A Visit to Midwest Makeup

9Last month the MN T-Girls visited Midwest Makeup in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Owned by the fabulous Corrie, she not only runs an amazing store, she also does male to female transformations as part of her Femme Makeovers service.

I was fortunate to get a makeover by her when I visited her store and wanted to share my experience.  I’ve had a lot of makeovers over the last few years but I have to say I was blown away by Corrie and her techniques.  I’ve been using color correcting  to cover up my beard line, but the foundation and concealing technique she used was amazing.

What I loved about the makeover was watching her work.  Most of the makeovers I’ve had I faced the artist and didn’t see my face until my makeover was completed, but with Corrie I was in front of a mirror the entire time and was able to see her work.  I was able to see my face transform into someone beautiful and it was amazing.

Corrie is set up to do makeovers not only in her store but also in a private room should you so wish.  Corrie understands that many of us have a need for privacy and she is more than able to accommodate.

After the makeover, I did some shopping and purchased the concealer and eyeliner she used for my makeover.  I also picked up some custom made lip gloss for my wife.

I had an amazing afternoon and I cannot recommend Corrie and her store enough.  I know you’ll have an amazing time.

Love, Hannah

An Amazing Night!

corrieLast night I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Corrie, a superstar in the Twin Cities trans community.  I’ve been hearing about Corrie and her business Midwest Makeup for a few years now and I am kicking myself for not meeting her sooner.  Midwest Makeup not only sells amazing makeup I’ve never heard of before (they custom make lipstick!), but she is absolutely the most talented makeup artist I’ve ever met.

Corrie also specializes in male to female transformation services and has a website called Femme Makeovers where she does makeovers and gives lessons for those who are looking for an absolutely incredible life and gender changing experience.

Corrie was the host of the MN T-Girls March event last night where she kindly invited our group to her shop for an after hours event where she demonstrated different techniques such as beard covering, contouring, eyelash application and many other skills.


I’ve been using a color correcting technique for beard cover for a few years now and it works rather well, but I was amazed at a product she demonstrated  called Camouflage Creme by Kryolan.  I highly recommend it for those of us who have trouble covering facial hair.

After the demonstrations were over, Corrie and her associates Hexa and Ben helped the girls shop for makeup and provide one on one tutorials.  I love watching amazingly talented makeup artists work their magic.

It was a wonderful, beautiful evening.  Every time I talk to a makeup artist I realize how much more there is to learn and how many possibilities makeup has.

Thank you Corrie, Hexa and Ben for a truly magical evening.


Love, Hannah

Shopping with the T-Girls!

The MN T-Girls had our monthly outing today and it was no coincidence it took place on the same day as hundreds of demonstrations took place around the world putting a spotlight on women’s rights.  I  believe that being out on a day like today was important and although our rights could be taken away with a signature, it will not make US go away.  We’re here, we are real people, we exist.

So we marked the day by being together, by having coffee, by going shopping and trying on (and buying) dresses and having dinner.  It was wonderful.

I hadn’t been out for a while so I really was looking forward to our day.  The Macy’s location in downtown Minneapolis is scheduled to close this spring and since Macy’s has a history of being pro-transgender, I thought a day out shopping would be a lot of fun.

I headed downtown early to just enjoy being out and I was glad the weather was so nice and warm so I could wear my new dress.  I did some window shopping and a had a coffee before I met up with the girls.

We met up at Starbucks, had a coffee and chatted for a bit before shopping!


It was a lot of fun shopping in a big group.  We browsed the racks, looked at shoes and tried on a lot of dresses.  We spent about two hours picking out outfits and clothes and had a lot of fun.

I had a lot of fun trying on new dresses and I ended up buying two, but I really regret not picking up the long gold gown I tried on.  Maybe next time.

After we maxed out our credit cards it was time for dinner at The Union, just down the block from Macy’s.


It was a wonderful way to spend the day and I can’t wait for next month’s event!

Love, Hannah

Ask Hannah!

I love reading about your adventures and experiences.  You say that you think you are too tall to pass in public.  Would you tell me how tall you are without shoes, & then how tall of a heel that you wear?
The reason that I ask is that I am 6ft 4 in. barefoot, I wear 2 1/2 inch heels, as that is the lowest heel that I am able to find in a size 17 women’s shoe.  Flats do not seem to be available in that size.

I don’t think anyone is too tall to pass.  I don’t think anyone is too…anything to pass in public.  The only person’s opinion about whether or not you’re beautiful is your own.  What do you care if the guy you walked by at the store doesn’t like your look?  It doesn’t affect you.  You’ll never please everyone, so focus on making yourself happy.  I don’t think you can have standards as to what one should look like to look like a woman because then we have expectations on what a cis-woman “should” look like.  Have you ever looked at a cis-woman and thought she was too tall to look like a woman?  Every time I think I am the tallest girl in the mall, I see a girl taller than I am.

I say this because I’d like to do my part in moving our community away from the need to “pass” and helping others really examine why passing is a myth and ultimately an unrealistic expectation and holding us back.  I don’t know a single cis-woman who worries that she is not pretty enough or short enough or not girlish enough to “pass” as a woman in public.  I’ve never heard a cis-woman say that she is too tall and people won’t know she’s a girl.  Cis-women know that all women are different and have different bodies and are different sizes.  T-girls are not any different.

I digress.  I am a little over 6 feet tall and I wear everything from flats (no, I’m kidding, I don’t wear flats) to five inch stilettos.  I usually leave the stilettos at home and wear a 2 or a 3 inch heel when I go out. I am not trying to pass or blend in by wearing the shorter heel, I dress and wear what I wear based on what is appropriate to where I am going.  A tight mini dress and sky high heels are perfect for a club but you’ll stand out at Target.

So, mall outfits…

These, not so much.

I am surprised you’re having trouble finding flats in that size.  Have you visiting this site?  I think you’ll have better luck online.

I hope this helps!

Love, Hannah