A Day at the Museum


Today the MN T-Girls had our monthly outing.  It was a dreary, rainy Saturday and we spent the day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts looking at beautiful artwork.

We’ve been to this museum before and we’ve always had a wonderful time.  If you haven’t been, or planning on visiting Minneapolis, I highly recommend making a trip here.

It’s easy to lose yourself in such a massive building and before we knew it, two hours had passed.

It was time for an early dinner and we had a wonderful meal at The Lowry in Uptown.  We have been to many restaurants in the last few years but this was one of my favorites.
It was a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.  Thanks to everyone who came and I look forward to our next adventure!

Love, Hannah

Love Your Dress!

MOA 5I step out at least once a month, and almost every time I go out I am told by a cashier, a barista, another shopper, or someone simply passing by in the mall that they love my dress.  These compliments have all been from women.

This makes my day, obviously.  Everyone loves a compliment and I am flattered by not only the kind words but also touched by the fact she went out of their way to say so.

I started to wonder if this was a common exchange, though.  Do women normally compliment complete strangers on their outfit?  I started to listen to conversations at the store, the checkout lane…anywhere I could to see if women offered compliments out of the blue to other women.  I would hear the occasional “I love your blouse” or “cute haircut”, but these exchanges were not very common.

Now, I am not saying that my sense of fashion is better than anyone else.  That’s not the point.  I do not think I receive, or deserve, compliments any more often than anyone else.

I started to wonder if “I love your dress” was…well, if it was code in a way.  If it’s a way of saying “I support the transcommunity” and “You are welcome here”.  The more I hear this, the more certain I am correct.  I believe that in the current climate where the transgender community is more out than ever, more politicized, more scrutinized and more visible than ever, that this is a way of saying they are an ally.

I hope I’m right.  I would rather have someone identify themselves as an ally rather than complimenting me on my outfit.

Of course, they can do both.  🙂
Love, Hannah


Ask Hannah!

I am a beginner crossdresser.  Please tell me how to chose my dresses.

Creating your wardrobe is one of the most fun and expensive things you’ll ever do.  It will be even more expensive if you don’t purchase clothing that is the right size.  It’s important that you know your measurements and understand that the size on the tag doesn’t mean very much as each designer and store can have a different meaning of what a size is.

So, how do you find your measurements?

Find a measuring tape (not the tool kit kind, the ribbon kind) and take your measurements for different parts of your body:
-Waist measured at your belly button
-Bust measured at nipple height with or without forms/padding
-Chest measurement taken just under pectoral muscle (2 to 3 inches below nipple)


I have a section on my blog that goes into more detail about shopping and sizing.  Read that section here.

The internet makes it very convenient to purchase and ultimately return clothing if it doesn’t fit.   It’s important you refer to the size charts on the store’s site in order to choose the right items.  I found a really cute dress on Amazon recently, but I know from experience to look at the size chart.

Here’s a typical screenshot from Amazon:


Under the price, you can choose the size you’d like, as well as view a size chart.  This is a standard Amazon size chart and is rarely relevant.





I ignore this.  Usually on the left side of the screen, among the alternate views, you’ll see the manufacturer’s size chart and will vary from dress to dress.  This is usually more accurate.


I also will scroll to the bottom of the page and read the customer questions and reviews to see other shopper’s opinions.  I normally wear a size 12 or a large (unless it’s stretchy, then I go down to a 10), but according to this chart I am a size XL.

Taking a few moments to do you research will save you time and money.

Happy shopping!

Love, Hannah


Ask Hannah!

Hey Hannah, 
How accepting is your family?   Are they accepting and you can be Hannah around them?   Or do they not want to see it.
Coming out as transgender can be challenging to our loved ones.  My family is accepting, supportive and are definitely advocates of the LGBTQ community.  However, regardless of how much of an ally you are, it can be difficult when someone you love comes out.
Identifying as transgender can add additional questions to our loved ones.  Being transgender can mean something different from individual to individual.  Some of us have transitioned, or want to transition, and for some of us it’s never crossed our mind.  Accepting a family member as transgender isn’t easy, but there is also the additional question of what it means to them and possibly what’s next for them.
My family knows they can go shopping or have a cup of coffee with Hannah whenever they’d like, but I don’t press anyone with this part of me.  I have also written previously about how I think it’s important we try to be conscious of who we are to our loved ones and be gentle and considerate when we come out.
Of course, if we waited for everyone we know to be “ready” to meet us, we may never get to be ourselves.  I also am speaking as someone who does not want to live full-time, so it’s easier for me to accommodate my dual genders and the rest of my life.  I realize everyone’s needs and lives our different, and can only speak for myself.
Love, Hannah

Still Smiling for the Camera


I have been very lucky to have met an incredibly talented photographer two years ago.  Shannonlee, of Fotofida has taken more photographs of me than I could count.  She’s done my modeling photography, photo shoots for the MN T-Girls, as well as those times when I just wanted some new photos taken.

Last week was one of those times.

I booked a photo shoot with Shannonlee and spent a wonderful four hours with her taking pictures at Casket Arts, a beautiful building in Northeast Minneapolis.  I packed some outfits and high heels, and after an outstanding makeover at Rita Ambourn, I was ready for my photo shoot.


I had a wonderful time.  My face hurt from smiling and I cannot wait to see the photos.  I wanted to share some pictures from the day  I hope you like them!


Love, Hannah