A Need…

Someone told me that a need is a really strong want.

And I think that is mostly true.

But I didn’t want this dress. I needed it.

We all know the feeling of seeing a dress and thinking that it NEEDS to be in your closet even if you have no idea when you’ll wear it or what the occasion for it would be.

This dress from En Femme was exactly that.

Once it arrived I knew I would wear it for my then upcoming photo shoot as well as for the MN T-Girlsholiday party.

The dress is tight, shiny, and has a VERY high slit. Essentially the dress was made for me, lol.

This is the final set of photos from the November 2022 photo shoot. I have a shoot scheduled for later this month and another for the end of March. It’s going to be an interesting year. 🙂

Love, Hannah

9 thoughts on “A Need…

  1. How I wish you could come to our studios in Tampa for a transformation – our female wardrobe and our Sierra cosmotologist can make you even more beautiful 0 with many new photos.
    I love your posts each morning. Deborah


  2. What a gorgeous dress, I can see why you needed it. I have a dress that needed to be in my wardrobe. It’s what I will be wearing when I next go out on a date. Though I don’t date so it may well just be admired and stroked often. It is my first ‘little black dress’, slit to the crotch up one thigh and down to my belly button. Dresses are addictive, aren’t they?


  3. First, the dress is spectacular and the photos are, as always, phenomenal.
    Second, I wanted to ask about Shannonlee, your photographer. You often mention her by name. I’ve thought several times about getting professional photos taken (because selfies can take you only so far!). Do you pay her for these sessions? The professional photographers round here would charge hundreds of dollars for such sessions, which I could probably manage once or twice, but you seem to do it very frequently.
    Third, I wanted to talk about needs. I really disagree that a “need” is just a very strong “want”. I would define “need” as something which is essential. A need must be met. Meeting that need may require setting aside other things which are less important. So the obvious things are food, water, shelter, etc etc. but Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a much more nuanced model of needs.
    A “want”, I argue, is something which should not be met until all the needs are met (as far as possible). I would say that, under this model, your gorgeous dress isn’t a need; it’s just a very strong want.
    Of course, under this model, it presumes that humans act rationally. If you were down to your last $100, it would not make sense to spend it on a dress instead of (say) food. However, humans don’t always act rationally, and some do indeed put some of their wants ahead of what objectively would seem to be their needs.
    I covered this in a post on my own blog: https://bluestockingblue.blogspot.com/2012/07/wants-and-needs.html
    Mind you, it’s been a while. I wonder if I should think about revisiting this topic…


    1. Hi! I do indeed pay my photographer. And I do generate some income with what I do. If I am modeling an outfit (this is different than a review) than I am paid for it as I am also selling the publishing rights for the pictures.

      Love, Hannah

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      1. Hi Brianna. I’m not sure what you’re asking, but you can Follow the blog, and then you get an email update every time a new post is published. Or you can use the labels list on the right of the page (currently the top 3 labels are identity, Vivienne and femininity) to browse the topics which interest you. Or you can use the Search bar to find specific things.


  4. Oh to be younger and lean once again! To those of you still under, lets say 50, that are longing to express that need (or very strong want), don’t wait another day. The time comes all too soon when you may not be able to wear a lovely dress like that anymore, at least not wear it well.


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