A More Beautiful World

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot and then meeting up with the always fabulous MN T-Girls.

And I know this sounds a little shallow (and likely relatable) but I reallllllllly need tomorrow. I need a day to get dolled up, to wear pretty clothes, to really, really fall heels first into Hannah’s world.

The past three weeks have been consumed by work (which has been just horrible lately) and cleaning and preparing for our house to go on the market and the inevitable move. I have been overwhelmed with boy life responsibilities and it’s wearing on me.

Actual shot of me cleaning (not really)

It’s a reminder that we have to acknowledge and nurture and care for our femme selves. We can’t neglect HER. For those of you like myself who are bi-gender you understand how we often bounce back and forth between gender presentations and, more than likely, different worlds.

Life is about balance. Being bi-gender is about balance. We have a lot of aspects in our life/lives that need our attention and I cannot wait to physically spend time in Hannah’s world tomorrow.

Love, Hannah

9 thoughts on “A More Beautiful World

  1. Do you have a T-girls event tomorrow? I didn’t get any news about it. I am new to the group and anxious to meet other T-girls.


  2. Ladies, have a great time at the event tomorrow! In solidarity I will have an outing, perhaps for coffee and some shopping.


  3. And what about your wife’s stress? She is moving as well and I assume she also works. You become female and run away. What does she get to do? Being a woman is more than dressing up in beautiful clothes.

    I don’t have any problems with crossdressers but please don’t imply that being a woman is stress free. It would be nice to hear about what you wear on weekends to do the laundry snd scrub the floors.


    1. My wife enjoyed a very nice afternoon doing what she pleased. And yes, being a girl is more than pretty clothes. I look at my days out en femme as a break from the stress of the real world and I absolutely know that being a woman is far from stress free.

      Love, Hannah

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  4. I can definitely relate to the stress of moving. We just moved this past weekend. Rachel currently is buried somewhere in several boxes in the garage and I can hear her screaming to get out, lol. Hopefully I can join you ladies again some time in the fall after my one Halloween event a couple years ago😁


  5. Dear Hannah – i know exactly what you mean about switching between worlds. It is not hard for me, but frequently, i note that it takes me bit of time to switch between the boy world of hard care engineering (i work for an electric car company in California) and girl mode. I always like ending up on the softer side of the fence – lots of love; i have been rooting for Alicia from the sidelines – bri

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