Oak Grove Presbyterian Church


It is not uncommon during Pride Month to see organizations proclaim their solidarity and support for the LGBTQIA community.  Perhaps I am a little cynical but I wonder how sincere this support really is.  Any company can tweet a Pride flag, but are they truly there for us?  Do they actively support us during the other eleven months of the year?  What is their company culture like for our community?  If they make political contributions are they supporting politicians who support laws that hurt our community?

With this kind of cynicism, it is wonderful to see stories like this, where it is very clear we have the support of an organization, especially a church.  I mean, we should have the support of a church, right?  I seem to remember Jesus teaching his followers to love others as he loves them.

Please read about this incident at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church in Bloomington.  I think it’ll brighten your day.

Love, Hannah


3 thoughts on “Oak Grove Presbyterian Church

  1. It is easy to think the whole world is full of hate and blindness.
    I’m absolutely sure it isn’t and stories like this show it. But we all might have to show a bit of love to overcome some of that blindness.
    Thanks Hannah.


  2. it is good to know that some support us. i loved this from the article “the children were in unanimous agreement that God creates ALL people, and that being part of the LGBTQAI+ spectrum is not a choice”
    And Jesus did say what you recall. He also said “let the children come to me”
    i think because they see the love for others without prejudice that our society builds into them.
    so let us love one another.
    Thanks for your blog


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