Change Your Hair, Change Your Life!

I have always had dark hair.  The color suited me and it matched my eyebrows.  Black hair was just…me.  However, I’ve always been a little curious about what I would look like if I changed it up a bit.  I recently had the chance to find out.

The Breast Form Store sent me two items to review recently.  One of them was the amazing Jolie Thigh Pads and the other was a Mane Attraction Enchantress Wig

My first impression of the wig was…well, I was a little intimidated.  That sounds rather odd but when you go from a certain hair color and style for a long time it can be a little scary to make a change.  The wig is light brown (the official color is cocoa) and the ends of the hair curled in a fun, playful way.

Although this was a big change from what I was used to, I also was excited to wear it.  The color and style just screamed SUMMER to me.  It sounds silly, but I immediately thought it would be perfect with my new pink skirt and jean jacket.

Wigs are not always easy to buy.  Changing your hairstyle can change your entire look and our attitude, confidence, and how we think of ourselves is often tied into how we feel about how we present yourself.  The first time I tried it on was…well, it didn’t go well.  But that was not the wig’s fault.  If I was apprehensive about changing my look before, I was even more nervous after that.

I put the wig away until it was time for my last photo shoot.  I had my outfit picked out for the wig and I was excited to see if I could pull off a sassy, flirty, summer look.  Do you see what I mean about changing your hair and changing your life?  😉

When it was time to take pictures of my new hair, I changed into the outfit the wig inspired and Shannonlee and I went outside to take advantage of the outdoor light.  It was a beautiful and warm spring day and the sun cooperated magnificently.


As the photos progressed, I became more used to my new look.  I started to really love how the hair, the sun, and my outfit all seemed to be fueling my mood.  I was amazed by how much fun I was having.


These shots were the final photos of the day.  I had a few errands to run after the session and I kept the wig on.  I loved how it looked, I loved the impact it had on my mood, I loved that this change was something I could pull off.  I couldn’t help but check myself out in the mirrors at Target and the other stores I visited before going home.


There are many different options when it comes to buying a wig.  This particular wig is made of synthetic fiber which allows it to be washed if you do it properly.  The lace front allows the wig to blend in naturally and create a natural hairline.  Simply put, this wig does not look I am wearing a wig.


I imagine I’ll always be a raven-locked girl, but it’s fun to have a new summer look for a few months.

Thank you to The Breast Form Store for providing the wig for this review.

Makeup by Corrie Dubay

Photography by Shannonlee McNeely

Love, Hannah

11 thoughts on “Change Your Hair, Change Your Life!

  1. WowWowWow! I love the new look and the new hair. So natural and put together…

    I agree hair can make a huge difference, and although it can be a little bit of a pain to wear a wig, it also makes for fun and interesting options. I sort of alternate back and forth between my natural hair and wigs. I’m still trying to figure out my natural hair, and need to find a stylist to work with on it.

    One place I can highly recommend for wigs locally is Sunny’s Hair at 2938 Lyndale Ave. S./Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55408. They are super friendly to the LBGTQ community, and very helpful in general. It is really fun to be able to try things on before you buy them.

    I also recently connected with a local style/wardrobe consultant, Alexandra Eve (See: If you’re trying to find your style, and/or looking for a strategy to manage your wardrobe, she is extremely helpful!

    Putting it all together is a wonderful experience, and once you find that look/style that is “you”, it makes a person feel that much more comfortable with who they are. It has been very helpful for me in my journey.


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  2. It does look good on you that one.

    I think a person’s hair – that they buy or have naturally – is such a core party of who they are.

    Listening to female friends/family, when someone changes their style, it seems to take a while for them to be comfortable with it.

    I’ve had my current wig for sometime, but it feels very much as how I should look. I’ve tried a few on, but none of them quite feel right.


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