The harsh Minnesota winter is finally being driven away and yesterday was no exception as the warm spring sun was shining all day long.  Gone are the sweaters and boots, out come the bodycon dresses and stilettos.

I’m exaggerating of course.  Do you think snow and ice can stop us from strutting in four-inch heels and hems that are (way) above the knee?

Yesterday was beautiful and it was also the March event for the MN T-Girls.  This month’s event was something we have never done before…drag queen bingo at Lush!

If you told me at fifteen years old I would have spent my morning getting a makeover so I could play bingo I never would have believed you, but it was one of the most fun events the T-Girls have had.  The day started with us getting our cards and our…dabber things.




The day was hosted by two fabulous queens who called out the numbers and kept the day fun.


We played about a dozen rounds…




…and we have a winner!


It was a fun day and I want to thank Lush for being so accommodating for our large group.  The staff is friendly, the queens are gorgeous, the food is delicious and it was just a wonderful day.

Love, Hannah


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