Photography and Transformation Services

Shannonlee McNeely

I love getting photographed and sometimes a bathroom selfie just doesn’t cut it.  I’ve had a few photo shoots with a wonderful photographer named Shannonlee McNeely.  I’ve been photographer by Shannonlee more than anyone else on the planet, in male or female mode.  Shannonlee is an amazingly talented photographer and I always have a fun time when we’re in the studio.  You can see some of her work here.


Grinkie Girls

In March of 2018 I had the honor of visiting Christi Williams, a Minneapolis based photographer who does  boudoir and pinup photo shoots.  Christi is fun, talented and a huge ally of the transcommunity.  If you’re looking for a studio in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area that has fun wardrobe choices, I highly recommend Christi.

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La Femme Mystique

La Femme Mystique is a Male to Female Transformation Makeup and Photography service in St Paul, Minnesota.  She offers a few different session options depending on if you’re looking for a makeover, learning make up techniques or photo sessions.  La Femme Mystique is owned by Ava who is a formally trained visual artist, experienced photographer and freelance makeup artist living and working in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Take a look at some of her previous clients and her amazing photography and make up skills below.  More examples of her work can be viewed here.   If you’re looking for a transformation studio and want to experience La Femme Mystique yourself, drop her a line!  You can read about my own visit to La Femme Mystique here and view photos from my session here!

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