Fall Photo Shoot – Rose Dress!

This is the fourth and final outfit I wore for the fall photo shoot.  I have to say that these are my favorite photos ever.  I love love love this dress, it’s so fun to wear.  I wore a petticoat to fluff it out a bit and I love how it looks!

Love, Hannah

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Fall Photo Shoot – Yellow Dress

I found this dress over a year ago and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  I bought it without even trying it on, as I was confident it would fit as it was my size.  When I got home I was crushed because I couldn’t even zip it up.

I know what you’re thinking….that I need to drop a few pounds before I could wear it, but to be honest, I didn’t think that was it.  The zipper had this annoying little catch that didn’t allow the zipper to go up all the way, even if I wasn’t wearing it.

Determined to wear this dress, I actually had the zipper replaced…but it was still giving me trouble.  I looked into all sorts of tricks to help a zipper glide more smoothly but nothing worked.

I really wanted to wear this for my recent photo shoot, so I took the dress out of the closet, and zipped the zipper up and down about a million times and it seemed to have gotten the kinks or whatever out of it.  The first time I was able to get the zipper up while wearing it was a wonderful experience.

I love how these photo turned out and I can’t wait to wear this again!

Love, Hannah

yellow dress 8yellow dress 10yellow dress 11yellow dress 13yellow dress 14

Lights and Cameras for the MN T-Girls!

Today was the monthly MN T-Girls outing and we had an amazing time as we held our annual photo shoot.   This was the third year that we were treated to such an incredible day thanks to Shannonlee of Fotodia Studios.   I have been working with Shannonlee for a few years now and she is always just wonderful to work with.


There were a total of six of us getting our portraits taken.  We had a lot of wardrobe changes and the day was filled with the sound of high heels clicking on hardwood floors.


It was a day none of us will forget anytime soon.  Thanks to Shannonlee for such a perfect day.



Love, Hannah

Little Black Dress

This is the final set of pictures from my most recent photoshoot with the fabulous Shannonlee.

About seven years ago, when I made the shift from under-dressing to actual clothes, I was drawn to evening wear and beautiful gowns.  I was, and still in love with flowing evening gowns…but dresses like that are rather expensive so when I started building my wardrobe I started with little black dresses.  I was insecure and timid when I started to wear dresses and black is a pretty forgiving (and slimming) color.  It was a few years before I felt confident to wear bold colors and patterns.

At one point I owned about a half dozen LBDs but when I lost weight I dropped a few dress sizes and they didn’t fit anymore.  I think this is the only black dress I have in my wardrobe these days.

I hope you like these photos.  Shannonlee did an amazing job of capturing a side of me I always wanted to see.  Thank you for indulging me over the past few weeks as I showed what may have seemed like an endless stream of photos.  🙂

Love, Hannah