Ask Hannah!

Can you tell me where to get fake press on fingernails for very large hands?

You know, I don’t paint my nails or wear press-ons as much as I would like (or probably should) so I am afraid I don’t have a go-to place for nail designed for girls like us.

Any readers out there with ideas? Please comment below!

Love, Hannah

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7 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. wow good question. all i can say is look online and see what comes up. look under press on nails for larger hands and see. wish i could be more helpful.


  2. Color Street has a durable coating (in many colors and styles) for your nails that lasts almost as long as shellac done by a nail technician. You can usually find large enough pieces, or you can combine two pieces for a particularly large nail. No wait for drying, and the full process can be done in 20 or 30 minutes. Removal can take about the same amount of time. A set costs $10-15 and is bought from a Color Street salesperson online.

    Walmart and other stores have assortments of plastic press-on nails for larger hands. You usually must paint them and let the paint dry before applying. Removal is pretty quick. They pop off on their own sometimes. They are reusable and a set can cost $10 – 20 for many more press-on nails than you can use at one time.


  3. Try Static Nails. i have been using them for quite a while. You get 12 nails for each hand, more than enough to find the right fit. They make great polishes too.


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