Fall Photo Shoot – Rose Dress!

This is the fourth and final outfit I wore for the fall photo shoot.  I have to say that these are my favorite photos ever.  I love love love this dress, it’s so fun to wear.  I wore a petticoat to fluff it out a bit and I love how it looks!

Love, Hannah

rose dress 8rose dress 12rose dress 13rose dress 26rose dress 27rose dress 2rose dress 28

13 thoughts on “Fall Photo Shoot – Rose Dress!

  1. That is such a beautiful dress …. And, the shoes go perfectly. I would be on top of the world wearing that dress. Any idea where you’re going to wear it out?


  2. Bravo , Hannah. This is hands down the best dress of this photo shoot. Floral fit and flare dresses worn with a crinoline are my favorite outfit to wear myself. The delicate flowers, dainty silhouette and ethereal quality of the crinoline speak to an unabashed femininity that many women are afraid to express more than rarely. The world would be a happier, calmer place if more women and men embraced this style.


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