Keep Trying

…to convince me that Trump and the GOP don’t hate us.

From The Washington Post

New Trump administration rule would weaken protections for transgender people in health care

Under the Obama administration, the Department of Health and Human Services determined that rules against discrimination “on the basis of sex” applied to transgender people. Today HHS proposed a new rule that protections against sex discrimination should apply to “the plain meaning of the term,” an interpretation civil rights groups say may be used to deny care to transgender patients (more here)

From The Intercept

The Trump Administration Wants to Make It Harder for Transgender People to Access Homeless Shelters

The Trump administration on Wednesday announced a new rule that would permit homeless shelters receiving Housing and Urban Development funds to turn people seeking shelter away based on their gender identity.

The plan, which is currently under review by the Office of Management and Budget and could result in a formal change as early as September, would modify the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2016 Equal Access Rule. That rule, issued by the Obama administration, required single-sex or sex-segregated shelters to admit people based on their gender self-identification (more here)

Love, Hannah

4 thoughts on “Keep Trying

  1. Thanks Hannah.  You’re doing great at keeping as up-to-date.  I appreciate it, and in fact, your whole blog.  Keep it up, please.  Rianna


  2. These are truly despicable people making these decisions. They want people to fear us because they refuse to know anything about us, or see us as as anything other than pariahs. #angry


  3. I am a conservative and a cross dresser. I believe TG individuals are born the way they are and that they should be respected and not have to live in fear. At the same time I believe those with differing views should be respected as well. I don’t “hate” those on the left, but I find it hard to understand the left’s “all or nothing” approach when dealing with TG issues. There is plenty of room in the middle to accommodate both sides, but first the rhetoric on both sides needs to be toned down.

    Biological males / females in boys / girls dressing rooms, on boys / girls sports teams, in single sex restrooms, dressing rooms, etc. . . I’m not so sure I can buy into that. I happen to be happily married and have two sons and a daughter. Personally, I would have a problem with any of those scenarios and I have been a CD all of my life.

    We [TG] folks should not have to live in fear because there are those that don’t agree with our beliefs or way of life, but for gosh sakes, we shouldn’t paint all of the GOP or conservative folks with the same brush, when it comes to their beliefs or way of life. By our own definition, there are no absolutes. So why be so closed minded when it comes to some of the issues that differentiate the biological sexes as outlined above. There are ways to accommodate both sides. But, when either side takes a stand [that leaves no room for compromise] nobody wins and you end up with extreme reactions on both sides.

    I don’t agree with Trump’s “all or nothing approach” any more than I agree with those harboring similar, but opposite beliefs, on the left. It’s time to put some rationality into our discussions, on both sides of the issue, and get rid of the “hate” mongering that we all so despise.


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