Summer Photo Shoot – Leather Dress

This is the fourth and final dress I wore for my photo shoot with superstar photographer Shannonlee a few weeks ago.  Its a little (okay, a LOT) sexier than what I normally wear but I found it a few months ago and I couldn’t resist it.

Makeup still by the incredible Corrie Dupay of Femme Makeovers.

Leather dress 4Leather dress 2Leather dress 5Leather dress 3Leather dress 1

Love, Hannah



Summer Photo Shoot – Floral Bodycon Dress

This is the third dress I wore for my photo shoot with superstar photographer Shannonlee a few weeks ago.  I love this dress and have worn it out a few times but I was excited to give this beautiful dress proper attention with a photo shoot.

Makeup still by the amazing Corrie Dupay of Femme Makeovers.

Floral bodycon 1Floral bodycon 2Floral bodycon 3Floral bodycon 4Floral bodycon 5Floral bodycon 6

Photo Shoot at Vandalia Tower!

Earlier this year, I had a photo shoot with Christi Williams, the owner of Grinkie Girls, a boudoir and pinup photography studio.  Christi’s studio is located in Vandalia Tower, a former mattress factory that has been transformed into artist studios and local businesses.  Vandalia Tower is also the home of Corrie Dupay’s new gender transformation studio, Femme Makeovers.

I fell in love with the building.  It has amazing light, interesting art deco and a lot of fun little touches everywhere.  I thought the building itself would be perfect for a photo shoot and thanks to the talented Shannonlee McNeely, that dream became a reality!


After an amazing makeover by Corrie, Shannonlee and I explored the building and took a zillion photos on every floor.  It was such a fun day and I can’t wait to see the pictures.  Until then, here are some behind the scenes shots of the fun.IMG_1108IMG_1109


Love, Hannah