A Visit to La Femme Mystique!


I never imagined that I would live in a city with not one, but two gender transformation studios.  In addition to Femme Makeovers, our fine city also has the fabulously Rebecca, owner of La Femme Mystique!  Even more impressive than a city with two gender transformation studios is hearing that Rebecca has been in business for over five years!  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rebecca and visiting her studio recently.

Rebecca’s studio is in Saint Paul, not far from The Townhouse, arguably one of the safest and most well-known places a t-girl visits.









The La Femme Mystique studio is located in a beautifully refurbished warehouse.  I fell in love with the building and Rebecca’s studio is perfect for makeovers and photos.  I sat down and spoke with Rebecca for a while and we chatted about everything from photography to gender identity to makeup.   Her perspective on what a portrait is and what her goals are when it comes to capturing our femme selves made me realize that she really “gets” it.  Being transgender is not something that a lot of people understand, and it’s not something I always understand myself, so it was refreshing to hear that she understands our goals.  Perhaps she put it best on her website when she wrote that she is “…honored to participate in the journey – whether it’s in a spirit of playfulness and fun, or as part of a deeper exploration of self”.

Rebecca’s studio and makeup kit says that she is ready to transform and capture a t-girl’s inner beauty.



After chatting for a bit, it was time for my makeover.  Needless to say she did an amazing job.  I was very impressed with what she did with my eyeshadow.  After my makeup was done, it was time for my favorite thing in the world…pictures!


Rebecca and I explored the building and took a lot of photos and I cannot wait to see how they turned out.  I’ll share them when they are ready.  😉


It was a unforgettable afternoon and I will definitely be back.  I absolutely recommend visiting Rebecca whether you are visiting the Twin Cities or looking for an incredible makeover and a fun photo session.

Photos soon!

Love, Hannah



Ask Hannah!

075Hi Hannah. I have been looking for a trans friendly hair stylist. Can you make a recommendation. Good info is hard to get.

I’ve never had my hair done (because it comes mailed to me), so I don’t have a of experience to draw from on this topic.

However, I did have a makeover at Rita Ambourn in Saint Paul last year.  They offer hair care, waxing, skin care and manicures.  They were super friendly and I know a few other t-girls who go there and they’ve always had an amazing experience.

I hope you have fun!

Love, Hannah

False Lashes: Never leave home without them…and how to put them on!

Cherry Dress 3
Makeup and (false eyelashes!) by Corrie Dupay

I love a bold eye, especially when paired with false eyelashes.  However, I am not very good at putting them on…but no worries as Corrie Dupary is back with tips on how to apply fabulous falsies!

Corrie is a makeup artist extraordinaire and owner of Midwest Makeup Supply and
Femme Makeovers  She is a friend and hero to girls everywhere.  She is beyond talented.
Corrie has a newsletter that she sends out with helpful makeup tips like these and is reprinted here with her permission.  I am certain you’ll find this useful!  You can sign up for her newsletter here.
Love, Hannah

Hello my Darlings!!!

Happy Summer Solstice! I hope you’ve all been well.

We are celebrating Pride this week here in Minneapolis and the glitter is flying. I love it! If you’re out and about this weekend – be safe, stay cool and sparkle on! Have a super-duper weekend!!!
XOXO from your favorite makeup guru,

FemmeMakeovers | Midwest Makeup

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for gorgeous eyes! I mean, who doesn’t love a great smoky eye and a full set of lashes!?!?! Yes, please!

Next to “How do I cover my beard shadow?” the second most popular question I get is: “How the f*ck do I put on fake lashes?? PLEASE HELP!!”

Never fear!! I’ve got a few awesome tips and tricks that will help make the whole thing less intimidating and frustrating for you. And!! With a little bit of practice (Yes! You must practice!)…you’ll be a lash master in NO time!

When I apply lashes it’s one of the last things I do. Why? Because I don’t want to have to work around them. Especially when I’m working with larger, fuller lashes – it can be really hard to get your eyeliner just right or glitter on the lid without getting it tangled up in the lash.

So – after you’ve done your eye makeup (primer, eye shadow, liner, etc.) choose your lash. The more dramatic the eye, the fuller and more dramatic the lash I tend to go with. There really aren’t any rules when it comes to makeup (guidelines, yes. Rules? No way!) so you can really wear what you want. However, I try to find some sort of balance between the eye makeup and the lash.

An example would be – if I do a very natural, daytime eye makeup, I really don’t want some giant lash clogging up my nice, simple look. Now – on the other hand – if I’m heading out to the club and rocking a dramatic smoky eye, I need to use a lash that has a little oomph to it. Otherwise – my lashes will essentially disappear…therefore, looking a little unbalanced. Or, you can think of it this way – if you cannot see the lash against makeup that is behind it – you might want to consider bumping the size, fullness, etc. up just a touch.

Next! Use a good glue. There are several lash glues out there – and let me stop right now and say: WEAVE (or hair bonding glue) glue is NOT safe for your eyes so don’t use it!!! Wanna keep your eyelashes, and most importantly, your eye sight?? Use glue that is specifically for eyelashes!!) Okay back to what I was saying. Use a good glue – my favorite is AdGem (from Mehron). It is a latex-free, very moisture/water resistant, clear drying glue…and works awesome! There are others – DUO, Ardell, etc. but AdGem is my favorite. I find it works the best and can keep a pair of the biggest lashes on all freaking day! If you are a newbie to this – I suggest a clear drying glue over a black glue. If you mess up with a black – you’ll see exactly where you messed up.


The next step is to gently remove the lashes from their packaging, ideally from the outer edge. I suggest removing by grabbing the outer edge in case we accidentally bend or pull a few lashes off. If we do – it’s no big deal as we oftentimes have to trim the lash to make it fit, and we typically want to trim from the outer edge. 

Next, hold the lash up to your eye, following your natural lash line. If the lash extends way beyond where your  natural lash line stops, then we want to trim it (it will be much more comfortable to wear if it fits your eye properly) from the outer edge.

Now we’re ready for glue. Instead of applying the glue directly on to the lash from the tube – squeeze a little bit out onto the lash carton (see image 1). Then – break a Q-tip in half (image 2), dip the stick end into the glue and apply to the edge of the lash band (image 3).

Using something other than the tube to apply the glue to the lash will save you a lot of frustration. You have more control with the amount of product you are applying, you wont get glue all over your fingers, lashes, etc. Trust me! It’ll make things MUCH easier for you.

Once the glue is applied to both lashes. Set them down. Do not touch them for at least 45 to 60 seconds (image 4). Normally during this time I line my lips.

You can tell when the glue is starting to dry when it looks like it’s getting thicker and starting to turn clear.  We want the glue to start to dry before we even try putting them on. If the glue is slightly dry before we apply, the lash will stick to your lid and you wont have to worry about dropping it and you can typically get the corners to stick down very easily.

When I go to apply the lash (I use a tweezers for this because I cannot get my fingers in close enough), I pick it up and set the false lash on my actual lash, getting the band as close to my natural lash line as possible, but sticking it to my lid (we don’t want to glue them to our lashes). Once the false lash is in place, I can adjust it to get it positioned correctly without it falling off or gluing my eye shut. Until the glue fully dried, you can manipulate the lash as you need to make it comfortable.

Once my false lashes are in place, I touch up my eyeliner quick and add a light coat of mascara to my natural lashes to blend them in with the false ones (I only apply mascara after the false lashes are on, not before). I try to avoid putting too much mascara on the false lashes to extend the amount of times I can wear them.

To remove – gently pull the lash off starting at the outer corner. They should come right off. If not, take a Q-tip and a little makeup remover and gently rub along the lash line – it will loosen the glue and you’ll be able to pull them off.

Just a few more notes before I wrap this up: one, you CAN re-wear them multiple times if you carefully remove them from your eye, remove any excess glue (just gently pull it off – don’t use makeup remover) and put them back in the case they came in. Storing them in their original case attached to the carton (there’s usually enough glue residue to get them to stick) will help them keep their shape longer.

Lashes with thinner bands are more fragile and won’t have the same life as a pair that has a thicker band (so handle gently). You can clean your false lashes using a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, but again – do not use makeup remover. It messes with them and will significantly shorten their life span.

And there you have it my dears! An overview (albeit a little lengthy) on how to apply false lashes without going crazy or gluing your eyelids shut! Easy, peasy, right??? 😀

As per usual – any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message or drop by the store.

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Ask Hannah!

day 2 dressAs the weather warms I always worry about sweating while all dressed up. How do you tackle that issue? Personally I think it’s important for me to wear hosiery even on the warmest days, but I’m wondering if I could perfect my appearance without a wig. Have you ever presented as Hannah without wearing a wig? “Hot heads” everywhere would love to know.

Of course you can perfect your look without a wig.  Cis-women have a zillion different ways that they wear their hair.  Some cis-women have incredibly short hair and so can transwomen.  There is no standard your hair must meet in order to identify as one gender or another.

Personally I always wear a wig, but I don’t have to, and neither does anyone.

I also always wear stockings, nylons or tights.  I like how nude stockings even out my skin tone, for example.  Summer is not a t-girl’s friend as some of us wear padding breastforms, wigs and makeup.  Foundation and the heat do not get along.  Luckily Corrie from Midwest Makeup Supply and Femme Makeovers has some valuable advice for sweatprooofing our makeup.

Summer isn’t all bad.  You can’t wear a dress like this outside in January…at least not in Minnesota.

Love, Hannah


Sweatproofing your Makeup

Sometimes the weather is not a t-girl’s friend.  The summer brings humidity and ruins our makeup and in the winter it’s too cold to wear that minidress and it’s too icy to wear those heels.

Oh, who am I kidding, it’s never too cold or icy to wear a minidress or stilettos.

Although summer gives us the perfect weather for showing off a new outfit, the heat can be brutal.  Some of us have to contend with wearing multiple layers of foundation, breast forms and padding.  There’s nothing more frustrating that doing your makeup only to have it ruined by the humidity.

But never fear, Corrie from Midwest Makeup Supply is here with help on sweatproofing our makeup!  These tips were sent out in her latest Femme Makeovers newsletter and is reprinted here with her permission.

Also, for the record, we don’t sweat.  We glow.  😉

Love, Hannah



We are a month out before Summer officially kicks off, but looking at the weather forecast for this upcoming weekend….YIKES!! It’s going to be hot (and probably humid) as hell.  I’ve included some tips and product suggestions in this newsletter for keeping your makeup looking great no matter how freaking warm it gets. 😀  

Have a super fab holiday weekend!!! And as always – feel free to reach out and say hi!

XOXO from your favorite makeup guru,

FemmeMakeovers | Midwest Makeup

And so it begins….we’re moving into our hot and humid season here in Minnesota. Eeek! However, I won’t complain. I’ll take the heat over the cold any day!!

But as we know, the heat and humidity, combined with wigs, hosiery, undergarments, padding, clothing, etc. can cause more than a few problems when it comes to keeping our makeup looking good throughout the day (or night).

I’m going to share a few tips to help keep things from immediately sweating off the second you step outside. However – please keep in mind these tips will help with keeping your makeup in place better and longer, but we need to be realistic. Sometimes no matter what we do, the summer heat wins and we sweat, which could lead to a shorter life span of our makeup for the day. Okay? Okay!

When dealing with hot summer temps, there’s a few things we can do to help keep sweating more under control. The first thing I like to use is a product called Skin Prep ($16.50). Skin Prep is a clear, fragrance-free liquid you put on your face prior to any other product applications. It dries quickly and acts as a moisture barrier on the skin. It helps keep your makeup looking fresh, longer in hot environments (outside on the patio or dancing your face off in the club, etc.).

The second item is Kryolan’s DermaColor Fixing Powder ($34). This powder actually waterproofs your makeup! Use it in place of (or in addition to) your regular setting powder to set your foundation (I recommend a cream foundation for best coverage and longevity). I also recommend pressing the powder into the makeup – especially in areas you sweat more (forehead/brow, upper lip, etc.) with a sponge or puff. You’ll notice a significant difference in how well your makeup will resist the moisture! It’s pretty cool!

The third product I like to use is a good setting spray. There’s a lot of options. In fact, I have SIX different kinds in-store, but I have two favorites when we’re dealing with hot temps: Kryolan’s DermaColor Fixing Spray ($24) and Barrier Spray ($12). Use a setting spray as your final step in your makeup application. Once your application is complete, do a quick spray (or spritz) over your entire face. Repeat one (or two times more) to shellac the shit out of your face for extra longevity! 😀

There you have it! A few tips and tricks on how to sweat-proof your makeup. As noted in previous newsletters – this is a quick and dirty explanation. If you have additional questions – please feel free to send me an email or drop in to see the products or a demo in person.
Until next time – stay cool, Baby!

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Makeup Lessons with Sephora!


From GayStarNews

Beauty retail giant Sephora will offer specialized makeup classes to trans and non-binary people.

Called ‘Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community’, the classes begin next month as part of Sephora’s Classes for Confidence program. The program’s aim is ‘to help inspire fearlessness in those facing major life transitions’.

Sephora’s official Beauty Advisors with specialized knowledge about the trans community will run the classes. Trans employees at Sephora helped created the workshops’ content.

I think this is a fabulous (and long overdue) idea.  I hope more business become more outspoken of their support for the transcommunity and realize that we just want to find businesses that are welcoming to us.

The MN T-Girls have had a few private makeup lessons and events, most recently at Midwest Makeup Supply and they’ve always been helpful.  If you can attend one of these workshops I highly recommend it.

Love, Hannah


Covering Up Beard Shadow

Corrie Dupay, makeup artist extraordinaire and owner of Midwest Makeup Supply and Femme Makeovers, is a friend and hero to t-girls everywhere.  I’ve been fortunate to know her for the past year and a half, I’ve had makeup lessons with her and the MN T-Girls have had two makeup demonstrations with her as well.  She is beyond talented.
Corrie has a newsletter that she sends out with helpful makeup tips and with her permission, I am sharing her most recent one here.  It focuses on beard shadow which is something many of us struggle with.

I am certain you’ll find this useful!  You can sign up for her newsletter here.

Love, Hannah
Ahh, yes….beard shadow. You can be such a pain in the ass some times. I teach a lot of one-on-one makeup lessons and covering beard shadow is topic that comes up in just about every lesson I do. So – how do we get it to stay covered as long and as well as possible? Let’s talk about it!

First – there is some reasoning behind the products I use, and some color theory involved with color correction (which essentially is what we’re doing when we cover beard shadow). But! I want to keep this simple and to the point (or as much as I can) so I’m not going to dive deep into that…unless ya’ll want to know more about it. Shoot me a message if you do and I can do a separate email about it. Okay? Okay!

Ultimately – when we are trying to cover beard shadow – we’re trying to neutralize a blue-ish/purple-ish (or violet as most color wheels will show) shadow. Even if your facial hair is brown, black, etc. – I still consider the shadow we see to be more blue/purple. Some of you may have tried a normal flesh-toned concealer and have had some luck with it kind of working, especially if you have very little or very light facial hair. For the rest of you with the darker facial hair – a normal flesh-toned concealer just doesn’t cut it.

Enter COLOR THEORY! As mentioned above – I’m not going to do a deep dive into color theory – but a good tip for everyone is this: when we are trying to correct/conceal/neutralize something when it comes to makeup – look at what color it is you’re trying to correct or get rid of: beard shadow (blue/purple), under eye circles (purple/blue), blemishes (redness), etc. Whatever the unwanted color is, we need to use it’s color wheel opposite to make it disappear. This is how we conceal our beard shadow!

Example: for a blue-ish/purple beard shadow – using something that is very orange-toned over the shadow will help neutralize the blue color below. If we’re trying to knock down redness – we want to use something with a hint of green. Make sense?

You may be asking – okay – I get it but what the hell do I use for this and where do I find it??

(…raises hand…) I’ve got you!! AND! I have several options depending on the level of coverage you need. What we want to use is called a corrector (or neutralizer) color. They have specific color-correcting undertones that conceal the unwanted colors we see.

But wait, Corrie!! Someone once told me I can use a red or orange lipstick to get rid of my beard shadow? Is that wrong???

Great question! No – technically it’s not wrong. What’s the first rule when it comes to makeup?? There are no rules!! Well – at least that’s my rule! HA! Guidelines and tricks that will help things turn out better, yes. But rules…naw! That’s the whole point of makeup is it have fun with it! So – back to the lipstick. Yes – an orange or red lipstick would help neutralize the shadow – however, lipstick is formulated for your lips. Generally speaking it has a more oily consistency (to keep your lips hydrated and glide on smoothly).

The trouble we might run into with using lipstick is that your makeup might not set properly or as well. So on a nice warm day – your face could be melting away faster than the Wicked Witch of the West. Which we do not want, right? Right! So – using something that is formulated for your face (not lips) is a better choice (in my opinion). If you’re in a bind and all you have is orange lipstick, or, you are out of your corrector color – yes – by all means, do what you have to do to get the job done…but ideally – for longevity and best overall result – the corrector color is product I prefer.

First up: Graftobian Corrector in Soft Orange I (light) and II (medium/dark) ($14). This one is on the lighter end of the spectrum as far as consistency/heaviness goes. So if you have lighter colored facial hair or not a ton of a shadow that pops through – this will cover nicely.

This goes on UNDER your foundation…and because it’s so light, can also be put OVER (unpowdered) foundation to give you an extra bump of coverage if needed (see note below). Works awesome as an under eye concealer, too!

My other favorite is by Kryolan – and that’s their DermaColor Camouflage Cremes ($18). If you’ve every had your makeup done by me – oftentimes this is what I use for the extra longevity. These guys are heavier than the Graftobian products – but if you have a very dark, thick beard shadow – this is the one you want to go with. It gives really great coverage and wears super well. As with the Graftobian one, this also goes on under your foundation.

Side note: Truthfully – I try to avoid putting anything back over the top of my foundation if I can (and never over anything that has already been powdered. We’ll talk about this in another email), but if I need an extra bump of coverage, I most definitely can. We just want to avoid doing too much back and forth as it can look heavy and cakey – see note below about this.

For the application using either product – we want to use our corrector only in the spots we are trying to correct…in other words – keep it contained to where you see the shadow. Brush or sponge it on, building up the coverage if you need by stippling (or dabbing/patting) the product on (rather than wiping it on) in areas that need it. Example: many times above the upper lip is an area I use a little more product. Why? The shadow can show through darker, you will sweat more there and if you are eating and drinking – it can be wiped off more easily if we’re not careful.

This photo shows the three correctors on my hand so you can see the more orange-y undertone it has. From the left: Graftobian Soft Orange I, Graftobian Soft Orange II and Kryolan DermaColor D5.

My note: I mentioned above that you can put more corrector over your foundation if needed – which is true. But – for the best results, we really want the initial application of the corrector to be strong and full enough coverage from the start. We want to avoid layering too much on top of our foundation as we run the risk of messing up our application by making it too heavy, cakey or not being able to blend it properly.

Once you get the corrector on – gently, gently blend it out. We want to blend it in but not away (otherwise, we will see that pesky shadow again sooner than we want). Once it’s blended in – proceed with your foundation application (I prefer to use a creme foundation – I’ll do a follow up email dedicated to foundations later). We want to be a little extra careful (use a stippling or patting/dabbing motion) when we are blending our foundation over the areas we’ve corrected. If we blend too vigorously – we could potentially blend our corrector away, again – resulting in the shadow popping through faster than you want.

Information overload, I know – so I’ll stop here. I hope this makes some sort of sense. If you have any questions – shoot me a message or drop by and I can do a quick demo for you. Okay? And stay tuned in the coming weeks for more tips and trips! And if you have any questions you want answered – send them my way!

PS: You can get everything I talk about in this post at my store – Midwest Makeup located in Uptown. Not local or don’t want to stop by? No worries – we can drop things in the mail to you as well. Call us (612-822-2150) or email: info@midwestmakeup.com to place an order.