Two More Steps Forward!


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From Fader:

In July Danica Roem became the first openly transgender person to run for the Virginia House of Delegates. Tuesday night, having won that race, she became the first openly transgender person seated in any state legislature in the country. For her run at the slot, Roem campaigned against incumbent Bob Marshall, a Republican, who had held the seat since 1992.

And that’s not all!


Also from Fader:

Shortly after Roem’s race was called, it was announced that in Minnesota, Andrea Jenkins became the “first out trans woman of color elected to public office in America,” according to the press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. Both Roem and Jenkins were preceded by Althea Garrison who, in 1992, served one term in the Massachusetts state legislature though she was not out at the time.

What a wonderful night.  I think the transcommunity needed a victory like this.

Love, Hannah



8 thoughts on “Two More Steps Forward!

  1. Yes, a remarkable night!
    I have crossdressed for over 50 years and, like so many of us, have endured decades of shame, guilt, secrecy and distress.
    I love America but there has been so much hate, fear and ignorance that I never thought that our community (and the country) would see an openly transgendered candidate win an election.
    Truly a day for us all to enjoy and rejoice!


  2. What makes this all the sweeter is that I have heard that Bob Marshall has referred to himself as “the poster child for homophobia”. Way to go Ms. Roem! (A couple years ago I spent a week in Richmond, Virginia, on business. I went out several evenings en femme, and had no problems at all.)


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