Moot Lingerie Review

Although I don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret anymore, I still have a lot of panties from them that I wear.  The quality is, well, fine, I suppose.  Although they are cute I don’t expect tooooo much out of panties that are sometimes 10 pairs for $30 or whatever.  When I compare them to panties and lingerie I get from say, Allure, then the difference in quality becomes more noticeable.  There’s also a quality difference between a $50 corset and my Glamorous Corset.  Before I owned my current corset I thought they were, well, overrated.  I didn’t see the (practical) benefit from wearing one.  And yes, as sexy as they are, there is a practical side to a corset.  But my corset from Glamorous Corset?  Oh my goodness.  Quality and sexiness.

My point is that, for the most part, you get what you pay for when it comes to lingerie (and makeup).  Although my purse would prefer I purchase a $5 pair of panties from Target, my body appreciates the panties that I spent $30 on.  Again, crossdressing takes patience, time, and money.  I feel that there is a benefit in investing in this side of me.  

When I first heard about Moot, I fell in love with their designs.  Moot is a newish lingerie designer for crossdressers and girls like us.  Their designs not only fit someone like us, but their designs are, in my opinion, what I want in my lingerie and panty drawer… what I mean is their lingerie is super cute and super feminine.  I loved their designs but I was taken aback by the price.  Moot isn’t Victoria’s Secret when it comes to price. 

To their credit, Moot acknowledges that.  They pride themselves on quality and after being sent some items to review, I have to say that they’re right.  Moot lingerie is super cute, and the quality is on another level.

Each item is handmade in England using materials that are ethically sourced.  I know this doesn’t matter to everyone but, well, it matters to me.  As I get older I make more of an effort to shop local, buy from independent businesses, and eat at non-chain restaurants.  Moot aligns with my values perfectly.  

But the lingerie… how is it?  The quality is the first thing I noticed.  The panties I was sent to review didn’t feel or look cheap. They felt luxurious.  A perfect combination of lace and mesh and small details.  One pair (The Quentin) is sexy and comfortable (which is what I want from lingerie). 

The front holds my feminine flaw perfectly and the cut open detail in the back is alluring and flirty. 

My favorite pair is the Floral Brief.  This is transparent lace and the back is, well, tiny, but it fits like a dream.  Both panties are welcome additions to my lingerie drawer(s).  I suppose at this point I need a lingerie closet.

Moot isn’t cheap, and they pride themselves on not being cheap. Their pride is well deserved and the quality is truly second to none.  Moot is what I want to find when it comes to my lingerie… ethically sourced, handmade, feminine, comfortable, and sexy.

Thank you to Moot for providing these panties.  I heart them.

Love, Hannah


There are words that I love to use when it comes to this side of me. I love to wear a leather dress and look smoldering. I love wearing a cute dress and looking flirty. I love a little black dress and looking like a bombshell.

But this dress? I would love to be described as enchanting. There’s something so… amazing about a dress like this and imagining being the center of attention at a (very) formal event. A dress that makes people wonder who she is.

This was the last dress I wore for my most recent photo shoot. I wanted to create the feel of a very fancy event and a hotel in downtown Minneapolis was the perfect place to play in. I hope you like these photos!

Love, Hannah

Too Cute and Too Short

This dress is short. I mean, really short.

Whenever I buy a new outfit I usually try it on for the first time in boy mode. When I do this, I end up hating whatever I am wearing, but I also know I will think, and feel, and look different once I have my forms and pads on. Once my body is in femme mode (not that you need to have curves to be feminine), clothes look and feel and fit differently.

When this dress was delivered I tried it on and it fit fine. When I wore it in girl mode, well, it still fit fine, but I realized it was a little too short. I determine if something is too short if the tops of my stockings or the clasp of my garters are visible. If I stood still, then it was fine, but the tiniest breeze or movement was a little much.

I felt a little self-conscious in this outfit but I love how these photos turned out. It might be a short dress but it is still very cute. I hope you like it too!

Love, Hannah

When You’re Alone and Life is Making You Lonely, You Can Always Go…


When you’ve got worries all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help I know downtown.

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?

The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
So go downtown

Things will be great when you’re downtown
No finer place for sure downtown
Everything’s waiting for you

Because I’m Alive

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day.

Minnesota hasn’t seen too many days with blue skies lately so a day of sunshine and warmth was welcome indeed. It was perfect weather for my “Because I’m Alive” photo shoot.

Granted, the reason was pretty extreme but every once in a while I feel a combination of gratefulness and joy that I have the life I do. It’s not an extravagant life but it’s more than I thought I would ever have.

I dd this photo shoot because I am alive and because I could. And thank God for that.

Anyway, here’s some shots of some of the outfits I wore. It was a fun shoot.

Love, Hannah

Shine, Shine, Shine

Most of my photo shoots are for a reason.  Some of them are for En Femme, some are the annual MN T-Girls shoot, some are for reviews, and some are just for fun.  

It’s easy to get burnt out on them, though.  Don’t get me wrong, I heart them but they do take a lot of planning and coordination between Shannonlee, makeup appointments, shooting locations, and other logistics.  Some shoots have requirements, such as a specific location or vibe that is needed.  Usually this is requested of En Femme and it’s actually fun figuring out the perfect location.  In 2019 we did a shoot for En Femme’s winter line and we were tasked with finding a location that was very Christmasy.  I think it’s safe to say we nailed it.  

I actually like working with guidelines like this.  I think when you are given such specifications your most creative work can happen.  

When I did my last shoot it was going to be all about lingerie and most of the shots were going to be for reviewing two new bra and panty sets and new forms for The Breast Form Store.  Since the shoot was going to be in a hotel room we decided to do some dress shots around the hotel itself.  Since this was the first shoot since November, and my first time completely en femme since then, I was excited for the shoot.  I had a new dress, new forms, and a killer makeover and I was excited for the day.  I felt cute, and I thought I looked cute (please note that looking cute and feeling cute are not always hand-in-hand).  

We started with a few shots in the hotel room….

…then moved to the balcony when the wind decided to play.

After the shots in the room we took to exploring the hotel.  

I love these shots, I love this dress.  I think you can see my excitement and confidence shine through.  This is pretty typical of the first outfit of a shoot and is pretty different than the final outfit of the day which I will talk about in a future post.

Love, Hannah

Lingerie in Lilac

There are certain colors that are.. “off limits” for boys. Pink, that’s a significant one, but there are others. Like lilac. Sure men might wear a lilac dress shirt, but it’s a light purple shirt, thank you very much.

But come on, it’s lilac.

And I heart lilac.

I mean, it’s a beautiful flower and it smells lovely, but the color is so feminine.

I got to thinking about this when I was sent some beautiful lingerie from The Breast Form Store for my recent lingerie shoot.

The bra has all my favorite details, a feminine pattern around the mesh cups, a tiny bow in the middle. The bra sparkles with a touch of glitter. And! It’s a pocket bra for your forms. But with or without forms this bra is sexy and innocent.

The matching panty is super cute and while I don’t normally like boy-short type panties, I really liked this pair. It’s designed to be worn over a gaff (which is helpful when it comes to boy-shorts) but tucking is also comfortable with this panty.

And the back is lacy and seductive.

I hope you like these photos! I do realize that the color of this set is actually lavender (according to the website), I just think lilac is more femme. 🙂

Love, Hannah