New Photos!

I’ve been admiring the recent look of tight black tops paired with a gray check skirt for a while and I thought it’d be a perfect outfit to wear for a tiny photo shoot with Shannonlee last month.  Instead of a shirt or a blouse I wore a black bodysuit for a sleeker look.

I love how these turned out!

Black bodysuit and skirt 1Black bodysuit and skirt 2Black bodysuit and skirt 3Black bodysuit and skirt 4Black bodysuit and skirt 5Black bodysuit and skirt 6

Makeup by the incredible Corrie Dubay!

I hope you like them!


Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “New Photos!

  1. Hannah, I love the photos, the skirt is perfect. I also love your heels, your makeup, and your smile. My favorite is the shot on the wood platform with your legs curled, such a feminine pose!

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