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I have a tendency to only try to understand things that I care about. I don’t understand or care about crypto currency, NFTs, or how transmission fluid works. Cars run on magic for all I know and care. I feel the same way about the internet. As far as I care to understand it, the internet is way for me to look at memes and ignore work emails and buy panties.

I mean, I’m not ignorant. I know that the internet is a network of computers and all that and ads and content that one sees is based on algorithms and search history. My point is that I never cared about HOW the internet works, I just care that it DOES.

When I started blogging, I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website. Over time and through what was once intuitive design through WordPress (my website host), I’ve picked up a few things here and there, despite my resistance.

What I mean is that I not only do not understand things that I don’t care about, I don’t wish to.

Over the years I’ve (reluctantly) learned a lot about my website in terms of web traffic and how people find my site. This information tells me a lot about who is visiting and reading my shallow little thoughts and viewing my self-indulgent photos. Most of my web traffic is coming from websites from other t-girls as well as crossdressing related search terms.

Fun fact! More people find my website by searching the term “Hanna McKnight” instead of “Hannah McKnight”, so there’s that.

Actual photo of me thinking of blog topics

“Crossdress”, “crossdressing”, and “crossdressers” are also overwhelmingly used. I’ve learned that the more often I use certain phrases on my website, the more likely my site will be found when someone googles that same term.

Emails and comments are also helpful when it comes to knowing who has found my website. Based on that, I feel that most of my readers are those who are in the early days of their gender adventure and are trying to understand who they are and why they are who they are. ‘Ask Hannah‘ questions are also very helpful when it comes to learning who my readers are as well as what they’re thinking of and looking for.

Knowing who is finding value in what I write does influence the content I post. I think most of my readers want to read about clothes and marital advice based on the views and comments and emails those types of articles generate. Anything “political”, such as discussing anti-trans legislation also creates a lot of discussion, though those comments are typically non-constructive and I spend more time deleting the really nasty ones than I would like. I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say, but goodness some of the language in the comments is far from constructive.

That being said, although I find it interesting and helpful to know who is visiting my website and what content is getting the most clicks, I will continue to write about whatever the hell I wish. Panties? Selfies? The legal peril our community faces? This website has it all, baby.

At the same time, I do want to post content that is helpful and interesting. As I mentioned, I think most of my readers are just starting out and are looking for resources for support and shopping so I try to write about those topics. If I knew that a lot of visitors found my site by googling “heels for crossdressers” or “husband crossdresses” I would probably write more about shoes (I have a LOT to say about shoes) as well as marriage.

I know my website isn’t for everyone. And that’s fine! There’s a lot of really amazing websites out there for our community, whether you are looking for support as you transition or if you have a crossdressing fetish. It is the internet, after all.

Anyway, my point is that although I don’t care about the mechanics of how the internet works, I do like knowing who is visiting my website as well as what content is the most interesting.

Although I suspect most of you are just getting started on this amazing and overwhelming journey of clothes and identity, I also wonder about everyone else. So, who are you? Did you find my website because you discovered your husband wears panties and you are looking to understand him? Are you a dude who likes trans women? Do you do drag and are looking for sites that sell amazing stilettos? Do you visit this site because you relate to some of the topics I write about?

Please comment! You can do so anonymously if you like. Tell me who you are. Tell me what you like to read about.

This insight will help shape the content that I post.

Thank you!

Love, Hannah

12 thoughts on “Help a Girl Out

  1. Hello Hanna, may I call you Hanna? you are a true person and say what it is and no regrets. this is the truth as you write your post. saying what you feel and the truth. if people don’t like the truth, then oh well. I got to your site by another web site and decided to read more about what you post and i have learned more about cross dressing and learned how to deal with my cross dressing. i am married and wife knows i cross dress. it all started with wearing a pair of tights in a school play when i was about 11, i played in the seven draffs. going on stage wearing tights, green. the feeling of them was amazing feeling. from there i wanted to go further in wearing female clothing, from a dress to a skirt and nylons, panties, bra. it went away for a few years and came back, i bought my own clothing after we got married and hid them from wife for years had my wife’s dresses to try, then she found out that i was steching out her dresses or bra or nylons or i did not put them back in the right place. so she knew but did not realize i was cross dressing. so i bought my own to wear. long story short she found a pic of me that my daughter seen and know they both know i dress up. i am 59 years old and been cross dressing for many years. i am still in the closet so to speak. i do not go out dressed up, only in doors when no one is home, we have a 23 year old son still at home. wife will be home and she will tell me i can do what i like to do. I have my own perfume, make up, wig, heels, nylons, and all that. so i don’t use hers. i seem to dress up like a real woman would more then she does. i like to wear skirts and dresses, she wears pants and shirt, nothing sexy. she does dress up some what when we go out to dinner or a wedding, but she does not wear a skirt or dress going out to dinner, maybe a skirt on a good day, no make up but does put on perfume. when i dress up i like to look as passable as i can. i like reading your post and came to terms with my cross dressing thanks to your web site. i am a man that likes to dress up pretty and passable as much as i can i .have to learn more about foundation and cover up make up, learning more when i put on eye shadow, the more i put eye shadow on the more i learn how to put it on correct. thank you Hanna for all you have done to this site and much more. thanks for reading my post. Lucinda, that is my female name i picked out it was a girls name that i liked in school


  2. Hi Hannah,

    First and fore most I thank you for what you do. I look forward to your post every single day. Some of it interesting, some comforting and some thought provoking.

    I can’t remember how I found you but i suspect it had something to do with you being a transgender woman in Minnesota like me. It is comforting to know others are out there like us.

    My story is very long and complicated. I actually think very unique and somewhat interesting, but I am not the talented writer like you. It is hard for me to write that much.

    I tend to be interested in the relationship\emotional side of things. And learning who you are. Like most I am very interested in your relationship with your wife. I respect that privacy is very important to you and honestly for most of us. It makes complete sense that some things you are unable to share,
    Here are a few things that I think would find interesting to see in your blog:

    –Why do you blog? Obviously you are a great writer but it has to take lots and lots of time.

    –The relationship between your female self and male self. How do you know when to be either? For me the male self is simply out of necessary not want. What are you like in male mode. We know you don’t like sports or cars, etc. What do you like?

    –More happy things. What excites you? What happened today that was inspirational. What happened in girl mode that really made your day.

    –Maybe interviews with other MN T-girls. Again I think there is a comfort in knowing there are others like us.

    –What are some of the key events in your life that made you be you?
    not necessarily crossdressing related. This maybe way too personal so I am sorry if I offended you.

    –Maybe a day in the live of Hannah? For me, I would be interested in hearing the emotional elements you experience starting to get ready, to interaction with you wife, to leaving the door, through whatever activity you do that day to reverting back to male mode.

    For me I am kind of past the make up and clothes stages. I still find it interesting but I tend to follow cis woman’s sites for that.

    I do like the pictures of you. You are beautiful. I especially like the pictures of you interacting with the MN t-girls.

    As for the activist and political stuff. I like and am very interested and I can’t help but post but honestly it makes me feel horrible afterward. It just seems to show the hatred others have toward me and honestly towards themself. I really tend to be an optimist and like to hear about the good in people but there is so much ugly in todays political views, it is depressing.


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  3. Wow –

    i find myself thinking every morning – “Hannah strikes again”. Jodi does not know it yet, but she and i have had a Spock Mind Meld about the things we are interested in.

    I promise to write a more complete note and share more of my story. Folks stories really intrigue me. i feel there is some much to i can learn.

    Hannah, you are an inspiration, stunningly beautiful, and profoundly excellent writer. Your writing lets me feel like i am in room with you having a fascinating and open chat.

    have an even more wonderful Sunday

    -bri in Oakland

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  4. Hannah – you do YOU! I enjoy reading about a wide variety of subjects (except politics) and feel that it is refreshing to the soul to not always be stuck in the same rut. Insight, introspection, illumination, shallow, deep, all welcome.😉

    You are a self-deprecating example of what so many are not – visible – and I believe that you do us all honor in showing the public at large that there are others that cannot walk the straight and narrow path that (sadly) a closed-minded society so often demands in harsh or violent manner.

    You and others such as yourself that choose to share such a visible and highly divisive part of their lives with the rest of the world are all appreciated. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉




  5. Hi Hannah,

    Compared to some frequent visitors to your blog, I am…experienced…old, out in public (more pre-covid) and out to a few family members, a number of friends and former co-workers.

    When I first saw your early pictures on a crossdresser discussion forum that we both frequented, I lived than five decades, and only recently / cautiously began to experiment with dressing fully as a woman (something I was sure was impossible up until that time). I still recall one of your early pictures posted there, a cute, short yellow dress.

    I hope not to sound like a stalker. I was struck by how pretty you were, how well you disguised the natal male in your photos and especially, the understanding relationship you had with your wife (something I desparately wanted, but never attained). So I’ve been tagging along on your blog posts for a long long time.

    At different moments over more than a decade I have turned to this blog and earlier postings for inspiration, motivation, How-to tips, fashion ideas, and especially the ocassionally necessary mental resets. I still struggle with self acceptance, typically expressed in cycles of depression, but I like to think I am better able to recognize and manage these cycles today than in years past.

    So, for me your blog offers both a glimpse of the possibilities and at the same time helps keep me grounded in the realities of transgender life. Both are important to me.

    Thanks, Hannah

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    1. Fellow grandpa here. My life pours off these pages. My wife died two years ago, there was a period when she occasionally went to the symphony or shopping in a nearby city; there were also shouting screaming episodes. I’m presently going out and meeting women; I seem to pass with most. It puts me in a happy place. No romance yet. I’ve never had a homosexual experience never cheated on my wife. I outed myself to a woman friend and boy dud she go off on me – did I want to have sec with men?!? Etc. etc. oh well maybe I will never find a woman to run with again. But I’m having fun and for the moment it’s enough.

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  6. Hannah,
    I am not sure how I found you space, but probably through T-Central would be my thought. It was back when your blog was your comics. (Still miss those, and still campaign for you to throw one into your current blog every once in a while.)
    I like you consider myself bi-gender, although if I would have had the information in my teens or twenties I do now, it is quite possible I would have taken a different path. I have been doing this thing for as long as I can remember, curiosity getting the best of me and trying on my sisters things out of the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom. First time I remember getting caught I was probably 7, trying to sneak my mother’s Playtex girdle back into her bedroom. (The need to try it on was all consuming and worth the shame my mom put on me.) Obviously didn’t stop me, I’m still dressing almost 60 years later. The pandemic put a crimp in my getting out along with other issues. Hopefully that will change soon.
    I have been married for 31 years, came out to my wife in the 8th year of our marriage. She accepts but does not embrace my femme side, and it is more or less a don’t ask don’t tell situation. Attend church regularly participating in the praise band. Father to two, and Grandpa to four. It’s more fun being a Grandpa. Retired after 31 years from teaching ten years ago and really glad that all the bogus stuff that is being forced into schools was less in my day. A few years ago the school that I taught at did elect a trans girl their homecoming queen, so I am proud of that a bible belt Missouri school was that open.
    Most of what you talk about I find interesting and often inspirational. I can relate to much of what you write for it parallels my own life. I have your site on my favorites list with a number of other T-girl sites that I reference daily. Thanks for all you do.
    Elizabeth Marie

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  7. Hannah, I think you know me, at least a bit. And if there is anything else, just ask when we see each other at a T-Girls event. 🙂

    I can’t remember how I found you. I think it was by being told about your site when messaging with someone on one of the trans social sites. Even when I found you, I’m not sure I fit your “new and exploring” demographic, since I started going out in the 80’s. But, there is always something new – new fashions, makeup techniques, activities, etc. So, that’s what I think keeps me coming back.

    I’ll add some thoughts when we chat over coffee soon.


  8. Hello Hannah.
    I am a transgender woman like you from Belgium Europe.Now on my journey since one year. Only the last months i am going more out as Kathleen. And my story is like the most of us. As a child looking in the closet of my mother and my auntie. But after that period as a child never had the urge to become feminine sometimes. Maybe it was countered because my father became ill for many years beginning as a child. From my 40 years old on i became interested in transgenders. Only since a couple of years i also knew there were transgenders in many meanings of the word that went out for a drink and shopping ,also in Belgium. And so i began experimenting at home .but now since corona one year ago i began going out. In the beginning at night, quiet since a couple of months i try to go out more regularly. This year is for me the year of change . Going out to a t girl gathering every month. Once i went to a cafe in the city.just walking through the city from an underground parking lot to the place you want to go for a drink and a chat with the girl’s is the first time a real milestone. And so i am building my milestones step by step further. I went a month ago the a laser clinic for removing my hair. And next weekend i am going for the first time to a party with only woman and womanly friends. And for you Hannah i respect you a lot for creating in the us gathering for us girls.certainly in the beginning this is for the most of us very important before going next goal is the shopping.not everyone has the courage in the beginning you do . Best regards and keep posting sweetie.

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  9. Hannah: The subjects that attract me to your blog are your stories & photos of dressing up and venturing out en femme; the advice & guidance you provide readers; and your honesty about living the crossdressing life and how it impacts your relationships. Ever since your prior (illustrated) blog, I’ve been impressed by how you express yourself as a unique trans person and as a three-dimensional human being. Most importantly, you are a true inspiration for crossdressers of all types, and I hope you never forget that.

    As for what you should write about in the future… well, I’m of the belief that the most important audience for a blog is the person writing it. If you need to take a stand on something, and if it may disappoint a reader or two, at least you’re saying things that come from your heart and that you feel must be said. Whatever the topic, I can’t wait to read what you’ll write next. 🙂

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