New Year, New Clothes!

This past weekend was the first MN T-Girls event of 2022 and THEEEE best way to kick off the year is by doing a little shopping. We were invited for a private shopping event at The Blackbird in Mankato.

The Blackbird sells clothing, accessories, and gifts and it’s probably the cutest boutique I have ever been to. And I found so many cute things! I strutted out of there with four new dresses, some accessories, and some jewelry. It was so fun.

I can’t wait to wear my new outfits and to return to the Blackbird for new clothes. Much thanks to Ali and Brie for hosting us and helping us pick out new items for our closets. Mankato is a BIT of a drive from the Twin Cities but absolutely worth it.

Love, Hannah

Merry and Bright and Glam!

This past weekend the MN T-Girls celebrated our annual holiday party and it was just… lovely. The holiday season is always packed with running around and feeling exhausted and overwhelmed so being able to spend a few hours with friends and eating yummy food and looking FABULOUS is a much needed break from everything.

This year’s party was especially nice because last year we weren’t able to celebrate the season together.

This was the final event of the year and it was wonderful to reflect on a busy and strange 2021. Hopefully 2022 will be more normal. 😉

Love, Hannah

Eight Years of the MN T-Girls!

This month marks the eighth anniversary of the MN T-Girls, the social/support group that I started for, well, t-girls in Minnesota.  Clever, isn’t it?  The ironic thing is that it took a loooong time to settle on a name.

Like most new things, the beginning of the group wasn’t without hiccups, and that is also true for even now.  At the start I was learning about what the group should be, and what the group needed to be.  The very first meeting of the MN T-Girls took place at a cafe in Minneapolis that was owned by a trans woman.  It was probably one of the safest places a group like this could begin.  I was happy that we had a place to go where a girl like us would be welcomed and at the same time support a LGBTQ+ business.  Sadly the cafe is no longer in business.  The first meeting was a success and by success I mean that people actually showed up.  I remember getting to the coffee shop very early (a tradition that still continues to this day, lol) and wondering if anyone would attend.  To my delight several others showed up.  That made me happy.  

Deliriously happy, I should add.  The first meeting actually happened!  I was emboldened by the (albeit small) turnout.  My imagination and ambition partnered with each other and I started to dream of future events.  At this point in my (ugh) journey I was still pretty new to leaving the house so I was also looking forward to new adventures as well.  I had visited a few malls by this time but the ultimate mall, the fabled Mall of America, was someplace I had never gone.  The Mall of America wasn’t just a mall to a t-girl like myself, it represented going to one of the most visited places in the country.  People from all over the world spend time shopping and dining and taking in the attractions.  Going to such a visible place was intimidating and thrilling at the same time.
Encouraged by the first meeting (and a LITTLE lost in the Pink Fog) I decided the second outing would be visiting the Mall of America.  I was still nervous about going but since the group was designed to provide a safe environment for a girl like us I thought it would be easier to go with friends, to go with others like me.  I thought wandering around the mall, decorated for the holiday season, listening to the click of my heels on the polished floor sounded heavenly.  I sent an email to the group, like I do each month, announcing the plans for the next event.

To my dismay, no one was able, or felt comfortable enough, to attend.  Like myself, many of the girls had reservations about going to such a public place.  It was, in a sense, a crushing defeat.  The second meeting of my ambitious group, wouldn’t happen.

I had wondered if perhaps the first meeting was a fluke and maybe there wasn’t a need for a group like the MN T-Girls.  After all, there were other support groups for the trans community that were more established and held regular meetings in actual meeting places.  But I’m stubborn.  I was convinced that there was a place, a need for a group that emphasized socializing and going out into the community.  At the very least, I needed a group like the T-Girls.  I was determined to plan another event and it would take place at the same cafe as the first meeting.  Not terribly original but I thought since others felt safe there, then perhaps that’s what the group needed.  

Fortunately other girls said they could come and they did!  Yay!  Over the next several months other events were planned at other LGBTQ+ places such as nightclubs and bars.  More girls started to attend and I continued to meet others like myself who were all on their own journey.  Some girls have been strutting out of their home for years, some girls were out of the house for the first time EVER.  I was happy and proud of every girl that comes to these events.  As I got to know other t-girls I would listen to their stories and to what they wanted to do.  It was touching how… simple (but HUGE) their dreams were.  Yes, there were big adventures they dreamed of such as flying pretty but most of the girls simply wanted to go out for dinner or for a coffee or wander around a mall.  Simple, small things that one might do on a daily basis in male mode but en femme it’s a whole new world.  

Every new MN T-Girl helps shape future events.  A t-girl wants a makeup lesson or a private shopping event?  I use those requests to plan the next few adventures.  Some members are only comfortable at LGBTQ+ places such as a bar or a nightclubs, others want to go to, well, anywhere.  Some girls are somewhere in between.  As the group continued and as the members fell into different levels of comfort (and dreams) I was able to start planning a wider variety of events.  Some took place in LGBTQ+ safe places, other places were more mainstream.  Different girls attended different events.  By planning a more mainstream event it gave t-girls a chance to do something that may have been, at one time, a little out of their comfort zone.  I know that certainly was the case for me.

The year is winding down and the last event of 2021 is coming up.  My attention will soon turn towards the next twelve events which is exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  So many different factors go into planning our adventures, whether it is what the group is comfortable with, the weather, my traveling for work plans, and now COVID.  2022 will have our annual events such as Pride, the yearly photo shoot, and the holiday party.  It’s been a while since we’ve done a makeup lesson so I would like to organize that, too.  I like getting new ideas for our little group so if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Over the last eight years we have had many, many adventures.  I am in disbelief that the group has existed for as long as it has.  After the planned second event I had no idea how long the group would live and I am thankful for each and every MN T-Girl who comes to the events or dreams of being ready to join us.  The group was created for t-girls (no matter where they are in their journey) and I am so happy whenever someone comes, whether it is an old friend or a girl stepping out into the real world for the first time.  I recognize and I am humbled by the trust that is put into me.  I’m glad I didn’t give up.  I believe the group is needed, I think others need it.  

I need it, too.

Love, Hannah

Lights and Cameras and Glam!

This past Saturday was the monthly MN T-Girls event and, like previous Novembers, we had our annual photo shoot! This event is always a highlight for us and I love seeing the cute outfits the other girls wear.

The yearly photo shoot is usually attended by just a small group due to size limitations and this time there were four fabulous girls glammed up and smiling for the camera.

This was a fun shoot for me and I picked a few dresses that I have had for a while that I have never worn before. I am excited to see the photos!

Love, Hannah

Fabulous and Frightening

This weekend was the MN T-Girls‘ monthly adventure… AND it was our annual Halloween party! Not to be toooo cliched, but the Halloween party is always a treat.

It was unseasonably warm for an October evening in Minnesota so we were able to spend the party in the backyard at one of our member’s homes. There were about twenty of us and we were all dressed in fun costumes.

I went as a devil (mostly as an excuse to wear my new red latex dress). I didn’t like how the photos of me at the party turned out so here’s a selfie I took after my makeover.

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening. We had girl talk and discussed whether or not candy corn was good or not. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

Love, Hannah

Amazing and Puzzling (but Beautiful)

The always fabulous MN T-Girls had our monthly event yesterday and what a beautiful day we had for it. We spent the day at the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis and it was a perfect place to visit on an early autumn day.

We wandered around taking pictures of the art. Some of the art was amazing, some of it was just puzzling. But that’s okay! Sometimes I am amazing,, other times I am puzzling.

As the year winds down in Minnesota perfect weather days become more and more rare, so I am thankful for the beautiful day we had yesterday.

Love, Hannah

Dining out with the T-Girls!

Last night was the monthly event for the MN T-Girls. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been out to dinner for quite a while so I felt it was time to return to the Wilde Cafe and Spirits in Minneapolis. It’s been a favorite of ours for years so it was fun to go back.

We caught up with each other and planned out our events for the rest of the year while we enjoyed yummy food.

And we all looked beautiful.

Love, Hannah

MN T-Girls at Pride!

This weekend was the mini-sized Pride Festival in Minneapolis. Due to, well, the whole COVID thing, this year’s Pride’s celebrations were a little smaller than in previous years. Usually the MN T-Girls have a booth but we skipped it this year since the festival was only recently announced and there wasn’t much time to plan.

Although we weren’t there in officially this year our little group had our monthly event at Pride. It was a nice little change from previous years as I normally don’t get a chance to wander around and visit other booths but this year we got to see so much. Like always, the people watching was excellent. 🙂

I am looking forward to next year when we are back with a booth but it was a fun day and we were happy just being there.

Love, Hannah

Barbecue Cuties

This weekend was the monthly MN T-Girls event and we celebrated(?) the incredibly hot weather with a backyard barbecue at our friend Marcia’s house. Everyone brought something to share and we spent the evening chatting and snacking and glowing (boys sweat, girls glow).

It was a fun although hot evening and it was a lovely way to spend a summer night.

Love, Hannah