Transform the White House


Transform the White House is committed to protecting the rights of our community, as well as restoring the rights that we have lost over the past several years.

From their website:

Since President Trump took office, his administration has waged a nonstop onslaught against transgender people. They rolled back protections for transgender students. They banned transgender people from the military. They’re even trying to roll back protections for transgender people to get health care.

The full list of the Trump administration’s attacks against the transgender community is even longer.

But we #WontBeErased. We’re fighting back, alongside all of the other people who are under attack by this administration, from immigrants, to Muslims, to women, and so many more of our neighbors.

Enough is enough. President Trump must go. It’s time for a new president.

Transform the White House is featuring different presidential candidates and what their actions will be in regards to transgender and non-binary people.  They recently interviewed Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota.

Watch the interview here!

Love, Hannah

2 thoughts on “Transform the White House

  1. I’m sitting here watching the Hunger Game series and it portrays ALL the effects of socialism the democrats are promoting. You may hate Trump but socialism IS slavery.


  2. I think Trump didn’t like the taxpayers paying for SRS – can’t blame him there. He, vs Lying China Biden, is day to Biden’s night! Our country is going to the dogs now as the Communists/Socialists have taken over – we have a senile president who is being manipulated by Obama and his minions ( Susan Rice ) and a VP is a laughing hyena who doesn’t give a damn about anything but herself. Bring back Trump! Or get DeSantis! Our current gov’t. is Woke, Demonrat, repressive, deplorable, despicable, a dictatorship ( forcing experimental vaccines on people, which I will never, ever get ) the border is being invaded by Illegal Alien shysters, gang members, criminals, etc., and we the taxpayers are paying billions for these invaders! Our economy in shambles! School boards dictating CRT and pushing their agenda on poor kids, masking when not needed. Oh, and I support transgender issues, but not when you are forcing this on children!


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