See You at Pride!

June is Pride Month and the Twin Cities puts on an amazing celebration!  There are events all around town throughout the month.  The biggest weekend is June 22nd and 23rd when the Pride Festival and Parade happen.  The MN T-Girls will once again be there to celebrate!  Please note we will only be there on Saturday, the 22nd.


Please come visit us at the Pride Festival at Loring Park.  We will be located in the green section (sadly, there’s no pink section), booth G37.



Come meet the MN T-Girls and help celebrate our community.  Keep your fingers crossed for fabulous weather.

Love, Hannah


4 thoughts on “See You at Pride!

  1. Hi Hannah,
    I was at Pride today at your stand G37
    at 5:00pm. What happened and why did you leave early?
    Are you going to be here Sunday and if you are what are the hours that you’ll be here? I drove quite far.


    1. 😦 I”m sorry, we had to leave at 4pm, a little earlier than we had planned. I’m sorry to have missed you. Unfortunately we will not be there tomorrow due to a work commitment.

      Love, Hannah


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