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I’m a older male that’s a crossdresser and on hormones . I feel bad because I’m over weight and looks are not so good neither . I would like to address doing make up to look more fem. Also help with types of clothing. I can’t coordinate colors.

Looking a certain way (and in this instance, presenting femme) comes down to an individual perspective. Looking femme is different from person to person.

Having specific goals (if you will) is helpful.

What I mean is that when I sit down for a makeover with an artist that is different than my usual artist I am almost asked “what are we doing today?”.

What they are asking is what kind of look am I going for. If I tell them that I want to look as feminine as possible, well, that doesn’t help at all.

Instead I’ll say things like:

I would like some contouring to create a rounder face

I would like to minimize my jawline

I would like very dramatic eyeshadow/eyeliner to draw attention to my eyes

I would like a very bold lipstick and for my lips to be overdrawn a little

The makeup artist now knows exactly what I want and what they are going to do.

If you want to look femme, fabulous, I can absolutely relate. But what does femme presentation mean to you? Is it a super bright pink dress? Is it a cute hoodie and leggings to blend in at the mall? Is it dramatic makeup? Are you looking for a more subtle look?

Think about what you want. Think about about femininity means to you.

I imagine that being on hormones will help you with shaping your appearance.

As for clothes… coordinating colors is tricky for me. I tend to wear dresses so matching colors for a blouse and a skirt isn’t something I have to do very often. When I do wear separates I tend to stick with two guides:

–Select my skirt OR top first. If the top or skirt is a color other than black (such as a pattern or a print) then I will almost always pair it with something black. In this photo I have a black top so I have a tan skirt.

Here is the opposite look with a patterned bodysuit and a black skirt:

–The other guiding star are mannequins, to be honest. Sometimes I would never think (or be brave enough) to pair colors or patterns with each other but when I see it on a display I get a better idea how it looks. Stana actually posted something today that you might helpful.

Our femme presentation is more than just the outfit. It’s what we feel comfortable in, what we feel cute in, what we feel sexy in, what we feel confident in, and what we feel beautiful in. I have surprised myself by feeling cute in an outfit that, believe it or not, ISN’T a dress or a skirt.

Femininity isn’t a dress size or an hourglass figure. Women are every shape and size and every girl is beautiful. If you do plan on changing your diet or exercise routine, please have a conversation with your doctor first.

And be gentle on yourself. Please.

Love, Hannah

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A Need…

Someone told me that a need is a really strong want.

And I think that is mostly true.

But I didn’t want this dress. I needed it.

We all know the feeling of seeing a dress and thinking that it NEEDS to be in your closet even if you have no idea when you’ll wear it or what the occasion for it would be.

This dress from En Femme was exactly that.

Once it arrived I knew I would wear it for my then upcoming photo shoot as well as for the MN T-Girlsholiday party.

The dress is tight, shiny, and has a VERY high slit. Essentially the dress was made for me, lol.

This is the final set of photos from the November 2022 photo shoot. I have a shoot scheduled for later this month and another for the end of March. It’s going to be an interesting year. 🙂

Love, Hannah

Shiny Things

Like a crow, I am drawn to shiny things.

I love PVC, vinyl, latex, and leather clothes. They are very much my weakness and when I see a shiny dress it will very likely find it’s way into my closet and into my suitcase when I choose outfits for a photo shoot.

When I saw this dress from En Femme I knew it was inevitable it would be mine. It would be silly to pretend otherwise. It fit perfectly and it has pockets for my forms which would circumvent a need to wear a bra. Some outfits are cut in a way where a bra isn’t always going to work and I need a bra to keep the girls in place.

And yes, I know there are adhesives to help with keeping things where they belong but when I have a photo shoot I sometimes go back and forth between outfits where I wear my forms and outfits when I don’t. It’s easier to just pop them into my bra as needed.

I was a little… reluctant to use the pockets for my forms. It sounds silly but it was strange for me to wear forms but not have them against my skin. Do you know what I mean? I slowly got over that with En Femme’s designs, starting with one of the bathing suits I reviewed for them.

I wore this dress for the most recent photo shoot the MN T-Girls did. I love the dress, I love how it looks, and how it feels. I hope you like it too!

Love, Hannah

Strawberry Girl

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in July I wrote a post about, essentially, living life to its fullest and acknowledging that we are on borrowed time.

And I don’t necessarily mean WE as t-girls or crossdressers of member of the LGBTQ+ community. Like, all of us. This borrowed time is not necessarily feeling that a asteroid could plummet to the earth tomorrow and wipe out humanity. This feeling of a ticking clock can also extend to not being able to do… something in the future.

I was reminded of this over the weekend. Although in some ways I feel young and strong I also can’t ignore that my body is approaching it’s fiftieth year slowly and stubbornly. Although I don’t see myself needing a walker anytime soon, I do recognize that I am not as quick or as nimble as I used to be. I don’t bounce back as easily, if you will.

I spent Saturday in heels. Every parking lot and sidewalk that I ventured on was covered in ice. Fortunately I made every perilous journey from my car to a store without incident. The next day I took my dog for a walk and I slipped on the ice and landed hard on my knee and wrist. I slowly and painfully picked myself up and was relieved I could walk and nothing seemed broken or sprained.

I tend to think a million thoughts at once and I couldn’t help but be reminded that the day is coming when five inch stilettos will not be an option. Of course, not everything is about Hannah. I was thankful my wrist was only bruised and I would still be able to pick up a paintbrush or type on a laptop.

My point is that the things that make up my life, the things that bring me joy, whether it’s strutting in heels, going on a hike with my dog, or painting, will eventually become impossible.

Who can say that I will be as fortunate the next time I slip on the ice? This is Minnesota, after all.

I rarely reread the things I post on my website but I do think about the post I mentioned earlier. Not because it’s a brilliant piece of writing or anything but because the koan I wrote about is, more or less, something I try to remember in many parts of my life. Strawberries have become a symbolic reminder about life being sweet and short.

And YES! I know this is all very cliched and corny and cringe. I make no apologies.

After I wrote that post last year I decided I needed to buy a dress with strawberries on it. So I did. And I decided I should wear it for a photo shoot. So I did.

I am finally getting around to posting the pictures from the November photo shoot the MN T-Girls did. I hope you like this dress.

Love, Hannah

Sexy But Not Sexual

From time to time I get a little uninspired by what is in my wardrobe or on my Amazon wish list when it comes to outfits for a photo shoot. Sometimes I’ll ask others for suggestions on Twitter and usually the responses are either pretty vague or, well, very specific.

The ambiguity is usually along the lines of “leather!” or “lingerie!” or “anything you want!”. More than likely I am already considering something shiny or revealing (or something that is revealing AND shiny) so that should make those requesters happy. I appreciate the interaction and the suggestions and I really appreciate it when someone suggests a specific leather dress or a certain lingerie set and sends a link where to buy it.

It’s even more appreciative when they send a gift card so I can obtain it, lol.

When someone requests a very… niche look it’s often an insight (not that I am necessarily wanting this) into their specific… interests.

I’ve had some men email very detailed requests. Like, almost in an unnerving way. The message starts pretty normal. Well, as normal as these emails usually are. I’ll get a request for a schoolgirl look, for example. And we all know this look. Short plaid skirt, white stockings, black Mary Janes…

It’s a cliché but that’s okay.

…But then the email goes into very specific details. The type of panties I should wear, the pose, my facial expression, the color of my lipstick…

And it’s too much.

While it’s true I ask for suggestions, I feel that some requests can be overreaching. Requesting a look or an idea ofr an outfit is one thing, but when we tiptoe into territory beyond that I feel, well, objectified. I wonder if it’s a power thing? Like the dude is aroused by commanding/ordering a girl to dress and pose exactly to his liking.

Then again I might be overthinking it.

Some requests are, I assume, very much inspired by a fetish or a kink that the person has. The previously mentioned school girl, French Maid, dominatrix, sissy… all very normal kinks. Well, normal for us, I suppose.

And while I wouldn’t call it interesting by any means, it’s… well, it’s something when a request or a suggestion is something that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Sometimes I think to myself “wow, THAT is a kink for you??”

To be fair, these types of of requests aren’t necessarily, well, disgusting. Some are though but I suppose that’s part of the, ah, appeal, to some of them.

Some of the more recent requests (that aren’t just straight up gross) include:

-Stilettos and a t-shirt (and nothing else)

-Leather gloves (and nothing else)

-Raincoat (and nothing else)

-Painted toenails (and nothing else)

You probably have picked up on a pattern.

I’ll never do a nude shoot so stop asking, lol.

And really, you don’t want that. In my pictures I present a very feminine look whether I am wearing a bodycon dress or lingerie. But under the dress, under the corset, there is nothing (besides a lack of body hair) that is, well, traditionally feminine.

I have a cis male body. I don’t have curves or an hourglass figure. I achieve this courtesy of thigh pads and breast forms and a corset.

And of course I am not going to do a nude shoot because I am not going to put those types of pictures out there. I do have some limits and boundaries. I try to be classy even in a leather dress or in a bra and panty.

And I never want to kink shame but feet??? I mean, I think a French pedicure is cute and I heart stilettos but my goodness I don’t see anything sexual about a foot.

I have no intention or interest in understanding someone’s fetish. I don’t spend any time wondering WHY certain clothes (or lack of) appeals to someone. But even after all this time I still… marvel at how an innocuous piece of clothing, like a raincoat, stimulates someone sexually.

And yes, it’s possibly not the raincoat itself. Perhaps it’s someone imagining what someone is (or isn’t) wearing under it. I suppose I have a hard time wrapping my head around much of this because none of who I am is about sex or related to a fetish.

Yes, I’ll wear clothes that are typically associated WITH a fetish (be it leather or sissy dresses) but really, it’s all about the clothes itself. I love latex but I am not aroused by it. I love wearing lingerie but it doesn’t arouse me. Does that make sense?

Love, Hannah

Dress Up Doll

Sometimes I let myself fall down the rabbit hole of what all of THIS is about.

It’s not a path I go down very often anymore. I am who I am and this is what it is.

But sometimes I am reminded a lot of THIS has a lot to do about the clothes, lol.

One of the things I love about this side of us is being able to express ourselves through what we wear. If we’re feeling beautiful we can choose an equally beautiful dress. And! It works the other way as well. If we want to FEEL a certain way we can choose an outfit that helps with that.

I would be naïve if I didn’t acknowledge what some outfits may communicate to some people.

To be clear, there’s nothing a girl wears that makes anything, whether words or actions, permissible.

Some men (and yes, not at all men) think that a girl wearing a tight skirt is “asking for it”. Some men think when a girl is wearing a short dress it means they would love to be hit on.

Of course it is possible that someone is communicating SOMETHING by what they are choosing to wear but no one should ever assume or behave in such a way.

I am also aware that this side of someone is possibly a fetish for them. And! They might be communicating that through what they wear.

What I mean is that for some of us there is a connection between a humiliation kink and wearing a sissy dress. For them there’s nothing more embarrassing than a frilly pink outfit. For others putting on a latex catsuit is akin to wanting to tie their partner up and dominate them. Some of us wear lingerie to tell our partner that we would very much enjoy an intimate encounter with them.

As someone who loves sissy panties, beautiful lingerie, and shiny clothes, and as someone who posts photos of said outfits it’s not uncommon for someone to comment on my attire. And sometimes the comment touches on a potential… “message” in what I am wearing.

What I mean is that if I post a picture like this…

… I’ll get emails and comments like “I wish I could serve you Mistress.”

Of course I am not looking to be served and I don’t want to get requests like these. BUT I know that comments, regardless of the content, comes with the territory. I can’t control what people say but I can control what I respond to.

I’ll get messages from others who like to wear similar styles as I do and sometimes the conversation leads to certain… physical activities that are sometimes associated with a certain look. And that’s where the conversing stops.

I am not into the typical “sissy” lifestyle. I love the look of a frilly pink dress and, I mean, look at these shoes!

…But I have zero interest in BEING a sissy. Does that make sense?

I’ll wear a sissy dress, I’ll post a photo of it… but I am not aroused by it. I am not communicating that I want sex or to be humiliated or anything like that. Same with a leather dress. Yes, I am wearing thigh high boots but I really, really DON’T want someone to lick them. Gross, get way from me, lol.

For some people this is a surprise. I’ll get messages from someone who calls themselves a sissy and seems genuinely surprised that I don’t want to be, well, treated like a sissy. This seems to happen a lot regardless of what I am posting about… whether it’s lingerie or leather or anything else.

It’s in these interactions where I reflect on how much of who I am is really about the clothes. I mean, my gender identity is always there… no matter what I am wearing or how I am presenting. It’s not ONLY about clothes… but I do express (and communicate, I suppose) my gender identity through what I wear.

Hannah is, well, feminine. Obviously. What I mean is that a girl isn’t necessarily feminine in the sense of only wearing dresses or the like. The predominate and prevailing perception of what femininity IS, I mean. If a dress is considered feminine but pants are not, then by that reasoning yes, Hannah is very femme. Hannah wears heels and pink and skirts and makeup. Things that are usually associated with femininity. Of course a feminine person doesn’t HAVE to wear these things to BE feminine but I am referring to what “society” thinks of as feminine.

Does that make sense? I sure hope so because we are moving on, lol.

Every human that was born with a penis (how’s that for a transition sentence??) that likes to wear anything other than trousers or boxer shorts is unique. We wear what we wear for countless reasons. An expression of our gender identity, for comfort, or for a kink. We should never assume anything. If we see a guy wearing a skirt it doesn’t mean he is anything more than a guy wearing a skirt. I mean, it’s very possible there’s more to him than just being a guy wearing a skirt but it’s not our place to make that assumption.

Or to insist our own assumptions.

If a guy paints his nails it doesn’t mean he considers himself a crossdresser or is in denial about his gender identity. He very well could be a guy who paints his nails because he likes to have painted nails.

If I am wearing one of my dresses, be it leather or frilly pink, it doesn’t mean I am a domme or a sissy.

The lifestyle or roles that are commonly associated with such extreme looks are not things I have ANY interest in being a part of… whether in the bedroom or in conversation. I just like to wear a lot of different clothes.

I like dressing up, but THIS side of me isn’t dressing up. I have my gender identity and I express who I am through a lot of different looks… but I am not “communicating” anything.

Love, Hannah

Let’s Talk About Pants

Or! If you live across the pond, let’s talk about trousers.

I am forever a dress and skirt girl. I do wear leggings in boy mode and I’ve modeled, ah, non-pants for En Femme.

Wait, I did wear leggings (pink, obviously) in girl mode for a yoga class the MN T-Girls did earlier this year but that didn’t count.

Truth be told, I admire my t-girl sisters who wear pants and jeans. In a way, I feel they are more confident and secure in their femininity than I am, even if I am wearing a bright floral dress.

I feel that femininity is rooted to how you feel and not exclusively about your clothes. I think what we wear is connected to, well, what we are trying to accomplish, in some ways.

Not that there’s always an objective, mind you.

When I choose my outfit for the day, I base my decision completely on what I want to wear AND where I will be going. I might WANT to wear a tight black leather dress BUT if I am simply running errands I will PROBABLY choose something else. Instead I will consider what won’t look tooooo out of place with where I’ll be.

Please note that this isn’t trying to blend in. I am not trying to do that. And! This isn’t the same thing as trying to stand out. If I wanted to stand out then I would absolutely wear a tight black leather dress at the grocery store.

I’ll wear heels (obviously) and a cute dress that is probably too short. I’ll likely be overdressed for the mall compared to most girls, but this isn’t the same thing as being completely out of place.

I think I could blend in better than I do. I mean, I don’t blend in at all because I am usually overdressed, but I could choose an outfit that would help with minimizing my physical presence. What I mean is that I am a six foot tall transgirl. Tall people, especially tall feminine presenting people tend to be noticed. Transwomen that are “clocked” also tend to stand out. Considering I am both I would have to try very hard to blend in.

Please remember something. Standing out is not the same thing as being so beautiful that everyone notices you. I don’t think me standing out has anything to do with whether or not anyone thinks I am pretty.

If I needed to blend in, I would absolutely ditch the heels and colorful dress. I have femme jeans but like my leggings, I wear them in boy mode.

If clothes and makeup and shoes are a big part of who I am (and they are) then I really want to, well, give in to that. I have to wear pants and look unassuming in my male life so when I have a chance to take a little time off from the masculine parts of my life (whether physical appearance or the the responsibilities HE has), then I want to wear what I want, and toss any thought of blending in to the wind.

When I am wearing a dress and stilettos and winged eyeliner I feel very femme.

Please remember another thing. These things are absolutely not necessary to be femme. These things help me FEEL femme. Everyone has their own perspective on what helps them feel femme… which is kind of the point of this post.

I talk to a lot of t-girls about a lot of things and one thing we usually chat about is, well, clothes. Not to say we are shallow but these conversations are often about where one bought their skirt, for example. Sometimes we talk about why we selected the outfit we did. Sometimes it’s because the outfit was perfect for the occasion or for the day, but often the reason is the outfit is very connected to how someone feels or wants to feel.

Again, sometimes the outfit has a goal. It’s meant to accomplish something.

And sometimes that goal is to blend in.

I mentioned before that a girl wearing a dress and heels is usually overdressed if they are running errands. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You can’t really be overdressed. What I mean is that not a lot of people are shopping for groceries in stilettos and a bodycon dress.

I mean, I’ve picked up a few groceries in stilettos and a bodycon dress. But if the goal was to blend in at the supermarket I would absolutely choose a different outfit.

Blending in helps some of us feel more feminine. They’re dressed like most of the other girls at the mall, the store, the office, the restaurant, or wherever their day takes them. The are wearing what most women are wearing. Their clothes, although are likely very cute and flattering, aren’t contributing to them standing out.

They are secure and confident in their femininity and don’t necessarily feel that you need to wear strappy heels or a pencil skirt to be femme. Their body language and their confidence is all they need.

And honestly? That’s admirable. I feel femme when I am dressed up but I know a lot of how I feel is because of the very traditional feminine clothes I am wearing. The pink dress and matching heels are my armor.

Clothes have a lot to do with how I feel. When I do wear, well, anything other than a skirt or a dress for a photo shoot I am surprised by how… feminine I still feel. I think a lot has to do with how different femme slacks feel compared to boy pants, but I also couldn’t help thinking that this is how most women dress each day. I still felt connected to my femme side… it was just in a very different way than I had felt before. It was completely and happily unexpected.

Even when I was growing up I couldn’t understand why on earth a girl would choose to wear pants when they could wear a skirt. As the years went by I started to get it. If I was full-time I feel pretty sure that there would be days when I would absolutely opt for pants or jeans or leggings. Time and experience shaped my thinking and perspective.

But these days my perspective is influenced by how they can still help someone feel femme… whether it’s because they are blending in or, to be honest, it’s how they want to dress, dammit. It’s our choices to wear what we please, no matter what it is, that is freeing. The confidence that we can present how we feel is the strongest confidence we can have… whether it’s a dress or pants or anything else.

Love, Hannah

Ask Hannah!

I know you love both of your identities, as male and female and highly value both lives. You do seem very happy and alive when discussing your outings as a woman. Do you ever sit and consider what your life would have been like, if you were born female? You appear to thoroughly enjoy female clothes and how you feel wearing them. I love wearing female clothes also, and at times I wish I had been born female.

You know, for someone who overthinks and considers every potential outcome and scenario, this is not something I have ever really thought about.

It kind of brings up the whole nature versus nurture scenario, doesn’t it?

When the doctor checked the little box for “MALE” on my birth certificate it shaped how everyone I would ever meet in my life would talk to me, interact with me, react to me, and see me. A lifetime of norms and expectations were set in stone without any consideration as to who I might be and what I might want.

It’s… not unlike an arranged marriage in a way. Like it didn’t matter if you loved or even liked this person, it was agreed that you were going to marry them in a few years and that was that.

Growing up I wanted to wear dresses and beautiful and interesting clothes. Underwear didn’t have to be ugly, baggy, ill-fitting boxers. Underwear could be cute, colorful, lacy. I was drawn to “girl clothes” and no matter my genitalia I wanted what I wanted. This is nature.

But then nurturing came crashing through. My parents bought me boy clothes. I was given blue things and steered away from anything pink. I had toy trucks. You get the idea.

And to be fair I loved the toys I had. My sisters had dolls but… well, they seemed kind of boring to me.

A closet full of pants couldn’t extinguish the fire that burned in my heart for dresses. But I wasn’t allowed to listen to it. It’s not like I was explicitly told that I couldn’t wear dresses but let’s face it, in a world (especially back then) when gender norms rule I didn’t HAVE to be told.

But of course I wore dresses and skirts and anything I could whenever I could.

My interest, my fascination, my yearning to wear femme clothes was only fueled by these opportunities. It’s like a piece of cake. It looks amazing and the first bite is heaven and it only makes you want a second taste. To continue this metaphor I devoured the entire cake and at this point, probably several bakeries.

As the years went by this part of me grew and I began to understand and accept and eventually embrace who I am and what I wanted to wear.

I got to know the part of me that would eventually become Hannah.

BUT I also grew as the masculine presenting person that most of the world knows me as. He made friends, found a career he (usually) likes, and became who I am today.

And this person, the male side of me is, well, happy. Satisfied. At peace. He has a fulfilling life. I like HIS life.

As I matured both of my gender identities grew and found themselves and found happiness. They are not in conflict with each. They have their contrasts but it’s a wonderful mixture of the two. I am forever charmed by the differences and polarizing opposites they seem to have. This past Saturday I bought a ladder and cleaned the gutters which is a very manly thing to do. This upcoming Saturday I am getting a makeover and wearing a lot of pretty clothes for a photo shoot.

As I look at my life and my lives, I realize that nature, well, it won. How I was raised, how the world thought I should be didn’t stamp out the femme part of who I am.

If the “FEMALE” box was checked then my nurturing would have been very different. My dresser would have been filled with the clothes he wanted to wear. There would have been no effort to prevent me from wearing any dress I would have wanted to.

I really don’t think I would be bi-gender if I was raised as a girl.

Now, please don’t misunderstand. I don’t feel that I was born in the wrong body.

What I mean is that I was always drawn to the femme side of the world. It was, and is, endlessly captivating to me.

But I never had the… pull when it comes to the other side. There wasn’t ever anything masculine that appealed to me. I never was curious about what it would be like to wear a tuxedo but I daydreamed constantly about wedding dresses. I wanted painted nails, not nails with dirt under them from playing football.


Being raised as a boy put me on the path I am on now. Over the decades I’ve grown as a person, created a life, and fell in love. I love my life, I love who I am.

And I don’t want anything to change.

If I was a girl at birth, I can’t help but think I would still be ME. That’s the nature side. But I would have been raised differently and have gone in a different direction. That’s nurture. I think I would still like the same things I like, I can’t imagine not falling in love with my wife, regardless of my gender.

At this point in my life I am both of me, I am all of me. Things would have been different if I was born with a vagina instead of a penis, but honestly? I have no complaints. I am very glad things turned out the way they did.

Everything works out in the end.

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

Now that it is getting into the fall and winter, what items do you suggest?! I am just getting into cross-dressing, and I don’t know what to wear!

As you can tell from the picture below, I am absolutely the right person to ask about how to dress in colder months.

One of the many things I love about femme presentation is the amazing variety there are with clothes as the seasons change. For me, fall is all about layers, leather, skirts, and boots.

Pairing a short skirt with cardigan is a perfect way to show off our legs and stay (somewhat warm).

I love this look. I am not very confident about my skills pairing a skirt with a top but with the help of an H&M mannequin I think I… oh, who am I kidding? I saw a mannequin and just bought everything it was modeling.

I tend to stay away from sweaters as I tend to gravitate towards, ah, tighter clothes but I really like this outfit. I think I sexxed it up with the leather skirt.

I am also really into duster style cardigans. Not necessarily sexy but again, the leather helps… I completed this look with a bodysuit. I think having in a tucked in blouse is a good look with a skirt but I hate tucking in a top. A bodysuit is a wonderful cheat.

One thing that I hate about colder weather is needing to wear a jacket or coat. I think these add to my frame too much and emphasize my masculine shoulders. Buuut I think this look is cute.

Again, I balance (or contradict??) the look with a short skirt.

Honestly, I am not known for my practicality when it comes to my wardrobe. I am overdressed for everything, I am not shy about showing off my legs, my makeup is bold, my heels are high. If I have to dress for the weather I usually do it kicking and screaming. If I HAVE to take the cold into consideration I stubbornly (and admittingly unwisely) match a warm sweater or coat with a short skirt.

One common article in these pictures are boots. I rarely wear boots with a dress but there are exceptions…

I like the short skirt/boot pairing. Boots are a very autumn thing to wear.

I hope this helps?? I don’t think it does.

If anything, let me suggest two things:

  1. Wear whatever you want. Yes, you might be cold and you might look out of place but life is short.
  2. Look at what other women (or mannequins) are wearing. If it looks cute then wear something similar.

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

Do you think high heels is a strong reason to males to dress as females?

I think there are a lot of reasons some of us present en femme. For some, myself included, it’s an expression of my gender identity. For others, it’s a fetish. And of course, there are countless reasons in-between those two.

I do believe in “gateway” clothes. Clothes, be it lingerie or stilettos, that open up our minds and worlds to something else, something new. An item that unlocked something in us that made us look at it differently, that made us reflect on who we really are.

I knew there was something about me that was different than others as I grew up. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t trying on femme clothes whenever I had the opportunity. This desire grew over time and hitting new levels in my teen years. In high school my friends would comment how hot a girl in our class looked in her prom dress. I would also think she was pretty… but I was also focused on how badly I wanted to wear the same dress.

For me it was lingerie. Lingerie was NEVER “just underwear”. It was never just what girls wore under their clothes. It was sensual, beautiful, and captivating. It was elaborate, delicate, and intimate. I would see mannequins in department stores modeling nightgowns or women modeling Basques in a Victoria’s Secret catalog and I was forever changed. Yes, the women were beautiful but oh, how badly I wanted to wear what she was wearing.

So yes, I absolutely think that high heels (and anything else) can have the same impact on someone.

Love, Hannah

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