Ask Hannah!

I’ve only just started to crossdress and was wondering what to use to hide my bulge in my pants. Also, is there an easy alternative option to using glue for false lashes? I want to venture outside and I know I will have to go to somewhere where I’m not known but I’m nervous. How can I solve that?


You’ll want to wear a gaff to hide our feminine flaw.

There’s really nothing better or more effective than glue. Yes, there are magnetic false eyelashes but the reviews are pretty mixed. Makeup artist superstar Corrie Dubay has some amazing advice and instructions when it comes to applying false eyelashes.

And yes, small town t-girls may need to go elsewhere if they are nervous bout being recognized. Going out en femme, especially the first time, can be overwhelming. I hope this helps!

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. My advice would be skip the false eye lashes unless your going clubbing or out for a nice dinner
    I can say I’ve never used them and if I want to add volume to my own I just add some mascara
    I know many t- girls love them as they do make your eyes pop, but for me and since I wear glasses it really isn’t a big deal and have no problem going without
    But to each there own, and besides just look around most cis women have pretty ordinary eyelashes


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