Review: Lara Underbust Corset

If you’ve spent more than a minute on my website you will likely realize a few things:

-I heart clothes

-I overthink

-I overthink about clothes

I tend to associate a lot of memories, meanings, and emotions with a particular piece of clothes. Well, femme clothes. I have a lot of neckties that I absolutely have no idea where they came from. On the other hand I have an incredibly beautiful floor length ball gown which fit perfectly before I lost weight that I will never ever get rid of because it was one of the first dresses my wife bought for me.

I am enamored with certain items because of their beauty, even if they aren’t, well, practical. My six inch rose gold platform stilettos? I’ve worn them like twice but my goodness they are magnificent and will forever have a permanent spot in my closet.

Lingerie is a perfect example of pragmatism versus beauty. Tights are more practical than thigh high stockings held by a garter belt, but I chose stockings almost every time.

For years a corset was a perfect example of something that was visually stunning but not something I felt could be worn for long periods of time. But that was because I was wearing them wrong and I didn’t have a proper corset. My introduction to proper corsetry started with my Dita Black Satin Corset from Glamorous Corset.

It’s a stunning piece of lingerie and my goodness did I learn quickly that it required proper training as well as commitment. I had never heard of seasoning a corset before but I learned. Corsetry requires an insane amount of dedication and at first it was kind of intimidating but I quickly realized the benefits of following through.

While preparing for a photo shoot over a year ago I decided to wear my corset which I rarely did for long periods of time. This would be the first time I would wear it for more than several hours and it would be the first time I would wear it outside of my home when I would be getting in and out of a car, going up and down stairs, and doing a lot of walking. Again, it was intimidating and there was a learning curve but it didn’t take long to see the benefits of a proper corset and the results of the hours I put in seasoning it.

Since then I have worn my corset every time I present en femme. Yes, it’s a stunning corset but its equaled by the practical benefits of it. A perfect balance.

I was thrilled when I was contacted by Glamorous Corset asking if I would like to review their Lara Black Cotton Corset with Hip Ties corset. Yes please!

A corset takes dedication and it also requires accuracy. Measurements are absolutely key.

I sent in my measurements and within a few days I received a black velvet bag with the Lara corset in it.

Although I’ve been wearing my first corset for a while and I am very much used to it, I was still taken aback by the beauty of it not only in terms of appearance but also in construction and design of it. I love small, subtle attention to clothes, whether it is a small fabric rose on the front of a pair of panties, and in this case of the Lara I was drawn to the side ties of it. This is a steel boned corset which helps create a more defined (curvier) figure and helps with my posture. I couldn’t slouch if I wanted to.

My second impression? Yes this is beautiful but I have a certain affinity for my current corset and I couldn’t imagine wearing the new one in place of it. This thinking would change.

I spent about a week seasoning it and was quickly reminded that although I am used to A corset it doesn’t mean I am used to ALL corsets. When seasoning one you should wear it for about an hour at first and over time wear it a little longer as you progressively adjust the lacing. A quick reminder if what you’re wearing hurts (be it a gaff or a corset) you’re wearing it wrong. I wear my current corset for up to 14 hours at a time and I naively thought this new one wasn’t going to be as much of a learning curve as it was.

After thirty minutes or so I was very much aware of what I was wearing. It was a relief to take it off however over the next few days as it adjusted to my body it became more and more comfortable and by the end of the week I was wearing it for up to ten hours (in boy mode).

This was one of the items I wore for my most recent photo shoot and although one of my first thoughts was that I would continue to wear my Dita corset I realized that my Lara would now be my go-to corset.

Photo shoots can require a lot of creative movement and posing. This could be reclining or balancing on one stiletto. The Lara moved with me and complimented my figure with every gesture. The seasoning and expert design of it paid off.

I was a LITTLE concerned about stealthing (essentially subtly wearing a corset in public) but this wasn’t an issue as shown in the photo below.

This is a stunning corset. It marries beauty and practicality. It demands commitment. And isn’t that what this side of us is all about?

Love, Hannah

Ask Hannah!

I read your article on corsets and was wondering how to go about purchasing one. Not sure if I want a corset or a waist cincher.

Like a lot of clothes and heels that we shop for, we need to purchase what FITS, not what we WANT to fit. I would love to be a size 8 stiletto but no matter what it’s 11.5 for me.

Corsets are very much the same. Of all the items you can add to your closet, corsets are the trickiest. This is where measurements are key. I might be a size 12 in a dress and a size 8 in a skirt, but this means absolutely nothing when it comes to a corset or a waist cincher. Yes, I might WANT a 24 inch waist and a corset will help with reducing my waist size, but I don’t think there’s a corset on the planet that could do reduce my waist that much without damaging my organs. Corsets are not to be be messed with.

Get your measuring tape out and order accordingly. Glamorous Corset has a very helpful guide when it comes to how and what to measure for with different body types.

I have two corsets from Glamorous Corset and before I ordered each one I took my measurements and then contacted them with my sizes and asked for a recommendation. I disclosed I was a transgirl and had a “boy” body. They suggested a style and a size after seasoning them both corsets are a perfect fit and I can’t imagine presenting en femme without them.

It does take a little work to find the right size and style, but remember, *this* side of us takes time, patience, and money. Spending twenty dollars on a skirt that may or may not fit is one thing. A quality corset is a little more of an investment. You can likely return a dress that doesn’t fit, but probably not a corset.

Have fun!

Love, Hannah

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Spangla Lingerie!

I love lingerie and I have a special place in my heart and in my closet for lingerie that is designed for girls who have bodies like mine.

Mind you, this is not limited to consideration for my genitalia but also for bras and camis that are perfect for a wider chest, and broader shoulders, as well as panties with wider leg openings.

Although my closet is overflowing with pretty clothes and shoes “designed for women” and “designed for men” (if you want to oversimplify things) and I wear whatever I wish, I still love finding designers that make lingerie for people like myself.

Some of my favorite lingerie comes from XdressHomme MystereMootGlamour BoutiqueZheThe Breast Form Store, and En Femme.

I love these options for a few reasons, but one reason that stands out is how designers like these “normalize” lingerie for all genders. I remember discovering Xdress (known as Apres Noir at the time) and was struck by how exciting it was to find panties for my body. But they were an outlier, or at least I thought so at the time. “Lingerie for men” was a brand new thing (as far as I knew). However, with the growing options (which is a reflection of a growing demand and sloooow acceptance) it’s easy to daydream that maybe, JUST MAYBE, crossdressing isn’t as taboo as the world thinks it is. Maybe in a thousand years it will be common to find cute pink panties in the “men’s” section of a store.

I mean, a girl can dream.

I came across another designer that makes really cute lingerie for crossdressers and girls like me called Spangla. Spangla designs bras, panties, camis, and other pretty pieces of lingerie for people with the same type of body that I have.

I especially am drawn to the garter belts as they have wide suspenders. A small detail but I love attention to subtly. I also heart very feminine panties and goodness they have a lot of options.

My credit card is weeping as I look through their website because I want to buy SO. MANY. THINGS. There’s a lot I like here but unfortunately like a lot of designers that make panties for girls like us and like a lot of independent businesses, the prices are a little higher than “panties for girls”. This is not a criticism by any means. I totally get it. A giant corporation can afford to manufacture clothes in bulk, someone hand sewing a fabric rose on a pretty pink thong is going to be pricier. I am happy to financially support designers that support girls like me.

In summary, yay for more lingerie options for us!

Love, Hannah

Corset Seasoning

The other day I started to season a corset.

Seasoning a corset is, in a sense, breaking it in. However, it’s not so much as getting your body to adapt to it, but more the other way around. There’s a lot of ways you can wear a corset and they can help giving your body curves or shaping your hips, torso, waist, or everything.

I wear my corset every time I am en femme and have done so for almost two years. I love how it gives me curves but they can take some getting used to. The corset I normally wear fits perfectly and I can wear it for a long time and not feel the slightest bit of discomfort. I think the longest I have worn it is fourteen hours. I wrap it around my body, pull the cords tight, wrap them around my waist, tie it, and then get dressed.

This new corset is from Glamorous Corset who also made my first one. I loosened the laces, put it on, and felt it tighten around my body as I pulled the cords. I stood up straighter as I did this as a good corset is usually steel boned and naturally improves your posture. Once it was tied I got dressed (in boy mode) and went about my day.

When you season a corset and you aren’t used to wearing one, you should wear it for about an hour at first, and then gradually wear it a little longer each day. Like a gaff, you will notice and feel that you are wearing it, but if you feel pain or are uncomfortable, you are wearing it wrong and should readjust.

Some of us feel that suffering for femininity comes with the territory or that beauty is pain, whether it’s the quick discomfort from waxing your eyebrow or your stiletto not being the right size. I mean, I get it. BUT you don’t want to mess with a corset as it can cause breathing problems. Sure, you may look amazing but you won’t look so amazing if you pass out.

Since I am used to wearing a corset I (somewhat arrogantly) decided to wear it for most of the day. I have a photo shoot in a few days and I wanted to get used to this new corset before then. After about a half hour I started to feel… well, not discomfort but I was more aware I was wearing it than I normally am. If you’ve never worn a corset it is a similar feeling to wearing a bra. Yes, you KNOW you are wearing one, you can FEEL it, but sometimes the underwire starts poking you or the clasps in the back begin to dig into your skin a little.

This was a bit of a surprise as I am used to wearing one, but was quickly reminded that each corset is different and there is a reason for the seasoning.

When I am en femme (and therefor wearing my corset) I am doing a lot of things. Walking, driving, going up and down stairs, and a million other things. My corset doesn’t hinder me at all. But this is from properly seasoning it and cinching it the correct way for my body… which is exactly how a corset is supposed to work.

For the first day of seasoning this new corset, I spent the day at my desk doing work things. Meetings, phone calls, all that jazz. I noticed I wasn’t slouching as much so that was a plus. But the bigger plus was how quickly I was getting used to it. I’ll continue to season it over the next few days.

A full review will be coming shortly, but I am already impressed by the quality of this corset.

One more thought.

When I was growing up I was, and still am, fascinated by lingerie. I loved the options, to be honest. You could choose to simply wear tights or you could choose to thigh high seamed stockings with a Cuban heel along with a lacy garter belt. You could wear a simple bra and cotton panties or you could slip on a beautiful satin bustier with a matching panty.

But a corset was the ultimate piece of clothing.

A corset could give you support, hold up your stockings, give you a shapelier figure, and just look incredibly sexy.

My first impression of a corset, before I wore a quality one, was that they were, by and large, impractical. If someone wore one it was usually for sexy time and only for a little bit.

My thinking changed when I received my first proper corset. Yes, it is a very sexy part of my lingerie drawer, but over time I realized how practical and how essential it was to me. If worn correctly (and I stress that it must be worn correctly) it can be as comfortable as anything else in your closet.

Love, Hannah

It’s Friday, I’m in Love (with Lingerie)

Every once in a while I scroll through my website and I am often struck by the seemingly randomness of what I write about (as well as the missed typo). Some posts focus on legislation, some are reflections on living the bi-gender life, some discuss marriage and relationships. There are also product reviews and recaps of days I spend en femme or the activities the MN T-Girls have.

At my very core and in my heart of hearts, I am someone who is in love with clothes and how they make me feel. Yes, this is a little superficial and hollow but I think a lot of you understand and can relate. Many of us are drawn to… something and it makes us so happy.

And there’s nothing wrong with something that makes you feel happy, as long it doesn’t cause any harm to yourself or others.

I love lingerie. I always have. I’ve been fascinated and enamored by it for my entire life. And the more elaborate the better. Waist cinchers, seamed stockings, a bustier, corsets, garter belt… the list goes on.

I love the opposite worlds, so to speak, of wearing a suit (if I have to wear a suit) but underneath the tie and dress shirt I’m wearing an elaborate lace bra with matching panty and black stockings. I love the tug of the garter belt when I move.

It’s not uncommon for me to go through periods of time where I become, well, obsessed is a little… unhinged, but you know what I mean, with certain types of clothes, specifically lingerie. I shop for panties or nightgowns or anything else that is beautiful.

Lately I am all about camisoles and matching panties, especially the ones that Xdress offers. It’s a wonderful feeling to wear incredibly intricate lingerie under a shirt and tie, but there’s just as much magic to wear something as comfortable as a cami and panty under casual clothes while working from home.

This morning I chose Xdress’ Ashley camisole and matching thong.

This isn’t a review or a plug for Xdress or anything along those lines. No, this is just a little expression of how clothes make me happy. I love that I can write something that others like myself can connect with. I love sharing resources for support or places for girls like us can get a makeover or buy heels.

And! I love that I can just be a little shallow and write about how much I love lingerie or anything else in my closet. People like myself (and yourself, I imagine) often don’t have a lot of opportunities to just… share their excitement and love of clothes with others. For the most part we may keep this side of us secret and assume (often correctly) that most people don’t understand or really, even care.

Anyway, that’s my totally superficial and completely unnecessary glimpse into my mind and lingerie drawer for the day.

But tell… am I alone in this? Is there something you are absolutely in love with?

Love, Hannah

Ask Hannah!

My favorite thing to wear is a lacy slip. Today, if you look at the slips sold (full & half), they have almost no lace. Are there companies out there who still sell lacy slips? To me, if you are going to wear something as sexy as a nylon slip, the lace is important. Love to find more companies who sell lacy slips. If you have some suggestions, I would love to hear about them.

I don’t know of a specific website but searching for ‘lace slip’ on Amazon and ‘purchase lace slip’ on Google both yield options.

I am not a slip girl, but I absolutely can relate to loving sexy, subtle details on my lingerie. Yes, pink panties are essential, but the same pair of panties with a small fabric rose on the front? YES PLEASE.

This question reminded me it’s not uncommon for us to become intrigued by a very specific piece of clothing. It could be a slip or panties or gloves or almost anything else. In some ways an article of clothing can be… hm, a gateway garment. I remember being very young and seeing a mannequin in the lingerie department of a store and just becoming enamored by the beautiful bra with matching panty and garter belt. I was fascinated by the idea of wearing what was being modeled.

And the fascination never, ever ended. It was just the beginning.

I hope you find the perfect slip. I hope all of us find the panty, the dress, the heels we’ve been dreaming of.

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

I love to have my husband wear “girly” panties, and I’m super tempted by the adorable styles at XDress! I’m curious as to what your experience is with their sizing. I would love to purchase a few, but their prices are a bit steep, and although they say they’ll take exchanges I’d hate for them not to fit my guy. We’ve had varying experiences with other brands as far as the accuracy of the size charts. Any advice you could offer would be appreciated.

I heart Xdress and they absolutely have adorable panties. Based on my experiences with them, I do find that their size charts for panties, bras, bodysuits, and camis run true to size, but their dresses run a teeny bit small.

Panties from designers like Xdress cost a little more than panties from Victoria’s Secret but that’s not a surprise when you compare a relatively small, independent business like Xdress compared to a giant corporation. Designers like Xdress are also a specialty business that cater to a niche (but sexy) consumer base. Panties for people with the body that I have and (presumably) your husband has take different things into consideration. More room in the gusset and in the front, and wider leg holes.

If you are looking for other options, you may want to check out Homme Mystere. They also have super cute panties (that are also true to size) and run about $15 to $22. However, being based in Australia means it takes forevvvvvver for the post office to deliver but they are always worth the wait.

Waist cincher from Xdress, bra, panty, garter belt from Homme Mystere

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

Which style of panties are best for a crossdresser to wear for comfort and feeling femme?

Anyone who wears panties will have a different perspective on this question. Ultimately what you feel is comfortable and feminine is completely up to you.

But since you asked…

In my opinion, I prefer panties that are designed for people with the same anatomy as myself. Victoria’s Secret designs panties for people without a penis, but there are many options for girls who have the same parts as I do.

Panties for boys/panties for girls tends to be… hm, a lively debate in our community. For some, “panties for boys” completely misses the point and I can absolutely see that perspective. Personally I don’t think it matters as long as they fit. I want panties that fit, I want stilettos that fit, I want dresses that fit. There’s nothing more annoying than falling out of my panties. I haaaate that.

Most panties “for girls” fit just fine as long as I am wearing my size. Of course, the style (tanga, thong, boyshort, etc.) matters as well. Panties “for girls” may require some tucking, however,

I buy a lot of panties “for boys” from XdressHomme MystereMootGlamour BoutiqueZhe, The Breast Form Store, and En Femme.

Panties by Moot

Feeling femme is different from person to person. I have a lot of pink cotton panties with feminine patterns on them. I also have satin panties with lots of ruffles. If I want to feel really femme I select panties that some would consider “sissy”. I am not drawn to the sissy lifestyle but my goodness the clothes are cute. Birch Place has a lot of really cute panties that you might like.

Again, everyone will have a different opinion on what feels femme to them. A girl doesn’t need to wear pink, lacey, panties with ruffles to be femme.

Love, Hannah

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Let’s Talk About Panties Again

The other day I wrote a very superficial post about panties and we’re going to talk about that! Have a seat.

Anyway, most of the panties I raved about are “panties for boys”. Panties designed for people that have the same anatomical attributes that I have.

I wear all sorts of panties that designed for different body parts. Some panties fit better than others, regardless of the genitalia they are designed for. Clothes should be inclusive. I like that I can find clothes that fit (in all the different ways they NEED to fit). I like that I can find bodysuits designed for people with longer torsos. I like that I can find stilettos for people with my shoe size. And so on.

In addition to the physical features of the panties I chatted about, the panties also had… hm, emotional? mental? psychological? features as well.

What I mean is the panties were very, very girly. Ruffles, bows, lace…

And sometimes a girl like me WANTS super girly panties.

Designers like the ones I discussed get that. They design panties that not only FIT someone like me, but also panties that LOOK a certain way… panties with bows and made of satin.

Because some girls like me WANT the super girly panties.

Some girls like us don’t WANT “panties for boys”. And on a certain level I get it. There are many options for super girly panties that are “for girls”. But! in my experience super-girly panties tend to be TINY. Generally they are not designed for girls with a penis. The gusset isn’t wide enough, there is very little fabric in the front… I can fall out of them at an inopportune time.

It’s kind of ironic that the girliest panties in my lingerie drawer(s) are “made for boys”.

Although I am not into the sissy lifestyle, I totally get it. I love super girly lingerie, I think wearing a frilly pink dress is so so so fun. I think sissy panties are adorable.

So, if you shop somewhere that offers styles like that, share in the comments, girl.

In conclusion, I like pink, frilly, lacey, girly, satiny, ruffley panties with lots of bows and ribbons and tiny fabric roses.

Love, Hannah