T-Girl Spotlight: Elodie


One of the most beautiful t-girls on Instagram and on the planet is the stunning Elodie.  I’ve been following her online for a while now and I am instantly struck by not only how jaw-dropping gorgeous she is, but also by how often she hits the town.

True, a t-girl out in the real world isn’t that uncommon but considering she lives in Russia, it’s quite remarkable.  Russia isn’t the easiest place in the world to be transgender and it’s even a crime to drive if you are transgender.

I’ve been wanting to spotlight Elodie for a while now, not only because she’s amazing but because I believe she is an inspiration to every t-girl who wants to experience life as who they really are.

I asked Elodie what it’s like to be a t-girl in Russia…

“Russia is so far the greatest place I ever lived in.  Russia is a former communist country where spies were everywhere so people [are] afraid to have any kind of reactions.

There is no friendly place in the world.  [It’s the] same…everywhere!

What is different is the way you see yourself and present yourself😉

You can follow Elodie on Instagram and on her own website.

Love, Hannah