Happy Hannahween!


Before I was comfortable leaving the house, I always thought of Halloween as the perfect excuse to dress up and hit the town.  I thought that if anyone saw me they would just think that I was in a costume.

But as I’ve gotten more confident with being who I am and more comfortable with going out, I have developed a complicated relationship with Halloween.  I don’t feel I need Halloween to dress up and go out.  In fact, I don’t like being Hannah on Halloween.  I am not a costume.
But I also understand that for many of us, this is the perfect time to finally go out as who we are.

What do you think about Halloween?

Love, Hannah

6 thoughts on “Happy Hannahween!

  1. It’s funny… I used to see Halloween also as the perfect excuse to dress. This year I had a weird reaction to it. I was at the costume store, and they had various sexy outfits. But… in a moment of irony, my thought was if I was going to masquerade as something, it would be me dressing up as some sort of macho male. I didn’t feel the need to dress up for Halloween in drag, because that is who I am. I’ll save that for going out as “me”. So, I’m going as a macho male 70’s swinger guy. Nothing could be further from the truth! 🙂

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  2. That’s how i started out gosh knows when ago. Now I’ve got the idea of Halloween is the time to be in a costume that is feminine yet an actual costume. Like a fairy, witch, or angel. No since in being me for Halloween.


  3. I think Halloween is great. Just don’t be an everyday girl. Have fun and do something dramatic. How about Wonder Woman !!!


  4. I haven’t dressed up on Halloween just for the sake of dressing up on Halloween in Heaven knows how long (perhaps it’s more the adult in me than the crossdresser I am). I am of the belief that being a crossdresser allows me to dress up in any outfit I like any day I wish. But I’m not one to dissuade any fellow trans person of any type from dressing up for the occasion. If you want to, go for it!


  5. Yes, always thought that Halloween was a great holiday for Crossdressers!
    But, now I believe that everyday should be a great day for Crossdressers!


  6. It’s been 10 years since I last went out in public in my feminine finery. Today, I got up the courage to dress in a black lace party frock with a ruffled bolero jacket and I went to Whole Foods to do some shopping at noon today. The click of my high heels and the sway of my crinoline skirt were perfectly intoxicating as I walked the aisles. I felt so pretty and feminine! I wore a cheap wig and just lipstick, so I’m sure everyone knew I was a man. I just want society to reach that point where a man can choose to be pretty and feminine for a day without all kinds of assumptions about him. Halloween always feels like a good time to broach the subject.

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