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I don’t get out often so I’m curious, do you ever worry about your dress blowing up in the wind or worse, losing your wig?  If it has happened, how do you deal with that in public?  #tgirlproblems 🙂

new doOne of the first times I went out, I experienced the joy and thrill of the wind blowing through my long hair.  It was an amazing feeling.  I was afraid that the wind would blow my hair off, but that hasn’t happened.  If you are purchasing the right wig, this is unlikely.  Most wig stores sell extra-large wigs but for the most part, a standard size wig will fit most of us.  If the wig is too large, it might blow off, if it’s too small, there’s a chance it might not be on tight enough to keep it in one place.  There are also some steps you can take to ensure this such as taping, tying, and even gluing your wig to your head.  This might be not be necessary but many t-girls, performers, and drag queens use these tricks.  Not because they are afraid of the wind, but it does help keep their hair in one place.  Sometimes a wig can move a little, either side to side or front to back.  If you find yourself constantly adjusting your hair throughout the day, it might be time for a different size wig.

The wind does pose other issues besides losing my hair.  I used to have wavy, curly hair like in the picture and although I loved the look of it, one gust of wind or a strong breeze completely messed up my hair and I was constantly having to fix it and make myself presentable again.  After spending an entire weekend outside at Pride this summer, I decided it was time to go back to my long, straight, hairstyle.

day 2 dressDepending on the dress or the skirt you’re wearing, the wind might give people a glimpse of yourself you didn’t intend them to have.  Using your hands to hold down your skirt so the wind doesn’t blow it up does take some getting used to.  If the wind is really crazy then you really have your hands full.  I think those of us who have been out of the house know what I’m talking about.

If it’s very windy, I suggest keeping your hands to your sides to hold your dress down.  Simply holding it down in the front is not going to keep the back from flying up and it’s awkward to hold a skirt down behind you.  The only time this really happened was also at Pride this summer.  I wore a really cute dress that had a billowing skirt.  It was windy that day and as I walked to my car I was constantly brushing my hair out of my face and trying to keep my skirt from flying up.  I was a hot mess that day.

Love, Hannah








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