How to Feminize Your Voice

411MQkY3HCL._SY346_Recently I was asked if I do anything to modify or feminize my voice.  I remember seeing ads for tapes and CDs in crossdressing magazines years ago and I have some friends who have used them and have been pretty happy with the results.  I received an email from Martine M. Song who recently wrote a book about this very subject.

The description for the book reads: Voice feminization is a growing phenomenon driven mainly by transwomen wishing to create a true feminine voice to match their personality. Transgendered people are the main audience for this book because they will need to make long lasting changes to their voice but there are several other groups that may also benefit from understanding the female dialect: actors/singers, stage performers/impersonators, on-line game players and produces, crossdressers, men working in female dominated jobs, and women wanting to sound more seductive. In this straightforward how-to-book, are all the tricks and tips you’ll need for a passable female voice or just to gain more rapport with female dominated groups.

You can find her book ‘How to Feminize Your Voice’ on Amazon as either a book or an e-book.  I haven’t read the book myself but I wanted to pass this along in case anyone was interested.  Thank you to Ms. Song for bringing this to my attention!

Love, Hannah


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