Giving Yourself Permission to be FABULOUS!

I have a new blog entry up at!

It’s called ‘Giving Yourself Permission to be Fabulous’ and it’s about overcoming the guilt some of us feel when we dress how we want and letting ourselves be ourselves.

Please let me know what you think!

Love, Hannah




I am excited to announce that I am now a blogger for!

Xdress designs dresses, shoes and lingerie for girls like us.  Xdress was one of the first companies to make pretty clothes that were made for our bodies in mind.  Dresses with a little more room in the chest to account for our shoulders and heels that are a little wider, for example.  I remember seeing my first Xdress catalog almost twenty years ago and amazed that something like this existed.  Seeing pages and pages of lingerie and dresses for our community was incredible.  I also remember ordering a lot of their items.

What I like about Xdress is their effort to make crossdressing less of a taboo and more fun and…normal.

My first article posted earlier today.  Please click over and comment if you can!

Love, Hannah