Anti-LGBTQ Group Encourages Community to Reject Trans Kids

Well, this is depressing.

From ThinkProgress:

Speaking to a crowd of around 100 people at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parish in the small city of Hastings, Minnesota on July 18, an Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer offered audience members a word of advice: God wants you to reject transgender-inclusive policies, specifically those that protect transgender youth.

The lawyer’s comments were part of an hour-long presentation meant to educate the community on why they should oppose efforts to affirm transgender students in local schools. It was an event organized by the Minnesota Family Council, an anti-LGBTQ group founded in 1983 and active in conservative politics since the mid-1990s.

Dave Edwards, the father of a trans daughter who has faced off with the Minnesota Family Council in the past, attended that meeting and shared with ThinkProgress what was said, including the under-the-table ways in which religious conservatives are using fear to rally their bases and push back against those who are different.

Read more here.

Love, Hannah


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