New En Femme Blog!

My new blog for En Femme has been posted!

I hope you like it!

Love, Hannah

The Learning Center: Building a Better Wardrobe Part 2!

New in the Learning Center is Hannah McKnight’s latest article on Building a Better Wardrobe – Part 2. Hannah knows a thing or two about clothing and what she looks for to create a look for herself. But when just starting out, it’s nice to have some advice. Or you may be wanting to go beyond that first item you purchased and now you’d like to go a little further.  Hannah is here to help.

As always, Hannah imparts her wisdom in this first part of building a better wardrobe for yourself such as tops, skirts & dresses. Read it now>>

New En Femme Blog!

My new blog for En Femme has been posted!

I hope you like it!

Love, Hannah

The Learning Center: Building a Better Wardrobe

New in the Learning Center is Hannah McKnight’s latest article on Building a Better Wardrobe – Part 1. Hannah knows a thing or two about clothing and what she looks for to create a look for herself. But when just starting out, it’s nice to have some advice. Or you may be wanting to go beyond that first item you purchased and now you’d like to go a little further. Hannah is here to help.

As always, Hannah imparts her wisdom in this first part of building a better wardrobe for yourself. Read it now>>

Review: En Femme Wrap Dress!

I keep a lot of physical reminders from previous moments in my life. These could be ticket stubs from a concert or a small rock I picked up from when I saw the ocean for the first time. I associate objects with moments, even if the moment hasn’t occurred yet. This is especially true when it comes to clothes.

During the early days of the pandemic, I found myself buying dresses that I never thought I would wear. Several of these outfits had very thin shoulder straps which I previously avoided as I felt they exposed too much of my torso and I would look too masculine in them. The pandemic reminded me (and still does) that life is short, but what’s even shorter is the time that we have to do what we want.

And yes, this is going to sound shallow and superficial but whenever things seemed bleak and depressing I would often brighten a little when I thought about my new, never worn dresses and they would give me something to look forward to. I daydreamed about the world being a little safer to schedule a makeover, put on a cute dress, and just… try to pretend things were normal.

Over the last two years it felt like the end of the pandemic would never come. Sometimes it still feels that way. Similarly, here in Minnesota it sometimes feels that spring will never arrive. It starts and stops, two steps forward, one step back. We will have a beautiful March day when it hits fifty degrees (which is warm for a Minnesota March) but the next day we’ll get a little snow.

I look forward to different styles and outfits as the seasons change. In July, when the weather is unbearably hot (yes, it does get hot in Minnesota, lol) I start to look forward to sweaters and leather skirts that are perfect for autumn.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Seeing a cute, summery dress makes me long for the days when ice isn’t covering the sidewalk and I don’t have to wear a zillion layers to go outside.

The last few dresses I’ve reviewed for En Femme all inspired moments that would be perfect for the outfit I was wearing. It could be a party or a boring work meeting. In my final review for this little series I immediately panged for warmer, sunnier days when I tried on En Femme’s Fabulous Wrap Dress.

If there was ever a dress made for strutting down the sidewalk on a warm spring day, this is it.

The versatility of this dress surprised me. I think this would look cute with simple sandals or even wedge heels. I don’t have enough opportunities to wear white stilettos so I used this dress as an excuse to glam up.

Alternatively black heels would work just fine and would dress up this outfit even a little more.

Dresses with sleeves rarely flatter my arms, regardless of the length. If a dress has long sleeves they usually only fall far below my wrist. Capped sleeves, such as this dress, tend to bunch up as many dresses aren’t designed for people with shoulders as broad as mine. These sleeves fell perfectly and are another reminder of how En Femme designs dresses for people with the body shape, size, and structure that many of us have.

And of course, my favorite feature of this dress is how short and swishy it is. As perfect as this dress is for a summer day, you may think twice about wearing it if it’s a windy day. Of course for some of us the combination of a breeze and a swishy dress might be what someone is looking for. 😉

The neckline plunges and I think it’s quite flattering if I do say so myself.

These photos were taken on a very, very cold day earlier this year. The frigid temperature paired with this summery dress made me long for warmer weather. Today is the first of April and I am hoping that warmer days, days perfect for this dress, are just a dream away.

Love, Hannah

New En Femme Blog!

My new blog for En Femme is live!

Change Your Gender, Change Your World Part 3

In the third and final installment of Change Your Gender, Change Your World, Hannah McKnight, our resident expert, describes the butterfly effect and how it can be used to understand the journey in accepting one’s identity.

Read the third and final article – how does Hannah’s journey relate to your own? See it now>>

Love, Hannah

Review: En Femme Classic Short Sleeve Skater Dress!

I have a deep and emotional connection to clothes. And yes! That is a little shallow, but let me elaborate. The cute purple bodycon dress hanging in my closet? The one I haven’t worn in years? I wore it the first time I went out en femme. The beautiful, floor-length gown that I’ve only worn a few times? It was a gift from my wife. My go-to bra? Whenever I wear it I think about my first lingerie photo shoot. Panties keep me connected to Hannah’s life when I am in boy mode.

I can remember what I wore on most of the significant moments in Hannah’s life. The dress I wore at my first Pride festival. The skirt I wore the first time I went to a mall. I have dresses I am saving for certain occasions, whether it is a gala or simply going out to brunch.

When the pandemic started and I wasn’t going out as much, I bought a dress that I never thought I would have the courage to wear as the straps were quite thin and I felt they showed off my shoulders in a more masculine way than I was comfortable with. But not being able to go out was a reminder that life was short and I needed to do what I wanted while there was still time. I bought the dress, I wore the dress, and it will always represent that there may be a time when I am unable to do what I want and I should live and wear what I choose… without regrets.

Over the last two years, I’ve mostly avoided occasions where large amounts of people gathered, whether it was going to movie or a party. In my boy life, I am not much of a party goer. I like a quiet life. But Hannah is a different story. She’s not much of a partier but goodness does she like dressing up and socializing. Although lockdowns and social distancing prevented her from parties, I never slowed down adding to her wardrobe and buying dresses for a rainy day… or to put it more accurately, buying dresses for a future event.

Some dresses would be saved for a summer day, or an afternoon at the mall when it would be safer to be among a lot of other people. Some dresses were for future, unplanned parties. I would often add a dress to my wardrobe and have a small pang of sadness knowing that I have a perfect dress for a certain occasion, but the occasion couldn’t be planned at the moment. It was a reminder of how much of our lives had changed. So much of our lives were on hold.

I recently added a dress to my wardrobe that is perfect for a party, a party that can’t be planned quite yet, and it symbolizes that better days are coming. Our world, our lives are slowing returning to “normal”. Over the last two years it would often feel that brighter days were so, so far away. But now more than ever, hope is there. The sun will comes out tomorrow, if you will.

Many of my outfits are reminders of past days, previous adventures, significant milestones in my life. This dress, at the risk of sounding over-dramatic, is a reminder that parties, our lives will return.

Please know that I am not trying to gloss over how traumatic and devastating the last the last two years have been, or disregard anyone who is still impacted by the pandemic. We are all, on some level, traumatized by it. We are still, and will be for a long time, impacted by COVID.

Thinking about what I will wear to a party seems shallow in retrospect. But what keeps us going is fantasizing that better days are ahead. Hope keeps me from staying in bed all day. Adding a dress for a day that we dream of coming is the most optimistic thing I can do.

Goodness this is deep for a post about a dress, isn’t it? 🙂

What I am trying to say is that I want to talk about a dress from En Femme as part of a short feature of reviews.

As I looked through the outfits that I would be reviewing for En Femme, I started to think about what event, which occasion each item would be perfect for. The last dress I posted about would be perfect for the office. But this week’s dress? Perfect for the party that is coming, the party that although isn’t on the calendar quite yet, but feels closer than ever.

So, yes, this dress gave me a little hope. Optimism that the things that I previously took for granted, such as dressing up for a night with my friends, are slowing returning.

This week’s dress is En Femme’s Classic Short Sleeve Skater Dress.

This dress has an illusion neckline. I love the subtle and sexy see-though that mesh delivers. The dress is short! And I love a short skirt. As a t-girl I used to be self-conscious of my tallness, but I have really come to embrace my height. A tall girl means long legs, and goodness I work hard to keep my legs in shape.

Embracing my long legs was one thing. My shoulders? I still struggle. The last few years I have gotten more secure with them but I still have moments when I feel my arms and frame are too masculine. A dress with sleeves can really make or break how I feel about an outfit. One thing I absolutely appreciate about En Femme’s clothes is that they are designed for my body. If a dress has long sleeves, they are long enough for my arms. If the sleeves are capped, such as on this dress, they are designed to fall where they should. It creates a flattering effect. I love small, subtle details in my clothes. This can be a lacey pattern on my panties, or in this case sleeves that are perfect for my body.

Not only is the skirt complimentary to my legs, it has a nice feminine swish to it. When I stand it falls as it should, but when I sit it drapes itself on my body. And I love that.

As I mentioned, I love subtlety in my clothes. I love a tiny flash of my stockings when I walk. The skirt is short but if I need to be more modest I can do so.

Red is a bold color and goodness you have to be comfortable with drawing attention if you are going to wear it. Keep in mind that I am not saying I am cute by any means, but red will turn heads no matter what. When I selected my heels for this outfit I almost went with red stilettos, but to me the dress is a party dress, so I chose really sparkly heels.

I think red heels and this dress MIGHT be too matchy-matchy for my taste. I also considered really strappy, black stilettos but how often do we have a chance to wear glittery shoes? Not often enough.

I love this dress. I love how it fits, I love how it feels. I love how it made ME feel. The dress inspires daydreams of fancy parties, dressing to the nines, and a part of my life that I miss.

Life is short. Buy the dress. Whether it’s a dress for a day running errands or a cocktail party.

You can add this to your wardrobe and take advantage of a one time discount of 15% off your next purchase by using the code HANNAH15 at checkout.

Love, Hannah

Review: En Femme Modi Mid Bodycon Dress!

Part of my wardrobe is a result of daydreaming and fantasizing.

Some of my daydreams are of galas and fancy parties. I love looking at dresses that would be absolutely perfect for a black tie (or a little black dress) event. Once I was comfortable with leaving my house en femme and I started to do everyday things, my daydreams turned to wearing the perfect dress for spending the day shopping and running errands.

I love the variety of femme clothes. I love that I have dresses that are cute and casual and perfect for meeting a friend for a coffee. I love that I have dresses that would (hopefully) turn heads at a wedding reception.

It’s kind of amazing what I fantasize about when it comes to my life en femme. Running errands in my boy life is about as mundane as it gets but when I think about Hannah picking up a few things at Target then it becomes a LOT more exciting.

I doubt most people spend a lot of time envisioning what they will wear to a store and picking up a few groceries, but I bet a lot of t-girls do. I know I do.

The same thing can be said about going to work. I live my professional life in boy mode (with the exception of underdressing). I am “blended” when I work from home and wear leggings and a femme top. But I do fantasize about what I would wear if I went into the office en femme.

Only a t-girl would daydream about the outfit they would wear in a cubicle. 🙂

As I continue my little series of reviews for En Femme, I was reminded again of how much variety that “girl clothes” have to offer. My closet has everything from casual sundresses to dresses perfect for Sunday morning brunch to dresses designed for Saturday nights. If you know what I mean. 😉

Thanks to En Femme’s Modi Mid Bodycon Dress, I have an outfit that would be perfect for going into the office.

Even without seeing the dress itself, its name had my attention. God knows I love bodycon dresses. I work hard to keep my figure (of course, forms and a corset helps) and I loooove how flattering a bodycon dress can be.

At the same time, this is a modi dress, meaning the the hemline usually falls a little lower than my usual style. I love to show off my long legs, so I am drawn to a dress or a skirt that will hit above my knee.

Thankfully with this dress I didn’t have to compromise sexiness with modesty. A girl can wear whatever she damn well pleases, but I PROBABLY wouldn’t wear a super-short skirt to a work meeting.

Take a look!

I look like I am happy that it’s Friday but I am leaving another meeting that should have been an email.

And yes, I know it’s superficial and I’ll keep saying it until the day I die, but I love showing off my legs. I love a dress that appears to be modest, but has a subtle sexiness to it. My legs look realllllly good when I sit down. 🙂

The dress fits really nicely and like everything else I’ve ever worn from En Femme the shoulders are perfect for my body and the dress is complimentary when it comes to contouring. Essentially it gives an impression of hips and curves, particularly where the “top” and the “skirt” meet.

But most importantly, the sleeves are the perfect length. I tend to avoid dresses with longer sleeves as they usually fall to the middle of my forearm. But I also try to avoid sleeveless tops as I think my forearms are too… well, “male”. This dress is exactly what I need.

And it looks good from behind as well.

Again, I love an outfit with a hint of sexiness and the back of the skirt really emphasizes that subtlety.

As long as I being superficial, I love how the dress shows off my curves. My bottom and bust look reallllly good here, lol.

Like the previous outfit I reviewed, I paired this dress with really strappy stilettos. I like the contrast between a seemingly modest look with vampy heels that really catch your eye. If these heels cause you to wince just by looking at them, then a pair of black pumps would work perfectly.

I will likely never go to the office en femme. But it will be fun to live out a fantasy of running errands “after a day in the office”.

You can add this to your wardrobe and take advantage of a one time discount of 15% off your next purchase by using the code HANNAH15 at checkout.

Love, Hannah

New En Femme Blog!

My new article for En Femme is live!

The Learning Center: Change Your Gender, Change Your World, Part 2! 

Hannah McKnight, our resident expert, shares Part 2 of Change Your Gender, Change Your World! Here, Hannah continues the conversation about her identify as she grows and becomes her authentic self. Hannah also is wearing our cap sleeve bodysuit paired with our Sylvie French flair skirt.  Read Part 2 Now>> 

Love, Hannah

Review: En Femme Skirt and Bodysuit!

In addition to writing for En Femme, I also do modeling and reviews for some of their products. There’s really nothing that I love more than getting a package from them and booking a photo shoot to model a few items. I received a few different outfits from them recently and had super fun shoot featuring some of their designs. Over the next four Fridays I will be spotlighting some of their clothes.

I am a dress girl. I heart them. I love the variety of styles, fabric, patterns, everything. I love that there’s a dress for every single occasion that I can think of.

Skirts? Not so much.

I mean, I heart them too, and I have quite a few of them in my closet, but skirts intimidate me. To clarify, I am not afraid of them, but skirts need to be paired with a top, obviously. This is where I get a little less confident about planning an outfit.

I don’t feel I am very good when it comes to matching a top with a skirt. The fabrics need to be complimentary, the colors and patterns must pair well with each other, and I am never quite sure if a top should be tucked into the skirt or not.

So, no matter how much I might love a particular skirt, I go for a dress almost every single time.

A few weeks ago I opened a package from En Femme and looked at the clothes I was sent. I thought about which heels I would pair with each dress as well as what accessories I would wear. I also thought about where I could where each outfit. Some were perfect for the office, others for a night out.

And then I got to a skirt.

Specifically En Femme’s Sylvie Skirt. My first thought was a LITTLE… well, panic isn’t the right word, but my mind started to race with thoughts of wondering what to wear with it. This anxiety (and yes, I know it’s silly to feel anxiety over a cute skirt) caused me to consider skipping modeling this particular item.

Buuuut my second thought was being struck at how the skirt FELT. I loved the feel of it. It felt smooooth.

I held the skirt up and saw that it was a midi skirt, meaning that it was going to hang past my knees. I rarely, if ever, wear skirts or dresses that are this long. As much as I loved the feel of the skirt, I still wasn’t sure if I would model it. Despite my uncertainty, I knew instantly which heels I would choose if I did wear it. More on that in a bit.

Buuuut I had to try it on, of course.

And I fell in love.

Here’s why:

Look at that slit. Look at it!

How sexy is that??

I tend to avoid longer skirts and dresses because I love, love, love to show off my legs. I have loooong legs and I work hard to keep them in shape. Covering them up, even on chilly Minnesota January days, isn’t something I do.

I was completely sold on the skirt. I was absolutely going to model it, and I was absolutely going to wear it as I ran errands before my shoot.

But there was still the question of what I would pair it with. I thought about the tops and blouses in my closet but unlike the bolt of inspiration I had for the heels I planned on wearing, nothing was coming to mind.

And then I saw the Cap Sleeve Bodysuit in the package. Problem completely solved.

Here’s what I love about bodysuits. They tend to be form fitting and, like my legs, I like spotlighting my figure and curves. And! they also settle the question as to whether or not I need to tuck in the top I am wearing. Some tops and skirts combinations look better one way or the other, but honestly I hate tucking in my top. It’s a little different than tucking in a dress shirt when I am in boymode. When I tuck in a femme top it just never looks quite right on me. I think I always look a little frumpy.

What I love about En Femme’s bodysuits specifically is that they FIT me. They are wide enough for my shoulders (most “girl” bodysuits aren’t which leads to seams splitting), the sleeves (whether they are capped or extend to my wrist) are always long enough. They are also designed for longer torsos which creates a more flattering fit and there’s less… ah, strain on the snaps between my legs.

And of course, the gusset is wide enough for my anatomy.

I was thrilled (and relieved) the bodysuit and skirt complimented each other so well. When I do have to pair a top with a skirt I tend to play it safe with one item having a pattern (like the bodysuit did) and the other being a solid color (in this case, the skirt).

The morning of my shoot I put on this outfit and I loved how it looked with my shapewear (corset and breast forms). Clothes always look different when I have my foundations on. The bodysuit clung to my hips and just looked… sexy.

The skirt came next and although I could have gotten by without it, I thought a belt would look cute with it. I was right, lol.

As for the previously mentioned heels, I picked a very strappy pair. Since one of my initial thoughts was how long the skirt was, I thought wearing a very sexy pair of stilettos would pair well with a seemingly modest skirt. The high slit makes the skirt less modest than it appears, but I still wore the stilettos.

I ran a few errands before heading to the studio and honestly it was a new experience wearing a skirt with this high of a slit. When I walked (well, strutted) my leg found the slit every time. I loved it. When I stood the skirt appeared to be rather conservative but as soon as I moved….

Sitting in this skirt was also fun. I loved that I could either show off my leg or sit a little more modestly. Of course, showing off my leg was my preference.

The slit IS obviously high. I am well aware my stocking top is visible in these photos. I knew it would be… and I chose to wear to wear stockings because of that. But when I walked or sat down, it wasn’t visible (unless I wanted it be visible). For these photos I wanted to show off a little leg for ya’ll. 😉

One of the things I love about the femme side of my closet is the sheer amount of variety. There’s an outfit for every occasion I can think of. Some of my clothes are kind of… well, impractical for most situations. Yes, the five inch platform heels are gorgeous but let’s be honest, not really meant for running errands. Unless they are Sexy Errands.

But I also love the versatility of my clothes. This skirt is a perfect example of that. I can flash a little leg AND I can be modest. I heart subtle sexiness.

Love this outfit. I love every inch of it. You can add this to your wardrobe and take advantage of a one time discount of 15% off your next purchase by using the code HANNAH15 at checkout.

Thank you to En Femme for the lovely and sexy outfit.

Love, Hannah