I am Not Supergirl

Goodness life can humble you.

I can wear a cute dress, perfect heels, matching accessories, and get a very good makeover annnnnd BAM! Dysphoria smacks me in the face when I catch a glimpse of my reflection.

This, at the risk of sounding DRAMATIC and SHALLOW, can ruin EVERYTHING.

I like to think I can run (or at least strut quickly) a million miles an hour without rest but that’s not sustainable. Life has a way of catching up.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed emotionally or physically or mentally. Sometimes all three gang up and jump us at the same time. Annnnnd that’s exactly what happened this week. I got hit with a very bad… something the other day. It made for a Very Bad Wednesday and it completely waylaid me.

As the rest of the week progressed I started to feel a little better and I am mostly just tired and achy (it’s not COVID).

The stress of work and moving and allll that just was too much for me. It was, as I mentioned, humbling. It was a reminder that I am not invincible.

Someone told me that maintenance, whether it was car repairs or self-care, needs to be scheduled… or it will be scheduled for you. And it won’t be convenient.

I am going to rest as much as I can this weekend (although the MN T-Girls are meeting up tomorrow) but the next three weeks are going to be bananas, lol.

Take care of yourself! There’s only one of you!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “I am Not Supergirl

  1. By sheer coincidence and probably from similar causes, I hit some sort of wall on Wednesday and still don’t feel entirely right. I’ve been taking it as easy as I can and today feel just a bit more energy. Today, other than one conference call, I’m taking things very slow.

    I hope you are able to rebound quickly. You may not be SuperGirl, but you are pretty super, girl!


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