Skyscrapers and Stilettos

I was chatting with my friend Marci recently about how we often feel that we are the tallest girls in the world, and wearing four inch stilettos isn’t helping.

But no one is too tall to be a girl.  And no one is too tall to wear heels.

I was blown away by her newest photo composition which perfectly portrays how I feel when I am out in the real world.  I feel tall, I feel as if everyone is looking at me, and I feel beautiful.

Minneapolis freeway

I hope you like this as much as I do and I really hope you follow her on Flickr.  You can see her other compositions here and here.

Love, Hannah

I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie World

My friend Marci is not only drop-dead gorgeous but she also is an extremely talented artist.  Not too long ago she created a wonderful image of us looking fierce and beautiful in the forest, and I am so excited to share her newest piece with you.
How amazing is this???
In September 2019, the world was introduced to a new line of Gender-Neutral fashion dolls. Now we’ve gone one further with the introduction of Hannah, Barbie’s new BFF GFF (gender-fluid friend)!
Main Barbie Hannah box

Hannah, a gender-fluid icon and activist, embodies the trans* dream of “I can be…”, with her sense of fun, fashion, style and presence. We’ve launched Hannah in a gender-fluid starter pack, including her own line of lipstick, 6″ heels (of course!) and her patented “Pink Fog” spray mist.

And as with any t-girl, Hannah has a HUGE range of outfits and looks for you to choose from and collect. This includes a fabulous array of gorgeous frocks and dresses, wigs in multiple colors and styles, all the heels a t-girl could wish for, the most amazing line of makeup on the planet, lipstick colors to die for, and special t-girl lingerie and undergarments to give any gender-fluid girl curves in all the right places!

Hannah’s heels
4 Shoes pink soles

When you gotta strut your stuff, you can’t go past a pair of Hannah’s Heels. Available only in 6″ heel options (to paraphrase Henrietta Ford, they are available in any heel height, so long as it’s 6″!), Hannah’s Heels feature her exclusive Hot Pink™ soles (so you can let the world know you’re proudly wearing Hannah’s Heels!), and are available in a range of fashion styles. 

Designed for comfort and all-day wearing, Hannah’s Heels feature a specially engineered natural cushion sole combined with a unique padding system to help minimise pinching and blistering (though we all still have to suffer a little for our beauty!). 

Hannah’s Heels are available in a range of sizes, including extra-width options, so you can be sure of a comfortable, yet snug fit.

And to ensure the best possible and most comfortable fit, Hannah’s Heels has developed a unique sizing algorithm tailored for all sizes and shapes of foot. 

When you order your Hannah’s Heels, we’ll ask you for a range of measurements; follow these instructions precisely, and we guarantee you’ll slip into your new Hannah’s Heels as if they were made just for you. Because they are!

Hannah’s Lipstick

When you put on your lipstick, you can finally present your true face to the world. And with Hannah’s Lipstick, oh my, what a face! Uniquely developed for every t-girl’s lips, Hannah’s Lipstick incorporates special formulations to give you that perfect blend of color, cover, shine and shape.

Hannah’s Lipstick lasts ALL day, so you’ll never need to re-apply (but if you want to, why ever should we discourage you!) throughout a full day of shopping, talking, shopping, walking, chatting and more shopping. 

Our “bleed-free” formulation, combined with our “Smart-Lippy™” “Virtual Lipliner™” snap-to properties, ensure an even and perfectly symmetrical coating of Hannah’s Lipstick, first time, every time. You never-ever have to worry again about the painstaking (and often painfully frustrating!) application of lip liner.

Then, when it’s time to say farewell to your t-girl alter-ego for the day, and revert to guy-mode, Hannah’s patented Goneaway Girl™ makeup remover ensures everything wipes off quickly and easily. There’s no tell-tale lipstick lines, foundation smudges or errant mascara clumps when you need to rush into that emergency 5 pm meeting that the boss just called on what you thought was your day off.

Hannah’s Pink Fog
Pink Fog can

Hannah’s Pink Fog gender euphoria spray helps you get quickly into that state of t-girl bliss, when you just know your makeup is perfect, your outfit is fabulous, your look is amazing, and the whole world is in complete awe of you. 

Our unique formulation of endorphins, pheromones and hormone micro-doses changes the way you see the world, and your perception of how the world sees you! 

Hannah’s Pink Fog instantly banishes any feelings of inadequacy, guilt, self-doubt, and that whole “what-on-earth-am-I-doing-and-who-am-I-kidding” mindset that every t-girl can feel from time to time. 

Simply spray a short burst of Hannah’s Pink Fog into the air above and in front of you, and walk into that calming miasma of self-acceptance, joy and self-confidence that is true gender euphoria.

SAFETY NOTICE: It is extremely important that you use Hannah’s Pink Fog strictly as directed. Excessive application of Hannah’s Pink Fog can have unforeseen consequences. Please use with caution.

Love, Hannah

Into the Woods…


I am always impressed with what others can do with the magic of photo editing.  My friend Marci is exceptional and I am blown away by this piece of the two of us looking magnificent and gorgeous.

We all read fairy tales growing up, and when I got older I learned more about folklore and I was intrigued (and a little disturbed) at the mischievous and often malicious nature of fairies.  This photo captures that same beauty and danger.

More of Marci’s work, and photos of her as well, l can be found on her Flickr page.  Follow her, you’ll love seeing her work… and wardrobe.

Love, Hannah


Super T-Girl!


Last fall the MN T-Girls held our first ever Halloween party.  It took forever to decide on a costume, but ultimately I went with Supergirl.  I thought about Wonder Woman but… well, maybe this year.

When our group did our annual photo shoot, I thought it’d be fun to wear the costume for some professional pictures.  I never posted them, but thought it’d be fun to post one today.

This was a lot of fun, and I would love to do something like this again, but with a higher quality costume instead of something from a Halloween store.

Love, Hannah


Photo Shoot – Red PVC Dress

This is the final set of photos from November’s photo shoot.

Besides working with my friend and photographer Shannonlee, one of the reasons I love doing photos is having a chance to show off another side of my wardrobe.  Most of the time when I go out en femme, I dress for what I’m doing that day, whether it is shopping or going to dinner.

But there is a side of me that loves to look… sexy.  A girl wearing leather or PVC looks a little out of place at the mall, so photo shoots give me a chance to let this side of me out for a little bit.

Of course sexy is subjective and this look isn’t for everyone, but it’s still a part of me.

What do you think?
Love, Hannah