New En Femme Blog!

My new article for En Femme has now been posted!


The latest article with blogger, trans-activist and fashionista, Hannah McKnight is now available on our Learning Center! Hannah’s blog discusses more in-depth her journey as a self-described T-girl.

In previous articles for the Learning Center, Hannah has discussed the potential positive and negative consequences of coming out. In “Taking the Next Step – Goals and Challenges for 2020” Hannah talks about her gender identity evolution and following her dreams.  Read it now>>

I hope you like it!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “New En Femme Blog!

  1. Hello Hannah and everyone else…

    I have wanted to leave a comment so many times in the past, but never did as I was
    concerned about not being able to stop once I got going.

    I am not sure how I ended up being subscribed to you, but I was surprised to read that more people come to you through your cross dressing guide. To me you come across as seasoned and well adjusted. I see your writings as more of a way of teaching us girls who might be further along then others, how to cope and experience things more. Perhaps it is just me. I do look forward to your posts as there is always some part of me that is involved with the post, whether it is a similar
    view point, or ideal, or even dress that you are wearing.

    Now the real reason that I am replying is that I absolutely love that dress that you
    are wearing up above.I am almost positive that it is an En Femme dress. I have
    looked at that dress countless times and with another ten or so pounds dropped I will be getting it for myself.
    It looks absolutely stunning on you, and to me it is my favorite outfit that I have
    seen you wear.

    Looking forward to reading more from you, and Thank you (and to your Wife)
    for being such a great inspiration,

    Love Dana

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  2. Not a 2020 goal for me, since I have started this in 2019, but going dancing, both in clubs, and in classes was a goal I didn’t know I had, but it has been great to participate in. Though none of them have been only for women, many of the classes have only had women attending, and I have been accepted and included as just another lady. An extra benefit has been that I have made several very good friends in the classes that have extended beyond dancing – going to dinners, shows, shopping, etc. In other words, girlfriends. It’s amazing what you can gain when you are honest, open, and willing to step out of your existing limits.


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