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I’m 6′ tall and weigh 185 lbs. I fit fairly well in a woman’s XL or size 14, but my belly pushes out. Can you recommend some sort of belly cincher that (1) works and (2) won’t break the bank?


I don’t have toooooo much experience with cinchers but I swear on my life that a corset is the way to go.

I think this photo does a really good job showing how a figure can be complimented by a really good corset:

I am about the same build as you and I think the right corset would do the trick.


Crossdressing takes time, patience, and money.

True, you can find a corset for about $60. I have had plenty of those but they tend to wear out and don’t really shape me in the way I would like. I think investing (time AND money) in a corset is absolutely worth looking into. I own two by Glamorous Corset and I will never ever ever dress without one. The Dita corset I usually wear is pretty affordable, actually.

Spend some time reviewing their size chart and TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS before you invest in one. You should also follow their recommendations for seasoning it. Trust me.

Love, Hannah

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2 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Hi Hannah, I really enjoy your blog.I recently lost all my clothing to a woman who was run over by her own car about a year ago.I’m now trying to rebuild my wardrobe. It was a tragedy it’s taken me a year now to get back into dressing, but I’m looking for a place that I could go and try. On dresses and find stuff that really fits me properly. My seamstress is  retired So I need dresses,  I probably lost $30000 I’m clothing.I heard death was on the news and I was devastated, but I need to live life number Too. I’m looking for dresses skirts tops swimsuits negleches and lungeree Any suggestions where to start?  I Loved Lela Wright 1 I just think it’s probably time to move on as much as I miss her. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  2. Dear Hannah, dear Sister, Thanks for the great question and response. I tend to not wear corsets, because they tend to be quite stiff and show under a tight dress. I am very impressed, by the way, dear Hannah, with your picture and figure. I usually wear some form of strap – several meters long – that I wrap around my upper body (and that closes with a velcro). That strap is stiff where it needs to be and flexible where I want it to be. I love it. Prerequisite is to keep you weight under control, though, otherwise, neither corset not strap will provide you any pleasure. Franzi


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