Fall Photo Shoot – Gold Dress!

A few weeks ago, The MN T-Girls had our annual photo shoot with the always amazing Shannonlee.  I am in love with these pictures and I hope you like them too!  I will be posting them over the next week or so.

Let me know what you think!

Love, Hannah

gold dress 3gold dress 7gold dress 6gold dress 5gold dress 4

8 thoughts on “Fall Photo Shoot – Gold Dress!

  1. You have always been photogenic Hannah and these photos are no exception. You look lovely. The warehouse with its dramatic but hard surfaces is a nice juxtaposition with the soft feminine form. And your clothes look lovely too.
    I look forward to seeing more of the shoot.


  2. Wonderful photos of a wonderful girl. And that dress is just fantastic in so many ways! I like the broaders shoulder straps, makes you look smaller across the top. And the dress, hair, necklace, shoes all go together just perfectly.


  3. Last week, I found a dress with a similar style. On this website, more importantly, the seller is in China, I am worried about quality, please give me some advice。http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/4oEpPQX


    1. I don’t have any experience with ordering from this website, so I am afraid I can’t offer any advice. Buying things online is always risky but some of my favorite dresses were purchased online. Just make sure you know your measurements and understand their sizing chart.

      Love, Hannah


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