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Hi Hannah. I’ve taken to dressing up and have been out a few times in low public areas. I don’t want to go down the road of shaving my legs or arms yet.On those days I did go out I wore black stockings.Now with the warmer weather here, what would be best thing to do? I could wear jeans but sometimes it’s too hot for those. I have got a few dresses but would I need to wear something to cover my legs. Would I have to stick to stockings or tights? Also, I’m struggling to get my eyes right, probably due to still having a shaky hand. Any tips?

When it comes to makeup, the only thing you can do to overcome a shaky hand is practice, practice, practice.  When I was learning eyeliner my lines were usually shaky and smudgy but the more I did it the more progress I made.  Don’t practice right before you go out, practice when you have time to do your makeup, wash it off, and try again.  A trick I learned when I was first doing eyeliner was drawing small dots on my eyelid and then connecting the dots to make the line.  Makeup tutorials can help, but it all comes down to practice and learning through repetition.

I always, always, always wear stockings or tights when I go out, no matter how hot it is. I wear stockings because they help even out my skin color and well, because I love the way a stocking looks.  I tend to wear brighter colors, or floral patterns in the summer so nude stockings and tights tend to look better with what I am wearing compared to black stockings.  If you aren’t ready or able to shave your legs you may want to consider wearing two pairs of stockings to help hide your leg hair.  But just because it’s summer it doesn’t mean I’ll avoid black stockings.  If the dress or occasion pairs better with black, then I’ll go with black, no matter the season.  I tend to wear black stockings with skirts for some reason.  

And one more thing, you can do what you want, but I never wear non-nude stockings or tights with open toe heels.  I think you can get (barely) get away with nude stockings (and fishnets) with open toe heels but anything else looks a little tacky.

If it’s too hot for jeans, have you considered leggings?  Leggings are super cute and super femme and can be paired with a cute top, certain dresses, or a casual t-shirt.  The versatility of leggings is a-maz-ing.


Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. As to shaving legs and arms, is it an issue with a spouse or the public? If the former, that’s one thing. If it’s the public, the answer is no one notices.

    I coach tennis, play golf, ride my bike, go to the Y, etc, and I shave my arms and legs and have done both for multiple years. No one has ever said anything. If they do, I’ll just say I’m outdoor a lot and it’s easier to put on sunscreen without the hair.

    It’s hot enough with a wig, but I think you will bake with both a wig AND tights or hose (Minnesota summer is one thing, but my summer is NOT Minnesota summer).

    As to doing eyes, I’ve decided if someone is close enough to see my eyes, they probably already know I’m trans. It’s often a lot easier and quicker (and easier to clean up) if I don’t do my eyes.

    Just my two cents.

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  2. Regarding less-than-optimal eye makeup, I have a shockingly bad eye (for drawing!), and struggle to draw straight lines, much less get my MU more or less even both sides.

    A few years ago, I found a tip that works brilliantly for me (even my MUA was impressed). Do your eye shadow first, before doing your foundation/contouring/highlights. Don’t worry about the raccoon eyes or it being straight.

    When you go to put on your foundation, etc, use those nice broad brushes to cover the excess eye MU, cos they do a much better job of straight lights. I generally go from the bottom outer corner of my eye, to the outer edge of my brow, and it “lifts” things nicely.

    Then I’ll use my foundation to set the outer limits of how far out my eye MU goes from my eyes (if that makes sense): I usually line up from the outer tip of my brow, and sweep down in a line towards the bottom of my ear lobes/outer jaw.

    I hope this helps!


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