Dining at Holman’s Table!

Yesterday was a steamy, hot, spring day, so Corrie’s advice could not have been better timed.  Yesterday was also the monthly MN T-Girls event!


A small group of us met for dinner at Holman’s Table, a restaurant located in the Saint Paul airport.  The main airport in the Twin Cities is huge but there is a teeny-tiny one just outside of downtown Saint Paul.  The hostess and servers could not be more welcoming to a group of t-girls, and the food was excellent.

Not only was the restaurant right in the airport, the patio was also right next to one of the runways.  It was a beautiful night even though it was a little (super-duper) hot.


However, despite the heat I was FINALLY able to become a runway model.


It was such a fun outing!

Love, Hannah

3 thoughts on “Dining at Holman’s Table!

  1. Hannah, kudos to you for all the energy and passion you put into making these monthly events happen. So nice to get out and socialize with other girls, all thanks to you. So boring to sit at home, all dressed up and nowhere to go…


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