Pretty in Pink PVC

Hi! Did you like the photos I posted the other day? Would you like to see more? Oh, twist my arm, why don’t you?

I think a lot of us have an outfit for EVERY occasion. Brunch, date night, running errands, weddings… many of these events are events I will likely never participate in but it’s still fun to have the perfect dress for such an occasion. If I ever had the opportunity to attend a gala or a film premiere, I am SO ready.

This dress is one of those examples. I am not a nightclub girl but if I WAS, this is the dress (and boots) I would wear.

Hope you like it!

Love, Hannah

8 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink PVC

  1. Hi Hannah – it is a very close race and it is hard for me to decide, i just can’t make out which i adore most, your thoughts, your attitude, or your clothes – lotsa love Bri


  2. Love the pink! Not a bad picture in the lot. You’re beautiful!!

    This new year has given me hope that I can actually go out en femme.

    I’ve got to the point where I don’t really care but as you’ve mentioned, there still times it matters.

    I’ve only gone out maybe 10 times. Usually for a run and then usually the grocery store or clothing shop.

    Up until now, I’ve been out in running tights and tops since I’ve only yesterday received shoes appropriate for my wardrobe.

    The one exception was a two leg flight where I wore a faux leather midi skirt and a pink sweatshirt. I figured walking through an airport with running shoes could be acceptable.

    Anyway, sorry for the War & Peace version.

    Today I went to the grocery store in a white skort, oversized Vera Wang sweater and white sandals.

    I was getting more looks than when I wore my running clothes. I swear I could read the lips of one woman saying “That’s a man” to her daughter. Of course I could just be paranoid!

    But even you girls were looking longer than it felt comfortable.

    On the other hand, several guys stopped and insisted that I go ahead of them.

    I haven’t achieved the makeup prowess that you have and I know I need more help in that area. But that’s where masks come in.

    So, could you do the favor of looking at a couple of picts and let me know how to improve? I know my nails (hands and feet) are not done.

    I’m planning a trip to Florida and intend to dress.



  3. Wow! The boots, fishnet stockings and vinyl dress make for an excellent female presentation. Your height works best for you in style and poise. All eyes would be on you wherever you venture out to. Good show..


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