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I am looking to start a friendship with a “T-Girl”. Is it part curiosity, part something new and different or something altogether different? Yes and yes. I would have said that I would like to date but I don’t believe you go far without forming a friendship first. Is there a safe site or place to begin a dialogue and maybe more if things are right?

Having not dated in a very long time, I am the last person one should ask advice from when it comes to dating.

I will say this: transwomen are women.  Transwomen are everywhere women are.  Whether it’s the grocery store or an online dating app.  Many dating apps allow more than two choices when it comes to gender identity these days. There may be websites out there specifically for t-girls but I have no idea what they are.  I’m sure Google can help.

That being said, t-girls are very used to, and very tired of, of being seen as a fetish, or, as you say, a curiosity.  Many men (and I am not saying you specifically are doing this) who specifically seek out t-girls because they have sexualized us and are interested in getting to know us because they want to be…intimate with us.  I can only speak for myself, but I think many t-girls are highly skeptical of a guy looking to meet a t-girl for friendship.

I will agree that a relationship needs to be built on friendship first and foremost.  However, you state that your goal in seeking out a t-girl for friendship is because you want to date a t-girl comes off as a little insincere.  I get unsolicited messages from men who just “want to get to know me” but it’s clear what they want.  This is something most t-girls have to live with.

Again, I am not saying that you are like most men who seek out t-girls for “friendship”, but most of us are tired of being seen as a sexual fantasy because of who we are.

Love, Hannah



3 thoughts on “Ask Hannah!

  1. Dear Hannah: After reading your message you got me thinking. Dating on line might be dangerous, but that is not the reason of my correspondence; if you are starting to look for something new, you have to be aware of something else. Have you considered that you are passing the dressing stage? Before I started HRT and while still in denial, I wanted to explore further ahead. Crossdressing was exciting, but I realized that changes had to be deeper than just appearance.  I ended up going all the way and trust me, despite do not regret a thing it hasn’t been a picnic. Just crossdressing for fun, and changing your gender entirely might take you to an entirely new game. I wish you all the best, and go where your heart takes you.XOXORob

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    1. I have absolutely done a lot of reflection as to if I feel the next stage is right for me but I am perfectly and completely happy with where I am 🙂

      Love, Hannah


  2. I actually literally just posted a similar topic about experimenting with dating apps for the first time and I completely agree with everything stated in this post. Just the thought of being sought after for being transgendered will almost 90% of the time immediately turn me off from even attempting to converse with you. I also don’t care much for the term “t-girl” all that much either…


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