Happy Pride!

June isn’t only the unofficial start to summer, it’s also Pride month.  So, happy Pride to you!

I have met a lot of t-girls over the years, mostly through the MN T-Girls.  With almost every monthly event there is a new girl attending and most times it’s their VERY first time out in public en femme.  When I find this out, I always like to ask how they’re feeling and what they think.  Most of the time it’s a combination of nervousness and excitement, but also, in a way, anti-climatic.  Almost as if it’s not a big deal they are out of their living room.  To clarify, it’s a big deal to them, but for the rest of the world, it doesn’t seem to be.  I remember the first time I went out (and echoes of those thoughts still linger each time I go out) I was certain everyone would be staring and whispering about the “man in a dress”, but that wasn’t the case, and it still isn’t the case.  The majority of people are too busy in their own world to really think or care or murmur about someone else.  Yes, there will always be nosy and rude people but there are far less of them than we think they are.

And thank goodness for that.

After the initial… well, shock wears off for the new girl and they settle into whatever our group is doing, they begin to come out of their shell a little and relax and get to experience being out en femme, an experience they may have waited decades to have.  It doesn’t take long for happiness to shine through.  They are finally out of the house!  They are talking to other girls like them!  They are having a glass of wine at a restaurant or shopping or whatever the group is doing that month.  It’s a simple thing, but experiencing it en femme makes it literally a brand new world.  Pretty soon their initial shock at being out of their home en femme changes to amazement that they actually did it… and then it’s not uncommon for them to be proud of herself.  How beautiful is that?

I am so proud of every t-girl for so many reasons.  When she acknowledges and accepts and embraces herself, when she shops for her first dress, watches a makeup tutorial online, gets a bra fitting, comes out to someone, or one of the countless other milestones of her life.  Pride is not only about the LGBTQ+ community being proud of who they are as a group, but us being proud of ourselves as individuals.  It’s easy to forget that Pride is something other than a corporation changing their social media profiles to a rainbow or a mannequin wearing a “Love is Love” t-shirt at a department store.  It’s about US, it’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about our accomplishments, no matter how small.

And our accomplishment is not always something the rest of the world sees.  Sometimes it’s that quiet moment when we whisper to ourselves “I am transgender” or that brave moment when we buy a pair of panties.  I have had a lot of adventures en femme, but the one thing that doesn’t change is that every little thing I do when I leave the house is an accomplishment.  I have bought countless cups of coffee en femme and on one hand it’s become so normal it’s hardly noteworthy… but there could come a time when something I’ve done a million times turns out, well, badly.  What if the barista is horrible?  What if the customer behind me says something rude or hateful?  What if so many things?

We are who we are because we have no choice.  Denying our gender identity or what we want to wear doesn’t do anything.  We are still a girl like us even if we don’t want to be.  I am who I am even if I didn’t want to be who I am.  The choice lies in deciding how we react to who we are.  The first step in all of this begins with acknowledgment.  We have to recognize that there is something more to us than we let on.  We need to understand that being curious about trying on a dress is something more than just wondering what it would be like.  Acceptance comes next.  We stop denying who we are, we stop thinking that this is a phase, that this is something we will outgrow.  Embracing who are is the final step in this.  Accepting something doesn’t necessarily mean we are happy about it.  But we are who we are, and this side of us is wonderful and I am so happy I am who I am.  Who you are. 

Who WE are.

I am happy with who I am, and I am proud of who I am.  Everything I do whether it is buying a pair of panties in boy mode or going to the mall en femme are things that at one point I never thought I would do.  Accomplishing these things took a tremendous amount of courage and time and I know whatever you did, whether it was a baby step or a huge strut in stilettos, it wasn’t easy.  I hope whatever you did you were proud of yourself, because I’m proud of you.  

Love, Hannah

9 thoughts on “Happy Pride!

  1. must be so good to have such pride and gatherings in the us. here in europe especially Belgium: we are all individuals doing there things. In Holland things are better organised, But like i said not like in the US.


  2. I have to admit I’ve not always been one who supported pride I felt if I did then people would now outside of those whom I’m out to.
    Then it came to me I can’t deny this part of me nor should I not support those who are part of this family
    I know what so many deal with in their family’s and other such places when they are rejected just for trying to be the best person they can be.
    It’s like I’ve always said I did not choose this if I did why would I choose to be so differ that it would come at such great a cost that it has for me.
    I’m me trans, and I’m going to always try and treat all with love and compassion

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  3. I have often pondered my motivation for going out and coming out. Wondered why I couldn’t just keep this secret to myself. In my most self critical moments I’ve viewed going out as some form of exhibitionism. But thats not true. I do want to be seen, in the sense that I want to be acknowledged as a part of the world outside my home.


  4. You’re right, having a sense of pride doesn’t mean just waiving a rainbow flag. If you’re comfortable with your identity, then that’s the biggest celebration of pride there is. Thank you for the lovely reminder, Hannah.


  5. Hi Hannah, I started my journey (I used that word because I know how much you love it) less than a year ago, so this is my 1st Pride. Since I started this lifestyle, I have wondered, am I a cross dresser or a Trans Women, I didn’t know how to identify myself. I was so glad I found you & your blog, your wisdom & advice were very helpful to my wife & I in the beginning. The other day my wife wished me a Happy Pride & it got me thinking & I think Trans Woman describes who I am the best. I love wearing pretty dresses or a nice skirt & blouse, I feel pretty & I love it, I feel so comfortable & happy.
    I love being Diane & going out en femme, I’m not afraid or worried & I don’t care about what people think or say or if they stare. I’m here, I’m out there & I’m not going away, we girls have just as much right to be out there as anyone else! I’m proud to be the woman that I am when I’m out en femme!
    Thank you for all your help so far, I look forward to your post’s everyday. I would love to meet you someday & thank you personally, maybe we’ll meet someday on our journey(again heh heh)
    So Happy Pride to you, you are an inspiration to all us girls.

    Sincerely, Diane


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