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I’m wondering if you can share with me where girls like us hang out in the Twin Cities? Back in the day the Town House was good on Thursday nites & The Camp Bar on Sunday nights.

Many of us look for places where a member of our community can feel welcome and bars and nightclubs are a pretty common place to find that.  I think it’s important to support businesses that are inclusive and supportive for our community and to avoid businesses where we are not welcome.

For me personally I tend to frequent malls and museums and have never been much for the bar scene, but perhaps you’ll find something fun to do in Minneapolis/Saint Paul here.

I have gone to The Townhouse a few times, and it was the first place I went en femme.  Located in Saint Paul, The Townhouse was the Twin Cities’ oldest LGBTQ+ bar, but it was purchased in 2018 and has been renamed The Black Hart.  I have not been there since they have changed owners but they still feature drag shows and other events that The Townhouse was known for.  Despite the name and owner change, members of the MN T-Girls tell me they still frequent there.

Camp Bar is also in Saint Paul and has a theater which features cabaret style shows, music, and other types of performers.  From what I understand, Camp Bar used to be known as a LGBTQ+ bar, but their website doesn’t specifically indicate that.

I have gone to Lush a few times and I have always had fun there.  The MN T-Girls have gone here as a group several times for drag queen bingo and other events.  The food is good, too.

The Gay 90’s is also a popular place to go, but I haven’t been there in a very long time.

Love, Hannah

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One thought on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Some of the crowd from the Sunday night Camp Bar are now going to the Green Lantern on Sundays to listen to the Mia Dorr Show. Not a huge group, but fun folks. The Green Lantern is not specifically an LGBT club, but they are very welcoming, and one of the staff from Camp moved over when Mia moved from Camp to there.

    From what I have seen, it doesn’t seem like there is a single big group at any one place any more. Lush is popular with some, but usually nothing coordinated. And a lot of diversification in venues, that now includes some non-LGBT locations. And, many of the “LGBT” clubs are now also more diverse – Camp and the Black Hart especially. Still very open to the community, but also have non-LGBT clientele. I’ve had great conversations with several folks, and have not seen any negative looks or attitudes from anyone.

    Maybe just make plans with a friend and go out. Most establishments seem fine with anyone not making a scene.


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