MN T-Girls

4There are wonderful groups for crossdressers and people who are transgender in the Twin Cities.  I’ve been frequenting CLCC off and on for the past few months.  Minneapolis also has a local Tri-Ess chapter and many PFLAG groups and TAG as well.

In November 2013, I started a new group for crossdressers in Minnesota.  The group is called…MN T-Girls!

We meet once a month and have fun!  Going shopping, having lunch, getting our nails done, visiting a museum, going to a movie…the goal of the group is to go to social activities and get out into the real world!

You can read about our adventures here!

And here!

If you would like to be a part of this group, please read the guidelines below and email me at


If you are interested in joining the MN T-Girls please take note of a few things:

I am not going to feminize you.  I will not meet you to help you with your makeup or provide you with clothes to wear.  There are services in the Twin Cities you can seek out that can provide these services for you.

I am unable to provide you with a mentor.  I get many emails from people asking that I provide them with contact information with a current MN T-Girls who can help with makeup and a wardrobe.  I will not do this.  The privacy and safety of the members is my highest priority. 

When sending your email to become part of the group, please introduce yourself.  Simply stating “I like to dress up and want to join” isn’t enough.  I’d like to get to know you.  Tell me more about yourself.

The MN T-Girls is NOT a fetish group, nor is it a group for people to hook up.  These rules are strictly enforced and members are asked to respect the integrity of the group. 

If your email requesting to join refers to how turned on you get when you wear panties or anything along those lines, I am afraid that this is not the group for you.

Also, please note that the group is for those that identify as trans but many members bring their spouses and partners.  This is encouraged!  However, if you are joining the group because you are looking to meet and date a t-girl, please look elsewhere.

Love, Hannah

Frequently Asked Questions!

1Who are you?

First of all, my name is Hannah and I identify as transgender.  I live about 80% of my life as a happily married male.  The other 20% of my life I live as Hannah.

What are the MN T-Girls?

MN T-Girls is here to create awareness of crossdressers and transgender people in Minnesota.  We are here to show the world that we EXIST.  That we are REAL people who live wonderful lives as more than one gender.  Some of us are husbands, fathers, brothers and sons.  We are also beautiful girls when we want to be, whether that is a few weekends a month or every day.  We are all at different stages in our lives…some of us have transitioned, some are out for the first time, some of us just love dressing up a few times a month.  All are welcome.
We are here to offer support and friendship to others like us.  We will make new friends and have fun!  We will go shopping, we will get our nails done, go to movies, go out for drinks, and more!

16th outing 2I’ve never left my house dressed, what has been your experience?

Going out can be scary.  I’ve been there.  But going out knowing a friend is there makes it much easier.
In the all the time I’ve hit the town, I’ve NEVER had a negative experience.  I’ve pumped gas in a skirt, heard the click of my heels on the floor at Target, and seen my lipstick on a Starbucks cup.
Please keep in mind that our group is a PUBLIC group.  We will be out in the real world.  We will likely take pictures and be seen by many people.  I do try to balance the outings with big outings such as going out to dinner in downtown Minneapolis as well as smaller events, like meeting for a cup of coffee
 I’m still super nervous, can I come in drab?
I understand that not everyone is as used to going out as I am.
If you are not ready to step out in a skirt, that is okay.  Don’t want to be in a picture?  That’s okay too!
I hope you still come!
5th outing 3 So, this is just about shopping and getting together for girl talk?  Is that it?
We are here to create a POSITIVE and healthy perception of crossdressers and t-girls.  By going out in public we will show ourselves to the rest of the world.  For some of us, it will be the first time outside of our own home.  For the public, it might be the first time they have seen a girl like us.  It will be an opportunity to show the world that we are real people.

In a way, we have a huge responsibility to represent crossdressers to the world.  Crossdressers and people who identify as transgender are among the most misunderstood, and sadly, the most hated groups in the world.  We are here to show the world that we are real people, not freaks.

19th 2 (1)So…how do we do that?

We do this by behaving like ladies.  When I act like a lady, I am treated as a lady.  As a member of the group, I hope you will be kind to the rest of the world.

We do this by dressing appropriately.  Going out to a museum in a cute top and floral skirt is perfect.  As much as I love my formal evening gown, it is not appropriate for a trip to the movies.  As a member of the group, I ask that you dress for the occasion and for your age.

We are not perverts or fetishists.  We are not here because dressing up is a sexual turn on.  We are not here for a hook up.  This group is non-sexual.  This standard is solid.  Any violation of this expectation will see the member or members involved dismissed from the group.

We do this by being honest with ourselves and with others.  I am blessed to have a supportive wife.  I understand not all of us do.  I hope that those who attend these outings are honest with their significant others.

day 2 dressWow, that seems kind of harsh.  Why are you so mean?

I am sorry if these standards and expectations are harsh.  We as a group are going to change the world.  If the world sees crossdressers are fetishists, drag queens and oblivious to appropriate fashion, we need to change that stereotype.  Not adhering to the above expectations will just emphasis any stereotypes one might have about us.
If you do not think you can adhere to these expectations, I kindly request you do not attend the outings.

Why aren’t the specific details for upcoming events available on your website?

Transpeople are among the most misunderstood group of people in the world.  We are met with violence, ridicule and demeaning words.  Although I have never had a bad experience, giggle or snide remark when I’ve gone out, I want to avoid any trouble.  MN T-Girls is about getting out into the world being a positive presence in the community.
Something I want to avoid is someone who hates transpeople to see where we are meeting ahead of time and show up to….well, who knows what.

Is this likely to happen?  No.  Is this a little too paranoid?  Yes.  But I want to make sure we are a fun, and SAFE group.

17th outing 6How do I join?

Send me an email at and I will put you on the mailing list.  You’ll get an email with details and information about the next event.  Please read the bolded guidelines above before reaching out to me.

You’re beautiful.

Thank you, you are beautiful, too!

Love, Hannah