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day 2 dressAs the weather warms I always worry about sweating while all dressed up. How do you tackle that issue? Personally I think it’s important for me to wear hosiery even on the warmest days, but I’m wondering if I could perfect my appearance without a wig. Have you ever presented as Hannah without wearing a wig? “Hot heads” everywhere would love to know.

Of course you can perfect your look without a wig.  Cis-women have a zillion different ways that they wear their hair.  Some cis-women have incredibly short hair and so can transwomen.  There is no standard your hair must meet in order to identify as one gender or another.

Personally I always wear a wig, but I don’t have to, and neither does anyone.

I also always wear stockings, nylons or tights.  I like how nude stockings even out my skin tone, for example.  Summer is not a t-girl’s friend as some of us wear padding breastforms, wigs and makeup.  Foundation and the heat do not get along.  Luckily Corrie from Midwest Makeup Supply and Femme Makeovers has some valuable advice for sweatprooofing our makeup.

Summer isn’t all bad.  You can’t wear a dress like this outside in January…at least not in Minnesota.

Love, Hannah



Ask Hannah!

Hi there Hannah. Just wanted to start out and say thank you for all you do. I am 31 male but I am finally starting to embrace that I enjoy dressing and possibly being female/transgender. Still unsure of some things as I am finally starting to talk about this and I am seeing a great therapist to help work things out. My questions is I am starting to actually dress and not just fantasize about it and just wondering what some good resources are to help learn how to dress and look more feminine? YouTube is great for somethings but like buying a wig and all the styles and different kinds also knowing how to do make up for my face it’s hard for me to know what would be good for me as everyone is so different? The great thing is I am also from MN so I think your insight would be amazing. Again thank you for all you do and for any advice.

Coming into your look is all about trial and error.  Coming into your look takes time, practice, mistakes and money.  It’s about discovering yourself.  It’s about finding what you like, what you are comfortable wearing and uncovering that part of you that might not get out very much.  It takes time and patience.  No one expects the first time they paint something that it will be a masterpiece.  Be easy on yourself the first (or even the fiftieth) time you dress up or apply makeup.  You might not look as fabulous as you want, but you’re getting there.

This is something you learn by doing.

Everyone has a different perspective on what is and what is not feminine.  The best, and the only way for you to find out what you like to wear is to try on a lot of clothes.  Some things you’ll try and like, others you won’t.  Some dresses make me feel like the prettiest girl in the mall, some make me feel like a man in a dress.  The important thing is for you to wear what you like.

A wig is not much different.  I tried a lot of different styles before I found the style that I like.  I’ve tried wavy styles, longer styles, styles with and without bangs before I found a style that is *me*.  It’s true there are resources out there that will help suggest what style may be best for your face, but really, who cares?  All that matters is what you like.  So, like clothing, try on a lot of different styles and you’ll find what works for you and what you like.

Makeup, like hair and clothes, also takes trial and error.  It took YEARS until I was happy with my look.  It took a lot of practice.  I made a lot of mistakes.  I spent a lot of money. Again, you achieve your look by doing.

So, here’s how you learn makeup. You could watch YouTube videos and learn from them but like buying clothes, everyone is different.  Everyone has different skin, different color, different tone.  What works for me might not work for you.  The easiest way to learn makeup is to have someone teach you.

Makeup is hard to get right.  There are still times when my eyeliner doesn’t look straight or my color correcting is a little off.  The best way to learn makeup is to schedule a makeover.  I know that sounds like the scariest thing in the world, and it is, but it’s the best way to start mastering your look.  Go to the experts, they will show you which products to use, which tones are best for your skin color and they will teach you how to apply makeup.  I’ve been doing my makeup for years and I probably had ten makeovers in the last twelve months and I still learn something new each time.  Remember, you aren’t the first or last t-girl your makeup artist will ever have. They are trained to help girls like us.  Makeup artists are also trained with advanced techniques, like contouring, which totally changed my life.

I have written pretty extensively about getting started and you can read about it here.  I cover topics like shaving, finding your measurements and more.

Since you live in Minnesota, I highly recommend you making a trip to Midwest Makeup Supply in Minneapolis and scheduling a makeup lesson.  While you’re there, I also suggest crossing the street to visit Sunny’s Hair and Wigs.  Both stores are very t-girl friendly.  I have other resources in Minnesota here, and I’d also encourage you to join the MN T-Girls.

Have fun, be safe!

Love, Hannah


Ask Hannah!


I don’t get out often so I’m curious, do you ever worry about your dress blowing up in the wind or worse, losing your wig?  If it has happened, how do you deal with that in public?  #tgirlproblems 🙂

new doOne of the first times I went out, I experienced the joy and thrill of the wind blowing through my long hair.  It was an amazing feeling.  I was afraid that the wind would blow my hair off, but that hasn’t happened.  If you are purchasing the right wig, this is unlikely.  Most wig stores sell extra-large wigs but for the most part, a standard size wig will fit most of us.  If the wig is too large, it might blow off, if it’s too small, there’s a chance it might not be on tight enough to keep it in one place.  There are also some steps you can take to ensure this such as taping, tying, and even gluing your wig to your head.  This might be not be necessary but many t-girls, performers, and drag queens use these tricks.  Not because they are afraid of the wind, but it does help keep their hair in one place.  Sometimes a wig can move a little, either side to side or front to back.  If you find yourself constantly adjusting your hair throughout the day, it might be time for a different size wig.

The wind does pose other issues besides losing my hair.  I used to have wavy, curly hair like in the picture and although I loved the look of it, one gust of wind or a strong breeze completely messed up my hair and I was constantly having to fix it and make myself presentable again.  After spending an entire weekend outside at Pride this summer, I decided it was time to go back to my long, straight, hairstyle.

day 2 dressDepending on the dress or the skirt you’re wearing, the wind might give people a glimpse of yourself you didn’t intend them to have.  Using your hands to hold down your skirt so the wind doesn’t blow it up does take some getting used to.  If the wind is really crazy then you really have your hands full.  I think those of us who have been out of the house know what I’m talking about.

If it’s very windy, I suggest keeping your hands to your sides to hold your dress down.  Simply holding it down in the front is not going to keep the back from flying up and it’s awkward to hold a skirt down behind you.  The only time this really happened was also at Pride this summer.  I wore a really cute dress that had a billowing skirt.  It was windy that day and as I walked to my car I was constantly brushing my hair out of my face and trying to keep my skirt from flying up.  I was a hot mess that day.

Love, Hannah