Cross-Dressing Academy Helps Put Men In Touch With ‘Femmeselves’

I remember reading about Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls around the time I was graduating high school.  I was thrilled and astonished by such a school and wanted to go there so badly.  I tried to find out as much information I could about Miss Vera and a little later I found a copy of her book.  I must have read it a million times before it was tossed in a purge.  Thankfully, I own it again, along with her second book.

Last year I read about a similar organization in Japan called the Onnanoko Club (Girls’ Club) that that, according to the article, ‘is not a drag bar with theatrical outfits and shows, but rather a relaxed space where a man can arrive straight from the office, perhaps in a suit, and indulge his feminine side with a complete transformation.’

NPR has an article about Miss Vera that is totally worth your read.  Has anyone hear visited Miss Vera or a similar place?

Love, Hannah



6 thoughts on “Cross-Dressing Academy Helps Put Men In Touch With ‘Femmeselves’

  1. The first I heard of Miss Vera’s was on an episode of Real Sex about 23 or so years ago. I’ve never been there (long drive from Wisconsin to New York), and I only know of one TG makeover/photo company here in Wisconsin (TG Miss). Whatever or wherever, it’s so awesome to know of places where someone born male can feel comfortable as a woman.


  2. I don’t remember when I first heard about Miss Vera’s school. I do remember checking her first book out of the Las Vegas public library back before my first marriage ended (maybe 1998 – 2000). I would love to be able to get a professional makeover and instructions but I’ve never had the financial freedom to manage it. Much of my clothing comes from thrift and second hand shops but I do have a pretty good eye for great clothes. I would love a session with one of the services because I’m not great with cosmetics. The few times I’ve done myself up I can say I didn’t look like a little kid had gotten into Mom’s make-up.


  3. I know of no such thing here in Scandinavia (except for perhaps one in Copenhagen), but the UK has plenty of dressing services, and last year i visited in London for a makeover, dressing, wig testing, and an evening out in Soho with dinner at a restaurant.
    The experience totally overwhelmed me, the girls at BWBG are amazing and made me feel so accepted and comfortable, and when out later I just felt like one of three beautiful ladies having a girly dinner together. This was my first time out and it was totally addictive.


  4. Yes, I have also heard of Miss Vera and her wonderful academy!
    Yet another thing to put my ever-expanding Crossdresser wishlist.
    Thanks for sharing, as always.


  5. I went to Miss Vera years ago, but didn’t return because it was so extraordinary expensive. They did a great job on my makeup and help with dressing, but there are other services near me that do as good a job or better at much lower prices.


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