The Twin Cities are an amazing place to live or visit if you love to eat.  I have had delicious food at some wonderful restaurants all over Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  I was scared the first time I went into a restaurant but I’ve always been treated like a lady and have always received excellent service.

These are some of the places I recommend going when you feel like a delicious meal, a cup of coffee or a drink!

Black Hart, which used to be known as The Townhouse, is Saint Paul’s oldest GLBT bar, is almost a rite of passage for most crossdressers and t-girls.  It was one of the first places I went out dressed and it has food, drinks, karaoke nights and weekly drag shows.

19th 2 (2)When you’re feeling hungry (and brave), visit one of the amazing restaurants the cities have to offer.  I know going out to eat can be a little scary since we’re not sure how the wait staff or host will treat us, but as far as I know, there’s no restaurant that specifically tells their staff to be rude to transgender people.  Restaurants want their money and servers want their tips.  In my opinion, restaurants and stores are all trans-friendly, but they are are employed by people who either are comfortable with us or aren’t.

Some of the restaurants I’ve eaten at where I’ve had wonderful food and had excellent service are Wilde Roast Cafe, Pazzaluna, Public Restaurant, Union, Amor Victoria, Craft, Bonfire and many others.  The MN T-Girls dine out a lot and you can see which restaurants we’ve dined at and had excellent service by reading about our previous adventures.