “#transgenderprivilege

  1. #TransgenderPrivilege is having to field suspicious looks when you’re just trying to use the restroom.

    #TransgenderPrivilege is having a cis-gender ally join you the restroom with you, just so you can have someone back you up when you say, “yes, I’m in the right restroom.”

    #TransgenderPrivilege is the fear of being disowned by friends and family if they find out you present yourself to the world as the gender you don’t normally present yourself as.

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  2. TransgenderPrivilege…

    …. means I get to be a spy in my own home, so my kids don’t find out about the other aspect of me.

    …. is all the fun of not feeling like my birth gender and not looking like the one I sometimes prefer.

    But, wry comments aside, I don’t think I’d choose to be another way. Being trans – and part timer at that – means looking at life (culture, people, etc) in a different way. Not better or worse; just different. Sure things could be better, but – and perhaps due to #PartTimerPrivilege it could be worse. 🙂

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