Jecca Blac Makeup Review!

Of course makeup isn’t “practical” in the traditional sense.  I don’t wear makeup because it benefits my health.  If anything it can work against healthy skin.  Mascara dries out and makes your eyelashes brittle.  Foundation can cause you to break out.  Ever get liquid eyeliner in your eye? BUT!  Makeup needs to be practical.  It needs to WORK.  I … Continue reading Jecca Blac Makeup Review!

New En Femme Blog!

My new blog for En Femme is live! The latest article with blogger, trans-activist and fashionista, Hannah McKnight is now available on our Learning Center! Hannah’s blog discusses more in-depth her life as a self-described T-girl. In her latest article, Hannah talks about gender identity vs sexual identity and debunks common misconceptions perpetuated by the media.  Read it now>> … Continue reading New En Femme Blog!

A New You

Really, what more can be said about this year? On this date in 2019 I was getting ready for a business trip.  I woke up early on the first day of 2020 and I spent New Year’s Day in airports and a hotel.  I thought about what the next twelve months would bring and there was … Continue reading A New You

Ask Hannah!

–Whenever I wear hold ups they keep falling down do you know why ? -I love nylons! I don’t wear thigh highs(they don’t stay up), I don’t wear pantyhose(too much fussing). I’m a stockings and garter belt girl who ALWAYS wears a midi length dress(no minis, and absolutely no maxis).Nylons complete/enhance your look.My question is, … Continue reading Ask Hannah!