Minnesota Republicans Introduce Bill to Strip Funding from Libraries That Host ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’


From Newsbreak.com:

A bill introduced Monday in the Minnesota House would pull public funding from libraries that host “drag queen story hour” performances for children. “For calendar year 2021 and later, a public library that hosts a drag queen story hour event shall have regional library system support aid from the Department of Education reduced by 100 percent,” states House File 4323.

More here.

If I might add, many people out there don’t know, or care, about the differences between someone who identifies as transgender, as a crossdresser, or as a drag queen.  You may identify as a crossdresser and think that laws like this don’t affect you.  You may be in the closet and you may feel safe.  You shouldn’t.

There have been a few laws passed recently, and even more in consideration that would strip away protections for the LGBTQ+ community.  The power for doctors to refuse treatment to someone who is trans, for example.  You might think laws don’t impact you as a closet crossdresser.  But if you were outed, I doubt a lawyer, a human resources manager, or many of your co-workers understands (or cares) about the differences between a crossdresser or someone who is transgender.  Legislative action against anyone, or any segment of the LGBTQ+ community is a threat to us all.

On a side note, I think these story hours are fabulous.  I have considered doing them myself.  I would have loved to see a girl like me doing something like this when I was younger.  Someone who is physically male, but is confident and comfortable as who they are.  Of course, who I am is not drag.  This would not be a Drag Queen Story Hour, but do you think this law cares about the nuances?

I don’t.

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Minnesota Republicans Introduce Bill to Strip Funding from Libraries That Host ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

  1. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it, how Republicans (here in Australia, they call themselves Liberals (as in the Liberal Party) despite being anything but “liberal”) like to go on and on an on about smaller government, over-regulation, lower taxes, etc etc, but when it comes to interfering in people’s personal lives and a person’s right to choose, they just have to step in. We have the exact same moral panicking about DQ library days (love them!) and confected outrage over trans rights (we even apparently have “trans whisperers” here trying to convert our children).


  2. When people with a strong need to be in charge and Do Something have nothing important occupying their minds, garbage like this happens.


    1. Totally concur with Linda. The Republican Party has morphed into nothing more that a bastion of former management ”MICRO-MANAGERS” hell bent on interfering on EVERYTHING the poorly educated, and poorly compensated American workers have a psuedo–religious interest in, merely to align voters.
      Here in America, we dont have a LABOR Party, ergo, the workers put on airs’ and pretend they are ‘upper class’, while taking crap wages, while their teeth fall out of their heads, due to a lack of real ‘standard of living’.


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