A Visit to La Femme Mystique!


I never imagined that I would live in a city with not one, but two gender transformation studios.  In addition to Femme Makeovers, our fine city also has the fabulously Rebecca, owner of La Femme Mystique!  Even more impressive than a city with two gender transformation studios is hearing that Rebecca has been in business for over five years!  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Rebecca and visiting her studio recently.

Rebecca’s studio is in Saint Paul, not far from The Townhouse, arguably one of the safest and most well-known places a t-girl visits.









The La Femme Mystique studio is located in a beautifully refurbished warehouse.  I fell in love with the building and Rebecca’s studio is perfect for makeovers and photos.  I sat down and spoke with Rebecca for a while and we chatted about everything from photography to gender identity to makeup.   Her perspective on what a portrait is and what her goals are when it comes to capturing our femme selves made me realize that she really “gets” it.  Being transgender is not something that a lot of people understand, and it’s not something I always understand myself, so it was refreshing to hear that she understands our goals.  Perhaps she put it best on her website when she wrote that she is “…honored to participate in the journey – whether it’s in a spirit of playfulness and fun, or as part of a deeper exploration of self”.

Rebecca’s studio and makeup kit says that she is ready to transform and capture a t-girl’s inner beauty.



After chatting for a bit, it was time for my makeover.  Needless to say she did an amazing job.  I was very impressed with what she did with my eyeshadow.  After my makeup was done, it was time for my favorite thing in the world…pictures!


Rebecca and I explored the building and took a lot of photos and I cannot wait to see how they turned out.  I’ll share them when they are ready.  😉


It was a unforgettable afternoon and I will definitely be back.  I absolutely recommend visiting Rebecca whether you are visiting the Twin Cities or looking for an incredible makeover and a fun photo session.

Photos soon!

Love, Hannah



Ask Hannah!

This is probably a silly question because I’m sure it has been asked many times, but for some reason I’ve been unable to find the answers. So do forgive, please, if this topic is painfully obvious! As a T-girl, my physical proportions make shopping for clothing difficult. I have dude dimensions. Especially, my hips are only slightly larger than my waist, so if I’m shopping online, it’s really just a flip of the coin whether I should purchase based on my waist measurement or my hips measurement. (My shoulders and arms, I’ve decided, are just fine: the girls at the gym are proud of the muscles they’ve worked so hard for, so I’ve decided I’ll just continue to be proud of mine, too.) Do you have any tips on this waist-to-hip proportion dilemma? Thanks in advance, very much! 🙂

Let me get this out of the way now and state that there is no “right” way to look feminine.  There is no standard one must meet in order to have a “feminine” shape.  Remember, there is no such thing as “passing”.  However, there ways to have a curvier shape.

Buying dresses is a fun and often times a humbling experience.  When I purchase “male” clothes (please note I don’t think there are such a thing as “male” clothes or “female” clothes, they’re just clothes), I purchase shirts that fit my shoulders and pants that are long enough and are the proper waist size.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Dresses are a different story.  I have dresses that fit perfectly around my hips and waist, but don’t fit my shoulders and chest as I am wider on top than my middle.  And of course every dressmaker has different sizing standards, as well.  When shopping, you need to know your measurements, and yes, sometimes it is a flip of the coin when it comes to deciding to order based off of hips or waist measurements.


I wrote a little about how to take your measurements here.

There are a few things you can do to have a curvier shape.  You could always wear a waist cincher.   I often wear this one from Xdress.  I also wear a petticoat under certain dresses.  It gives me a really cute and girly appearance and it also gives the impression of hips.

rose dress 26

Some girls will also wear hip padding as well.  I have never really tried that, but some girls love it.

Like most aspects of crossdressing, this is something you learn by doing.  Find what works for you!

Love, Hannah


Ask Hannah!

Could you give me the name of a good transformation studio in
Pennsylvania, please?

Usually whenever I google “gender transformation services in __________”, I get a few results.  Unfortunately I didn’t find much for Pennsylvania.  But I was able to find at least one option, TrueColors TG.  I have no idea if they are good or not but the photos look impressive.  There’s a photo gallery for brides…wouldn’t that be fun?  Yes, it would.  🙂

You may be able to find other resources on TransCentral PA, as well.

Have fun!

Love, Hannah

Sweatproofing your Makeup

Sometimes the weather is not a t-girl’s friend.  The summer brings humidity and ruins our makeup and in the winter it’s too cold to wear that minidress and it’s too icy to wear those heels.

Oh, who am I kidding, it’s never too cold or icy to wear a minidress or stilettos.

Although summer gives us the perfect weather for showing off a new outfit, the heat can be brutal.  Some of us have to contend with wearing multiple layers of foundation, breast forms and padding.  There’s nothing more frustrating that doing your makeup only to have it ruined by the humidity.

But never fear, Corrie from Midwest Makeup Supply is here with help on sweatproofing our makeup!  These tips were sent out in her latest Femme Makeovers newsletter and is reprinted here with her permission.

Also, for the record, we don’t sweat.  We glow.  😉

Love, Hannah



We are a month out before Summer officially kicks off, but looking at the weather forecast for this upcoming weekend….YIKES!! It’s going to be hot (and probably humid) as hell.  I’ve included some tips and product suggestions in this newsletter for keeping your makeup looking great no matter how freaking warm it gets. 😀  

Have a super fab holiday weekend!!! And as always – feel free to reach out and say hi!

XOXO from your favorite makeup guru,

FemmeMakeovers | Midwest Makeup

And so it begins….we’re moving into our hot and humid season here in Minnesota. Eeek! However, I won’t complain. I’ll take the heat over the cold any day!!

But as we know, the heat and humidity, combined with wigs, hosiery, undergarments, padding, clothing, etc. can cause more than a few problems when it comes to keeping our makeup looking good throughout the day (or night).

I’m going to share a few tips to help keep things from immediately sweating off the second you step outside. However – please keep in mind these tips will help with keeping your makeup in place better and longer, but we need to be realistic. Sometimes no matter what we do, the summer heat wins and we sweat, which could lead to a shorter life span of our makeup for the day. Okay? Okay!

When dealing with hot summer temps, there’s a few things we can do to help keep sweating more under control. The first thing I like to use is a product called Skin Prep ($16.50). Skin Prep is a clear, fragrance-free liquid you put on your face prior to any other product applications. It dries quickly and acts as a moisture barrier on the skin. It helps keep your makeup looking fresh, longer in hot environments (outside on the patio or dancing your face off in the club, etc.).

The second item is Kryolan’s DermaColor Fixing Powder ($34). This powder actually waterproofs your makeup! Use it in place of (or in addition to) your regular setting powder to set your foundation (I recommend a cream foundation for best coverage and longevity). I also recommend pressing the powder into the makeup – especially in areas you sweat more (forehead/brow, upper lip, etc.) with a sponge or puff. You’ll notice a significant difference in how well your makeup will resist the moisture! It’s pretty cool!

The third product I like to use is a good setting spray. There’s a lot of options. In fact, I have SIX different kinds in-store, but I have two favorites when we’re dealing with hot temps: Kryolan’s DermaColor Fixing Spray ($24) and Barrier Spray ($12). Use a setting spray as your final step in your makeup application. Once your application is complete, do a quick spray (or spritz) over your entire face. Repeat one (or two times more) to shellac the shit out of your face for extra longevity! 😀

There you have it! A few tips and tricks on how to sweat-proof your makeup. As noted in previous newsletters – this is a quick and dirty explanation. If you have additional questions – please feel free to send me an email or drop in to see the products or a demo in person.
Until next time – stay cool, Baby!

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