Another Review Preview!

This is the second outfit I wore for a review I am doing for The Breast Form Store. After my first lingerie shoot I wasn’t sure I would do another, but I thought this cute set would be perfect for the review. My first lingerie shoot was filled with mixed emotions but I was happy to realize that this time all those nervous butterflies and negative thoughts were gone.

I hope you like these pictures!

Love, Hannah

Ask Hannah!

I was wondering what I could use to give me some hip shape. I know there are lots of things online to buy but is there something I could use and make them myself? 

I’m sorry, I won’t be too helpful here. I am not sure how you could make your own.  I know I say it a lot, but crossdressing takes time, money, and patience.  I feel that this side of me requires investing, whether it is time or money.  My corset, thigh pads and hip pads aren’t cheap, but they are absolutely an investment.  They give me the shape I want and the quality is A-MAZ-ING.  My pads stay on, they stay in place, they move with me.  I don’t even feel them when I wear them.  I can’t imagine there’s anything that someone could make themselves and still have even a fraction of the quality that my thigh pads have.  

But since we’re talking about it, I am much more likely to spend money on clothes than, well, accessories, if you will.  It’s much more fun to buy dresses than jewelry or foundation.  I would much rather buy a couple cute outfits, but makeup and necklaces are also essential.  A new dress might be more fun to wear than thigh pads, but no matter how the dress is designed, a dress can’t give me the figure I want, my thigh pads do that for me, and they’ll likely do that for you.

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

I am very curious about crossdressing, please let me know where I can shop.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Every t-girl/crossdresser is different and we all need and want different things.  Thankfully there are quite a few options out there.  When it comes to retailers that design for and market to our community, I shop online with En Femme, Xdress, Homme Mystere, Glamour Boutique, and the Breast Form Store the most.

I like Xdress and Homme Mystere for their beautiful, feminine lingerie. I like the Breast Form Store for their practical stuff, like forms, pads, and gaffsI like Glamour Boutique if I want something on the sexy side, and En Femme is a wonderful place for day to day clothes.

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

Sometime ago you reviewed some silicone thigh pads and you really liked them. Some time has passed since then and maybe you could update us on your experience with them?  They look great when you’re standing, but what are they like in the rest of your daily life, e.g. sitting, walking, crouching, picking up something off the floor, lying down on your back or on your stomach or on your side?  Have you ever slept with them? Or ride a bicycle with them?

I still wear them, and I still heart them.  They give me a figure that I want, but one I don’t have.

Like most things related to crossdressing, there is a bit of a learning curve but they really didn’t take long for me to get used to them.  I wore them in boy mode under femme jeans for the first few days and I was delighted by how well they stayed on and never moved around.  There is an adhesive that comes with them but I don’t use it as they stay in place just fine.  They move with me, although it takes a LITTLE time for them to stay in the same place. 

When I first put them on for the day they move around a tiny bit but it doesn’t take long for them to stay secured and move effortlessly with them.  Your body temperature and your skin’s heat help keep them in place.  When I wear them, I will be wearing either tights (which helps them stay in place since they rest on my thigh and the side of my stomach) or stockings and my corset.  The corset helps keep the top of the pads in place and the stockings keep the bottom of the pads where they belong.  They move with me, whether I am sitting or getting in or out of a car, kneeling down, going up and down stairs, or laying down.  Honestly I forget I have them on (until I see a mirror or my shadow and it’s like va-va-voom).  Compare the two pictures below. The first is with thigh pads, the second is without. HUGE difference.

The only… well, I hate to call it a downside, but something to remember that since they change your shape (which is what I want), they do, well, change your shape.  I will try on a dress in boy mode and it’ll fit fine, but when I start getting ready and wear my thigh pads and breast forms I have different measurements and the dress doesn’t fit properly.  Since I’ve gotten my thigh pads I’ve learned to take my measurements with my thigh pads on.  

They are versatile, beautifully made, and essential.  I have never ridden a bike with them but I’m sure I could.

Love, Hannah

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They’re Not Real, and They’re Spectacular


Okay, this is my last post about my most recent photo shoot (just in time because I have another one in a few weeks).  

This was an emotional shoot and I dipped my stiletto into new waters which was nerve-wracking and empowering and humbling all at the same time.  I was all over the map when it came to these photos but the thing that the photos, the outfits all had in common was my new shape. 
No, not that shape, but my new breast forms.  

For the past few years I wore a small pair of forms that weren’t REALLY breast forms, but more along the lines of faux-silicone pads that did a sufficient job of giving me a little shape.  I was satisfied with them, but I also felt they weren’t the right size and shape for my body. 

I felt a little un-proportionate, as if my breasts weren’t quite large enough.  And this is not to say I wanted ENORMOUS breasts or anything, I just wanted something that would give me a more realistic shape for my body.  I also wanted something that felt, looked, and moved a little more realistically.  

Thanks to the generosity of The Breast Form Store, I finally have a pair of real breast forms that are, in a word, amazing.  I have done a few reviews for The Breast Form Store and I buy almost all of my heels and some of my lingerie from them, and I am fortunate to be on friendly terms with them. 

When I was sent some lingerie to review, I was also gifted with a new pair of breast forms.  These forms were selected based on my body type, weight, height, and measurements which was good because I wanted something that was more proportioned to my body.

When I opened the box I was struck by how large they were.  They are a 40B and are much more realistic and larger than I was used to.  When I tried them on I understood exactly why I was sent this size.  They were perfect.  There’s really no other word for them.  I loved how I looked in lingerie…

And I loved how I looked in a tight dress. 

I think my figure here looks pretty amazing but this figure is thanks to a corset, thigh pads, and my new forms.  This isn’t my body.  Not really.  But the right shape wear FEELS like my body.  My thigh pads move with me, my new forms move with me.  They move when I am going up and down stairs, they push up and give me cleavage, and they just feel like a part of me.  

Are they cheap?  No.  But creating your look is a combination of time, patience, and money.  Of course, this is not to say that you need forms, or anything else, to crossdress, to be femme.  But if you are looking for forms, then I absolutely recommend the Platinum Seal Classic.

Very special thanks to all the girls at The Breast Form Store for my new girls.  I heart them.

Love, Hannah

Lingerie in Lilac

There are certain colors that are.. “off limits” for boys. Pink, that’s a significant one, but there are others. Like lilac. Sure men might wear a lilac dress shirt, but it’s a light purple shirt, thank you very much.

But come on, it’s lilac.

And I heart lilac.

I mean, it’s a beautiful flower and it smells lovely, but the color is so feminine.

I got to thinking about this when I was sent some beautiful lingerie from The Breast Form Store for my recent lingerie shoot.

The bra has all my favorite details, a feminine pattern around the mesh cups, a tiny bow in the middle. The bra sparkles with a touch of glitter. And! It’s a pocket bra for your forms. But with or without forms this bra is sexy and innocent.

The matching panty is super cute and while I don’t normally like boy-short type panties, I really liked this pair. It’s designed to be worn over a gaff (which is helpful when it comes to boy-shorts) but tucking is also comfortable with this panty.

And the back is lacy and seductive.

I hope you like these photos! I do realize that the color of this set is actually lavender (according to the website), I just think lilac is more femme. 🙂

Love, Hannah

Lingerie Review!

Of course black is the color of sexiness, red is the color of romance, and nothing is more feminine than pink.

But white? White is innocence, purity, virginal.

And I love it.

I was sent some lovely lingerie from The Breast Form Store a few weeks ago that I wore for last month’s lingerie shoot. When I opened the box I was greeted with rose petals and the most beautiful, innocent white bra and panty set.

The most eye-catching part of any piece of lingerie for me is the tiny attention to details and this set has tiny little bows, delicate lace, and beautiful edging. And the panty has soft mesh on the sides! The bra has underwire and is absolutely perfect for the girls 🙂

This has a very romantic, almost vintage look to it. It’s alluring, sexy, and beautiful.

The panty fits girls like us and is comfortable to wear all day. I know this because I wear this set a LOT.

When I had my last photo shoot, this was the bra and panty set I wore for pictures we took in a dress because I loved how my bust looked in it. The panty also covered up the gaff I wore for the dress pictures.

Love, love, love this set.

Thank you to The Breast Form Store for this beautiful lingerie.

Love, Hannah